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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    NCAA DI Champions Since 2000

    On Thursday morning, 330 wrestlers entered the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City with the goal of being a national champion. After the final match was wrestled on Saturday night, only ten wrestlers were left standing without a loss and declared champions. They'll get to add their name to the very exclusive list of NCAA champions. Below we've added the 2024 champions into the list of wrestlers who have won national titles since the year 2000. 

    125 lbs

    2024: Richie Figueroa (Arizona State)

    2023: Patrick Glory (Princeton)

    2022: Nick Suriano (Michigan)

    2021: Spencer Lee (Iowa)

    2019: Spencer Lee (Iowa)

    2018: Spencer Lee (Iowa)

    2017: Darian Cruz (Lehigh)

    2016: Nico Megaludis (Penn State)

    2015: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State)

    2014: Jesse Delgado (Illinois)

    2013: Jesse Delgado (Illinois)

    2012: Matt McDonough (Iowa)

    2011: Anthony Robles (Arizona State)

    2010: Matt McDonough (Iowa)

    2009: Troy Nickerson (Cornell)

    2008: Angel Escobedo (Indiana)

    2007: Paul Donahoe (Nebraska)

    2006: Joe Dubuque (Indiana)

    2005: Joe Dubuque (Indiana)

    2004: Jason Powell (Nebraska)

    2003: Travis Lee (Cornell)

    2002: Stephan Abas (Fresno State)

    2001: Stephan Abas (Fresno State)

    2000: Jeremy Hunter (Penn State)


    133 lbs

    2024: Vito Arujau (Cornell)

    2023: Vito Arujau (Cornell)

    2022: Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State)

    2021: Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State)

    2019: Nick Suriano (Rutgers)

    2018: Seth Gross (South Dakota State)

    2017: Cory Clark (Iowa)

    2016: Nahshon Garrett (Cornell)

    2015: Cody Brewer (Oklahoma)

    2014: Tony Ramos (Iowa)

    2013: Logan Stieber (Ohio State)

    2012: Logan Stieber (Ohio State)

    2011: Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State)

    2010: Jayson Ness (Minnesota)

    2009: Franklin Gomez (Michigan State)

    2008: Coleman Scott (Oklahoma State)

    2007: Matt Valenti (Penn)

    2006: Matt Valenti (Penn)

    2005: Travis Lee (Cornell)

    2004: Zach Roberson (Iowa State)

    2003: Johnny Thompson (Oklahoma State)

    2002: Johnny Thompson (Oklahoma State)

    2001: Eric Juergens (Iowa)

    2000: Eric Juergens (Iowa)

    141 lbs

    2024: Jesse Mendez (Ohio State)

    2023: Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado)

    2022: Nick Lee (Penn State)

    2021: Nick Lee (Penn State)

    2019: Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell)

    2018: Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell)

    2017: Dean Heil (Oklahoma State)

    2016: Dean Heil (Oklahoma State)

    2015: Logan Stieber (Ohio State)

    2014: Logan Stieber (Ohio State)

    2013: Kendric Maple (Oklahoma)

    2012: Kellen Russell (Michigan)

    2011: Kellen Russell (Michigan)

    2010: Kyle Dake (Cornell)

    2009: J Jaggers (Ohio State)

    2008: J Jaggers (Ohio State)

    2007: Derek Moore (UC Davis)

    2006: Nate Gallick (Iowa State)

    2005: Teyon Ware (Oklahoma)

    2004: Cliff Moore (Iowa)

    2003: Teyon Ware (Oklahoma)

    2002: Aaron Holker (Iowa State)

    2001: Michael Ligthner (Oklahoma)

    2000: Carl Perry (Illinois)

    149 lbs

    2024: Caleb Henson (Virginia Tech)

    2023: Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell)

    2022: Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell)

    2021: Austin O’Connor (North Carolina)

    2019: Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers)

    2018: Zain Retherford (Penn State)

