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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Undefeated Wrestlers and Their Chances of Remaining Perfect Through the Regular Season

    As a lifelong baseball fan (and sometimes player) you learn a lot about the “unwritten rules” of the game. Some are lame and illogical, others are okay. One that most people tend to embrace is “you don’t talk about a no-hitter.” As a pitcher gets into the fifth or sixth inning, everyone watching pretends as if they don’t realize he’s yet to give up a hit. Our mailbag specialist, Jagger, claims he has a gift for breaking up no-hitters simply by watching. If a team I don’t care for is in the midst of a no-hitter, I make sure he’s aware and turns the game on. 

    In wrestling, we don’t really have this rule. There are plenty of wrestlers who are halfway home with perfect records of their own during the 2023-24 season. At least, one per weight. Rather than ignoring them and hoping they maintain that donut in the loss column; today we’re identifying the undefeated wrestlers, listing their remaining probable opponents, and labeling the likelihood of whether or not they maintain their perfect records heading into the postseason. 

    The terms we’re using to describe their changes of remaining unbeaten are (in order):

    Highly likely

    Very good




    Not good

    With each wrestler, we’ve also mentioned the biggest potential roadblocks during their remaining schedules. 


    Using baseball lingo, as always, we tip our hat to WrestleStat for having records, past matchups, and future opponents so accessible for a feature like this.


    125 lbs

    #14 Braeden Davis (Penn State): 9-0

    January 19th: #5 Michael DeAugustino (Michigan)

    January 21st: Tristan Lujan (Michigan State)

    January 28th: Tommy Capul (Maryland)

    February 2nd: #24 Brendan McCrone (Ohio State)

    February 9th: #1 Drake Ayala (Iowa)

    February 12th: #13 Dean Peterson (Rutgers)

    February 18th: #7 Caleb Smith (Nebraska)

    February 25th: Caleb Edwards (Edinboro)

    We’ll get an idea of just how good Davis is this Friday as he takes on All-American Michael DeAugustino. Should he make it through that test, he’ll get pushed in February, as he has four consecutive matches with ranked competition, two of which are in the top ten. If we've learned anything from the first couple months of the season, it's don't make predictions at 125 lbs, they're bound to go wrong!

    Outlook: Fair


    133 lbs

    #1 Ryan Crookham (Lehigh): 12-0

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