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  • Photo: Photo/Sam Janicki

    Photo: Photo/Sam Janicki

    Matside Recap: Adeline vs. Tamyra

    J'den Cox topped Hayden Zillmer (Photo/Sam Janicki, SJanickiPhoto.com)

    The original main event of this past weekend's FloWrestling card got postponed, but the event still delivered a main event between two world champions. Richard Mann (@richardamann) and Clay Sauertieg (@ByCSauertieg) are back on the Matside to break down all the matches.

    0:00 - Open
    1:16 - Mitch McKee vs. Tristan Moran
    4:12 - Ronna Heaton vs. Desiree Zavala
    7:46 - Nate Jackson vs. Wynn Michalak
    10:40 - Seth Gross vs. Zane Richards
    14:12 - Ethan Lizak vs. Matt McDonough
    17:34 - Joey McKenna vs. Nahshon Garrett
    21:17 - Erin Golston vs. Emily Shilson
    24:21 - James Green vs. Pat Lugo
    28:07 - J'den Cox vs. Hayden Zillmer
    32:47 - Tamyra Mensah-Stock vs. Adeline Gray
    39:45 - Jordan Burroughs vs. David Taylor Preview
    41:46 - Headgear Stickers/College Wrestler Shoutouts
    43:44 - Closing and Plugs

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