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  • Photo: Martin Gabor

    Photo: Martin Gabor

    US Wins First U17 Men's Freestyle Title Behind Three Gold Medalists Sunday

    71 kg U17 World Champion Joseph Sealey (photos courtesy of Martin Gabor/UWW)

    Competition from the U17 World Championships wrapped up on Sunday and for the first time since the revival of the event, in 2011, the United States won the team title in men's freestyle. Not only did team USA win, they dominated the field. If there were any doubts about that statement, the four wrestlers in action on Sunday reaffirmed them with their performance. All three of the American finalists (Domenic Munaretto, Luke Lilledahl, and Joseph Sealey) all captured gold medals, while Max McEnelly claimed a bronze medal.

    The four Americans on Sunday outscored their competition by a 35-1 margin. That was a microcosm of the men's freestyle team's entire tournament. The team went 34-6 and posted 190 team points, which was a new record for the event. Second place India finished with a distant 64 points.

    Of the ten wrestlers on the 2022 team, nine came away with medals and four were gold. That marked the second team that the US produced four world gold medalists, as the 2017 squad did the same thing (Kurt McHenry, Will Lewan, Aaron Brooks, Greg Kerkvliet).

    Below are the results from the final day of action in Rome.

    45 kg Men's Freestyle

    Gold Medal Match - Domenic Munaretto (USA) over Bashir Verdiyev (Azerbaijan) 2-0

    51 kg Men's Freestyle

    Gold Medal Match - Luke Lilledahl (USA) over Mohammad Asadi (Iran) 10-1

    71 kg Men's Freestyle

    Gold Medal Match - Joseph Sealey (USA) over Raul Caso (Italy) 12-0

    92 kg Men's Freestyle

    Bronze Medal Match - Max McEnelly (USA) over Sahil Jaglan (India) 11-0

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