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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Cal Poly Head Coach Jon Sioredas Weighs In on New Rules

    The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved new groundbreaking rules for the 2023-24 wrestling season. Cal Poly’s coach Jon Sioredas discussed his thoughts on how his Mustangs will adapt to the new rules this upcoming season.

    “I think it’s good because we need a change,” Sioredas said. “I can see where a three-point takedown is a game-changer.  In the first period, two takedowns to one is not a tie but you are up by two, which is how it should be.”

    On the other hand, Sioredas is questioning if some wrestlers may hit the brakes if they get an early lead and stall for the rest of the match. Even though there are two sides to the new rule, Sioredas has an early game plan for Cal Poly.

    “We are going to put an emphasis on scoring early and try to separate ourselves,” Sioredas said.

    Sioredas is in favor of the three-point nearfall too. Previously, wrestlers were able to cling onto their opponents on top and not have to do much after. Sioredas likes the new rule because “there is a hidden gem where the top man has to work for a turn.”

    Cal Poly recently finished their summer wrestling camp and training for freestyle the circuit. However, the Mustangs will be practicing situational wrestling soon with the new rules.

    “This is something that will allow us to dig into it and allow the wrestlers to learn,” Sioredas said. “The thing we will miss the most is yelling ‘Two!’ but we are at wrestling camp and the campers yelling three sounds just as good.”

    As for the new weigh-in and video replay rules, Sioredas believes the panel has fixed some head-scratchers. Sioredas is in favor of the medical forfeit rules as well.

    “If our guy is a little bit banged up and there won’t be any repercussions, we will do it like every other team,” Sioredas said. “It’s been happening so much that the risk was so high that the reward was very little. Most coaches were erring on the side of caution and healing them up.”

    Lastly, Sioredas is excited to see some wrestlers try to rock facial hair as good as his beard.

    “They might be rocking the beard but not as much gray as I do,” Sioredas said. “I tell my guys when I took this job I didn’t have gray in my beard but look at me now.”

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