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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Keystone Classic Final Results

    2021 133 lb Keystone Classic champion Michael Colaiocco (Photo Courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Keystone Classic Final Results

    125 lbs

    Championship Finals - Caleb Smith (Appalachian State) dec Ryan Miller (Penn) 6-3

    3rd Place - Beau Bayless (Harvard) fall Tyler Klinsky (Rider) 2:38

    5th Place - Kyle Waterman (Drexel) MedFFT Blair Orr (Penn)

    7th Place - Kelly Dunnigan (Penn) dec Antonio Mininno (Drexel) 13-11

    133 lbs

    Championship Finals - Michael Colaiocco (Penn) dec Codi Russell (Appalachian State) 7-4

    3rd Place - Richie Koehler (Rider) dec Sean Carter (Appalachian State) 11-7

    5th Place - Pat Phillips (Franklin & Marshall) MedFFT Jaxon Maroney (Drexel)

    7th Place - Lukas Richie (Penn) dec Deon Pleasant (Drexel) 9-6

    141 lbs

    Championship Finals - Carmen Ferrante (Penn) dec Kaden Cassidy (George Mason) 5-3SV

    3rd Place - Heath Gonyer (Appalachian State) dec Wil Gil (Franklin & Marshall) 6-3

    5th Place - Anthony Brito (Appalachian State) MedFFT CJ Composto (Penn)

    7th Place - Michael Jaffe (Harvard) dec Bryan Miraglia (Rider) 9-3

    149 lbs

    Championship Finals - Jonathan Millner (Appalachian State) dec Alex Madrigal (George Mason) 6-0

    3rd Place - Grant Aronoff (Penn) dec Lukas Stricker (Harvard) 13-7

    5th Place - Kaya Sement (Penn) MedFFT Luke Nichter (Drexel)

    7th Place - Shaun Williams (Sacred Heart) MedFFT Vince Mannella (Penn)

    157 lbs

    Championship Finals - Lorenzo Rajaonarivelo (George Mason) MedFFT Doug Zapf (Penn)

    3rd Place - Parker Kropman (Drexel) dec Trevor Tarsi (Harvard) 3-1SV

    5th Place - Cody Bond (Appalachian State) MedFFT Jake Silverstein (Rider)

    7th Place - Avery Bassett (George Mason) tech Tommy Askrey (Appalachian State) 15-0

    165 lbs

    Championship Finals - Phil Conigliaro (Harvard) dec Will Formato (Appalachian State) 10-4

    3rd Place - Lucas Revano (Penn) dec Evan Barczak (Drexel) 4-2

    5th Place - Michael Kistler (Penn) fall Michael Wilson (Rider) 2:31

    7th Place - Will Miller (Appalachian State) dec Drew Dickson (George Mason) 7-4

    174 lbs

    Championship Finals - Michael O'Malley (Drexel) fall Nick Incontrera (Penn) 1:39

    3rd Place - Joshua Kim (Harvard) dec Logan Messer (George Mason) 4-1

    5th Place - Thomas Flitz (Appalachian State) dec Brett Mordacei (Appalachian State) 9-3

    7th Place - Alex Marciniak (Sacred Heart) MedFFT Shane Reitsma (Rider)

    184 lbs

    Championship Finals - George Walton (Rider) tech Neil Antrassian (Penn) 17-2

    3rd Place - Barrett Blakely (Appalachian State) dec Leonardo Tarantino (Harvard) 3-1SV

    5th Place - Joe Accousti (Sacred Heart) MedFFT Bryan McLaughlin (Drexel)

    7th Place - James Conway (Franklin & Marshall) dec Jake Hendricks (Penn) 6-1

    197 lbs

    Championship Finals - Cole Urbas (Penn) tech Mason Fiscella (Appalachian State) 16-1

    3rd Place - Nick Marcenelle (Harvard) fall Dante DelBonis (Sacred Heart) :57

    5th Place - Austin Stith (George Mason) dec Josh Labarbera (Penn) 5-3

    7th Place - Logan Michael (Sacred Heart) MedFFT Matt Correnti (Rider)

    285 lbs

    Championship Finals - Ben Goldin (Penn) maj Mike Burchell (Appalachian State) 12-2

    3rd Place - David Szuba (Rider) dec Vincenzo Pelusi (Franklin & Marshall) 6-3

    5th Place - Jacob Sartorio (Appalachian State) dec Nick Copley (Sacred Heart) 7-1

    7th Place - Liam Dietrich (Drexel) dec Ramses Montalvo (George Mason) 5-3

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