    2017: Zain Retherford (Penn State)

    2016: Zain Retherford (Penn State)

    2015: Drake Houdashelt (Missouri)

    2014: Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern)

    2013: Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State)

    2012: Frank Molinaro (Penn State)

    2011: Kyle Dake (Cornell)

    2010: Brent Metcalf (Iowa)

    2009: Darrion Caldwell (NC State)

    2008: Brent Metcalf (Iowa)

    2007: Gregor Gillespie (Edinboro)

    2006: Dustin Schlatter (Minnesota)

    2005: Zack Esposito (Oklahoma State)

    2004: Jesse Jantzen (Harvard)

    2003: Eric Larkin (Arizona State)

    2002: Jared Lawrence (Minnesota)

    2001: Adam Tirapelle (Illinois)

    2000: Tony Davis (Northern Iowa)

    157 lbs

    2024: Levi Haines (Penn State)

    2023: Austin O’Connor (North Carolina)

    2022: Ryan Deakin (Northwestern)

    2021: David Carr (Iowa State)

    2019: Jason Nolf (Penn State)

    2018: Jason Nolf (Penn State)

    2017: Jason Nolf (Penn State)

    2016: Isaiah Martinez (Illinois)

    2015: Isaiah Martinez (Illinois)

    2014: Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State)

    2013: Derek St. John (Iowa)

    2012: Kyle Dake (Cornell)

    2011: Bubba Jenkins (Arizona State)

    2010: JP O’Connor (Harvard)

    2009: Jordan Burroughs (Nebraska)

    2008: Jordan Leen (Cornell)

    2007: Trent Paulson (Iowa State)

    2006: Ben Cherrington (Boise State)

    2005: Ryan Bertin (Michigan)

    2004: Matt Gentry (Stanford)

    2003: Ryan Bertin (Michigan)

    2002: Luke Becker (Minnesota)

    2001: TJ Williams (Iowa)

    2000: Brett Matter (Penn)

    165 lbs

    2024: David Carr (Iowa State)

    2023: Keegan O’Toole (Missouri)

    2022: Keegan O’Toole (Missouri)

    2021: Shane Griffith (Stanford)

    2019: Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech)

    2018: Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State)

    2017: Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State)

    2016: Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State)

    2015: Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State)

    2014: David Taylor (Penn State)

    2013: Kyle Dake (Cornell)

    2012: David Taylor (Penn State)

    2011: Jordan Burroughs (Nebraska)

    2010: Andrew Howe (Wisconsin)

    2009: Jarrod King (Edinboro)

    2008: Mark Perry (Iowa)

    2007: Mark Perry (Iowa)

    2006: Johny Hendricks (Oklahoma State)

    2005: Johny Hendricks (Oklahoma State)

    2004: Troy Letters (Lehigh)

    2003: Matt Lackey (Illinois)

    2002: Joe Heskett (Iowa State)

    2001: Donny Pritzlaff (Wisconsin)

    2000: Donny Pritzlaff (Wisconsin)

    174 lbs

    2024: Carter Starocci (Penn State)

    2023: Carter Starocci (Penn State)

    2022: Carter Starocci (Penn State)

    2021: Carter Starocci (Penn State)

    2019: Zahid Valencia (Arizona State)

    2018: Zahid Valencia (Arizona State)

    2017: Mark Hall (Penn State)

    2016: Myles Martin (Ohio State)

    2015: Matt Brown (Penn State)

    2014: Chris Perry (Oklahoma State)

    2013: Chris Perry (Oklahoma State)

    2012: Ed Ruth (Penn State)

    2011: Jon Reader (Iowa State)

    2010: Jay Boschel (Iowa)

    2009: Steve Luke (Michigan)

    2008: Keith Gavin (Pittsburgh)

    2007: Ben Askren (Missouri)

    2006: Ben Askren (Missouri)

    2005: Chris Pendleton (Oklahoma State)

