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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Poland Open Day One Results

    Poland Open champion Alec Pantaleo (Photo/SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Poland Open Day One Results

    Men's Freestyle

    57 kg

    Gold Medal: Stevan Micic (Serbia)

    Silver Medal: Beka Bujiashvili (Georgia)

    Bronze Medal: Makhmudjon Shavkatov (Uzbekistan)

    Micic over Bujiashvili 8-3

    Micic over Shavkatov 10-0

    70 kg

    Gold Medal: Alec Pantaleo (USA)

    Silver Medal: James Green (USA)

    Bronze Medal: Haji Aliyev (Azerbaijan)

    Pantaleo over Oleksii Boruta (Ukraine) 10-0

    Green over Pantaleo 8-0

    Green over Boruta 2-1

    Pantaleo over Aliyev 6-6

    Green over Zurabi Iakobishvili (Georgia) 4-0

    Pantaleo over Green 5-3

    79 kg

    Gold Medal: Akhsarbek Gulaev (Slovakia)

    Silver Medal: Rashid Kurbanov (Uzbekistan)

    Bronze Medal: Mateusz Kampik (Poland); Vasyl Mykhailov (Ukraine)

    86 kg

    Gold Medal: Zahid Valencia (USA)

    Silver Medal: Sandro Aminashvili (Georgia)

    Bronze Medal: Cezary Sadowski (Poland); Myles Amine (San Martino)

    Valencia over Sebastian Jerzierzanski (Poland) 6-5

    Valencia over Deepak Punia (India) InjDef

    Amine over Stefan Reichmuth (Switzerland) 2-1

    Valencia over Amine 7-1

    Amine over Jerzierzanski 6-1

    Valencia over Aminashvili 10-0

    97 kg

    Gold Medal: Mohammadhossein Mohammadian (Iran)

    Silver Medal: Ali Shabanibengar (Iran) 1-1

    Bronze Medal: Alisher Yergali (Kazakhstan); Alireza Karimimachiani (Iran)

    Mohammadian over Moore 11-0

    Moore over Serik Bakytkhanov (Kazakhstan) 8-2

    Karimimachiani over Moore 2-2

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