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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    September All-330 Projections

    2021 NCAA Champion David Carr (Photo/Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    If you've been following our top collegiate wrestlers countdown, you'll realize that we are less than 50 days away from the start of the season. Since our last All-330 projection was released in June, it's way past time for another.

    Remember, this will be a reoccurring feature that will be updated more regularly as we approach the season and throughout the year.

    A reoccurring feature between now and then will be our All-330 projections. What is the all-330? That number represents the total number of wrestlers in action at the tournament. 33 per weight class.

    Here is our latest stab at projecting the wrestlers that will qualify for the 2022 NCAA Championships. Since we are so early in the year, these lists will evolve as wrestlers transfer, go up or down in weight, or change redshirt status. There are some true freshmen listed among the 330.

    Each weight has been broken up into their respective conference. All wrestlers are listed by their school's name, these are not rankings. To the bottom right of each weight you'll see seven wrestlers in the "just missed" category. Those are the wrestlers that were considered for the top-33 but didn't make the cut...for now.

    Underlined wrestlers are one's that were not a part of our last projections.


    This weight sees the 125/133's from two of the Ivy League schools (Cornell and Penn) swapping spots. Cornell's is still up in the air, but we're going with Arujau for now. A notable omission is All-American Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan), who announced his was finished competing.


    Lots of changes here! Again, we have the swap with Cornell and Penn, along with Paetzell returning for Lehigh. Recent Minnesota transfer Matt Ramos should make an impact at this weight.


    Here is some of the latest skinny. More recent developments than were included in our preseason rankings. UNC could be switching their 141 and 149 lbers. Speaking of UNC, the other one, Northern Colorado has Andrew Alirez at 141. Plenty of others have been added, too.


    South Dakota State has a couple of their stars moving up; one of which is Zach Price from 133. Penn has Anthony Artalona moving down. It also appears the Austin Gomez is on the move too.


    The big move associated with this weight class is bringing Ryan Deakin back to 157, which seems hard to fathom given his size. NCAA qualifier at 141 Doug Zapf will come back at 157.


    Moving Joe Lee down to opens up a spot in the lineup for Penn State's top recruit from the Class of 2021, Alex Facundo. The Big 12 has a pair of notables that are expected to come down from 174 lbs in Demetrius Romero and Anthony Mantanona. With Peyton Robb going 157, it appears that Bubba Wilson will be his replacement.


    Lots of movement out west! Trey Munoz is heading to Oregon State, which could free up an opportunity for Cael Valencia to start in year one. Another big jump from SDSU is Cade DeVos who comes up from 157. Though he didn't compete last year, we're projecting a big year from Greyden Penner at Oklahoma.


    After AA'ing at 174, Bernie Truax is expected to make another move up to 184 lbs. Conversely, Marcus Coleman comes down from 197, as does Bryan McLaughlin. In limited action, Isaiah Salazar was impressive last year. He should be the guy for the Gophers this year.


    One to watch here is Isaac Trumble at 197. He was impressive last season, but some recent social media postings may hint at him moving on.


    2021's NCAA 7th seed Ethan Laird is projected to take a redshirt, so he was removed. Also John Birchmeier from Navy was replaced since he is not on the current roster and is not projected as the starter.

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