    2004: Chris Pendleton (Oklahoma State)

    2003: Robbie Waller (Oklahoma)

    2002: Greg Jones (West Virginia)

    2001: Josh Koscheck (Edinboro)

    2000: Byron Tucker (Oklahoma)


    184 lbs

    2024: Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa)

    2023: Aaron Brooks (Penn State)

    2022: Aaron Brooks (Penn State)

    2021: Aaron Brooks (Penn State)

    2019: Drew Foster (Northern Iowa)

    2018: Bo Nickal (Penn State)

    2017: Bo Nickal (Penn State)

    2016: Gabe Dean (Cornell)

    2015: Gabe Dean (Cornell)

    2014: Ed Ruth (Penn State)

    2013: Ed Ruth (Penn State)

    2012: Steve Bosak (Cornell)

    2011: Quentin Wright (Penn State)

    2010: Max Askren (Missouri)

    2009: Jake Herbert (Northwestern)

    2008: Mike Pucillo (Ohio State)

    2007: Jake Herbert (Northwestern)

    2006: Shane Webster (Oregon)

    2005: Greg Jones (West Virginia)

    2004: Greg Jones (West Virginia)

    2003: Jake Rosholt (Oklahoma State)

    2002: Rob Rohn (Lehigh)

    2001: Cael Sanderson (Iowa State)

    2000: Cael Sanderson (Iowa State)

    197 lbs

    2024: Aaron Brooks (Penn State)

    2023: Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh)

    2022: Max Dean (Penn State)

    2021: AJ Ferrari (Oklahoma State)

    2019: Bo Nickal (Penn State)

    2018: Michael Macchiavello (NC State)

    2017: J’den Cox (Missouri)

    2016: J’den Cox (Missouri)

    2015: Kyven Gadson (Iowa State)

    2014: J’den Cox (Missouri)

    2013: Quentin Wright (Penn State)

    2012: Cam Simaz (Cornell)

    2011: Dustin Kilgore (Kent State)

    2010: Jake Varner (Iowa State)

    2009: Jake Varner (Iowa State)

    2008: Phil Davis (Penn State)

    2007: Josh Glenn (American)

    2006: Jake Rosholt (Oklahoma State)

    2005: Jake Rosholt (Oklahoma State)

    2004: Damion Hahn (Minnesota)

    2003: Damion Hahn (Minnesota)

    2002: Cael Sanderson (Iowa State)

    2001: Mark Munoz (Oklahoma State)

    2000: Brad Vering (Nebraska)

    285 lbs

    2024: Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State)

    2023: Mason Parris (Michigan)

    2022: Gable Steveson (Minnesota)

    2021: Gable Steveson (Minnesota)

    2019: Anthony Cassar (Penn State)

    2018: Kyle Snyder (Ohio State)

    2017: Kyle Snyder (Ohio State)

    2016: Kyle Snyder (Ohio State)

    2015: Nick Gwiazdowski (NC State)

    2014: Nick Gwiazdowski (NC State)

    2013: Tony Nelson (Minnesota)

    2012: Tony Nelson (Minnesota)

    2011: Zach Rey (Lehigh)

    2010: David Zabriskie (Iowa State)

    2009: Mark Ellis (Missouri)

    2008: Dustin Fox (Northwestern)

    2007: Cole Konard (Minnesota)

    2006: Cole Konrad (Minnesota)

    2005: Steve Mocco (Oklahoma State)

    2004: Tommy Rowlands (Ohio State)

    2003: Steve Mocco (Iowa)

    2002: Tommy Rowlands (Ohio State)

    2001: John Lockhart (Illinois)

    2000: Brock Lesnar (Minnesota)

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    And Cornell, with far more restrictive eligibility requirements as part of Ivy League finishes 2nd in a year with many 5-time all Americans, with the extra year of eligibility given to everyone outside the Ivy League which doesn’t even allow redshirting and forbids graduate students from eligibility. 

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