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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    The 2024 Offseason Coaching Carousel (7/5/2024)

    It never seems to fail. Every time we’ve posted an update to the coaching carousel it seems like the floodgates open and a handful of new hirings have been posted. So, with an update on Friday afternoon the day after July 4th, there can’t be any more news…right?

    Either way, there has been plenty of news on the coaching front since our last update. Two of the head coaching positions were filled by Donny Pritzlaff (Columbia) and Jaime Franco (Hofstra). We also wrote about the hiring of Ty Eustice at Navy, North Dakota State announced two new coaches, McGwire Midkiff is in at NIU, Taylor LaMont was added to the Army staff, and Ben Barton was named the Director of Operations at the Naval Academy. 

    One hire we didn’t mention involves a former member of the Navy staff, Dan Neff, who went back to his home state and took a position on the Bucknell staff. Neff has previously coached on Dan Wirnsberger’s Bucknell staff from 2016-18. 

    During Neff’s final year at Navy, the Midshipmen crowned their first All-American since 2016 as David Key got on the NCAA podium with an eighth-place finish at 184 lbs. Additionally, one of Neff’s lightweights, Josh Koderhandt, captured an EIWA title, was named to the NWCA All-Star Classic, and came up a match shy of earning All-American honors. 

    Neff initially started at the Naval Academy as a Director of Operations but moved onto the coaching staff as a full-time assistant coach. 

    In the next week, be on the lookout for information regarding Donny Pritzlaff’s replacement at Rutgers and potentially more. 

    Offseason Coaching Movement

    Binghamton: Louie DePrez - Assistant Coach (Binghamton athlete)

    Brown: Micky Phillippi - Assistant Coach (Brown Director of Ops)

    Bucknell: Dan Neff - Assistant Coach (Navy Assistant Coach)

    Buffalo: Donnie Vinson - Head Coach (Cornell Associate Head Coach)

    Buffalo: Andrew Dunn - Assistant Coach (North Carolina Director of Operations)

    Buffalo: Hunter Richard - Assistant Coach (Appalachian State Assistant Coach)

    Campbell: TJ Dudley - Assistant Coach (Brown Assistant Coach)

    Central Michigan: Ben Bennett (Central Michigan Associate Head Coach)

    Columbia: Donny Pritzlaff (Rutgers Associate Head Coach)

    Cornell: Scottie Boykin (Air Force Assistant Coach)

    Cornell: David McFadden (Drexel Assistant Coach)

    Edinboro: AJ Schopp - Head Assistant Coach (Purdue Assistant Coach)

    George Mason: Dean Heil - Head Assistant Coach

    Hofstra: Jamie Franco - Head Coach (Columbia Assistant Coach)

    Lock Haven: Gavin Hoffman - Volunteer Assistant (Ohio State athlete)

    Navy: Barry Davis - Assistant Coach

    Navy: Ty Eustice - Assistant Coach (Davidson Assistant Coach)

    NC State: Zack Esposito - Associate Head Coach (USOPTC) 

    North Dakota State: Matt Malcom - Assistant Coach (Bellevue East HS)

    North Dakota State: Scott Mattingly - Head Assistant Coach (Gardner-Webb Associate Head Coach)

    Northern Illinois: McGwire Midkiff

    Oklahoma State: David Taylor - Head Coach (NLWC Athlete)

    Oklahoma State: Thomas Gilman - Assistant Coach (NLWC Athlete)

    Oklahoma State: Jimmy Kennedy - Associate Head Coach (Penn State Assistant Coach)

    Penn: Matt Valenti - Associate Head Coach (Penn athletic administration)

    Penn: Doug Zapf - Assistant Coach (PRTC athlete)

    Penn State: Nick Lee - Assistant Coach (NLWC athlete)

    Pittsburgh: Lou Rosselli - Assistant Coach

    Princeton: Anthony Ashnault - Assistant Coach (NYC RTC athlete)

    Princeton: Cody Brewer - Head Assistant Coach (Virginia Tech Assistant Coach)

    Princeton: Nate Jackson (NJ RTC athlete)

    SIU Edwardsville: Austin Murphy - Graduate Assistant (Campbell athlete)

    Stanford: Hayden Hidlay (North Dakota State Assistant Coach)

    Utah Valley: Adam Hall - Head Coach (NC State Associate Head Coach)

    Utah Valley: Andrew Hochstrasser - Unannounced Role (Utah Club Coach)

    Utah Valley: Timmy McCall - Assistant Coach

    Virginia Tech: Zach Tanelli - Associate Head Coach (Columbia Head Coach)

    Wisconsin: Tony Cassioppi - Assistant Coach (HWC athlete)

    Non-Coaching Roles

    Navy: Ben Barton - Director of Operations

    Oklahoma: Mark Hall - Director of Operations (Penn Assistant Coach)

    Oklahoma State: Bryan Pearsall - Recruiting Coordinator (Penn Associate Head Coach)

    RTC’s and Wrestling Clubs

    Navy WC: Peyton Walsh

    Tar Heel WC: Vincenzo Joseph (SKWC Athlete)

    Current Openings

    Air Force: Assistant Coach

    Appalachian State: Assistant Coach (x2)

    Binghamton: Assistant Coach

    Bloomsburg: Head Coach

    Campbell: Assistant Coach

    Central Michigan: Assistant Coach

    Columbia: Assistant Coach

    Davidson: Assistant Coach (x2)

    Drexel: Assistant Coach (x2)

    Gardner-Webb: Assistant Coach

    George Mason: Assistant Coach

    Oregon State: Director of Operations

    Penn: Assistant Coach

    Purdue: Assistant Coach

    Rutgers: Assistant Coach

    Utah Valley: Assistant Coach

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