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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Team Performance in the NCAA Round of 12 (2017-22)

    3x NCAA All-American and 3x Bloodround winner Mikey Labriola (Photo/Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    It's the round of action at the NCAA Championships where dreams are made or crushed. Win and you have the title "All-American" beside your name, for the rest of your life. Lose and you're left with a lifetime of "what could've been." Its the only round of action at the NCAA Tournament with a cool nickname (The bloodround). The NCAA Consolation Round of 12, as it's otherwise known, features some of the most intense action during the entire wrestling season. With that being said, we've decided to look back and find out who has performed best or most often in the Round of 12. Below are team win/loss records for the last five NCAA tournaments, going with most wins to least.

    Nebraska: 15-7

    Oklahoma State: 14-6

    Iowa: 13-8

    Minnesota: 10-9

    Missouri: 9-9

    Arizona State: 9-2

    Ohio State: 8-5

    Virginia Tech: 8-5

    Wisconsin: 7-2

    Illinois: 7-3

    Northwestern: 7-3

    Oregon State: 7-3

    Penn State: 7-3

    Cornell: 6-2

    Michigan: 6-4

    Iowa State: 5-3

    Rutgers: 5-4

    Lehigh: 5-9

    South Dakota State: 4-4

    North Carolina: 4-5

    Northern Iowa: 4-6

    NC State: 4-7

    Appalachian State: 3-0

    Lock Haven: 3-0

    West Virginia: 3-2

    Old Dominion: 2-2

    Fresno State: 2-0

    Princeton: 2-0

    Maryland: 2-1

    Rider: 2-3

    Wyoming: 2-3

    Stanford: 2-7

    Eastern Michigan: 1-0

    Edinboro: 1-0

    Hofstra: 1-0

    Indiana: 1-0

    Duke: 1-1

    SIU Edwardsville: 1-1

    Binghamton: 1-2

    Campbell: 1-2

    Michigan State: 1-2

    Central Michigan: 1-3

    Northern Illinois: 1-3

    Penn: 1-4

    Oklahoma: 1-5

    Virginia: 1-5

    Air Force: 0-1

    Brown: 0-1

    Buffalo: 0-1

    Cal Poly: 0-1

    Chattanooga: 0-1

    Clarion: 0-1

    CSU Bakersfield: 0-1

    Harvard: 0-1

    Kent State: 0-1

    Northern Colorado: 0-1

    The Citadel: 0-1

    Army West Point: 0-2

    Bucknell: 0-2

    Drexel: 0-2

    Utah Valley: 0-3

    Navy: 0-4

    North Dakota State: 0-4

    Pittsburgh: 0-8

    Purdue: 0-8

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