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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    NCAA DI Rankings Updated (2/13/2024)

    We're coming down the home stretch of the 2023-24 wrestling season - only two weeks of dual competition remaining. Time flies when you're not cutting weight! 

    For once, we'll skip over 125 lbs. There were some upsets and, therefore, some movement - but nothing out of the ordinary or that needs explanation. 

    141. Cole Matthews really has thrown a wrench into this weight. I'm sure some may have written the 2022 All-American off when he suffered nine losses before mid-January. Most to competition ranked lower than him, at the time. Matthews has seen some familiar faces of late and has thrived. In two of his last three outings, he's beaten #4 Ryan Jack (NC State) and #5 Lachlan McNeil (North Carolina). That should mean that Jack and McNeil fall, right? Not necessarily, because of the construction of the next tier of competitors at the weight. Jack has head-to-head wins over McNeil (x2), Happel, and Jamison. McNeil has wins over Happel, Echemendia, Jamison, Koderhandt. In addition, the Happel, Hardy, Jamison, Echemendia crew have all exchanged wins with each other. 

    141 is a good example of why each weight class has a personality of its own. You shouldn't make decisions at 141, just because you did them at 133. It may not make sense. If the losses continue to mount for any in this range 4-9, obviously more action will be taken. 

    Another weight that may stand out is 149 lbs. Kannon Webster should be redshirting now and has been removed from the rankings. His removal, coupled with Chance Lamer's two losses and his subsequent drop, have led to others in that upper tier moving up a spot in the rankings, despite coming off a loss. I don't like the aesthetics, but what are you gonna do?

    We have a new #2 at 197 lbs with Trent Hidlay moving up after Stephen Buchanan was beaten by Tanner Sloan. Some might argue that the move is way overdue. I wouldn't necessarily argue with that sentiment, Hidlay has been excellent at 197. 

    For the full rankings: Click Here

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