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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    How Did 2022's Top Transfers Fare in Their New Homes?

    Without question, the biggest topic of the collegiate offseason has been the transfer portal. We’ve seen unprecedented movement with a handful of All-Americans entering the portal and finding new homes. Since the portal is only a few years old and the advent of NIL is less than two years old, we don’t have much of a track record to judge the current status of college wrestling. Basically, we don’t know what the “new normal” is supposed to look like. 

    All of that being said, we’re trying to look at the success or lack of success that some of the most prominent wrestlers have had after going in the portal. Prior to the 2022-23 season, InterMat published an article ranking the top-15 wrestlers to go through the portal that offseason. Now we’re looking back at those 15 wrestlers to see how they fared at their new home. For some, that change of scenery proved to be a great choice, while others didn’t. 

    Here are the wrestlers, as ranked in the fall of 2022, and their results in the season that followed. 

    1. Real Woods (Iowa)

    Record: 20-1. NCAA Runner-Up; Big Ten champion. #1 seed at NCAA’s. 

    2. Michael Beard (Lehigh)

    Record: 23-5. NCAA Round of 12 Finisher; EIWA Runner-Up. #5 seed at NCAA’s

    3. Dom Demas (Cal Poly)

    Record: 14-9. 2-2 at NCAA’s. Injury Replacement at NCAA’s. #33 seed. 

    4. Wyatt Henson (Oklahoma)

    Record: 19-14. 1-2 at NCAA’s. Big 12 3rd place. #24 seed at NCAA’s. 

    5. Anthony Montalvo (Arizona State)

    Record: 6-8. 1-2 at Pac-12 Championships


    6. Taylor LaMont (Wisconsin)

    Record: 11-16. 0-2 at NCAA’s. Big Ten 9th Place. #27 seed at NCAA’s. 

    7. Matt Finesilver (Michigan)

    Record: 27-8; NCAA Round of 12 Finisher, Big Ten 3rd Place; #8 seed at NCAA’s

    8. Rocky Jordan (Chattanooga)

    Record: 20-4; 1-2 at NCAA’s, SoCon Champion; #10 seed at NCAA’s

    9. Tate Samuelson (Lehigh)

    Record: 23-9; 2-2 at NCAA’s, EIWA Champion, #17 seed at NCAA’s

    10. Brody Teske (Iowa)

    Record: 10-6; 1-2 at NCAA’s, Big Ten 7th Place; #23 seed at NCAA’s

    11. Gerrit Nijenhuis (Oklahoma)

    Record: 16-9; 0-2 at NCAA’s, Big 12 7th Place; #21 seed at NCAA’s

    12. Dazjon Casto (Pittsburgh)

    Record: 6-9; 0-2 at ACC’s

    13. Edmond Ruth (Illinois)

    Record: 30-8; NCAA Round of 12 Finisher, Big Ten 6th Place; #9 seed at NCAA’s

    14. Stevo Poulin (Northern Colorado)

    Record: 31-7; NCAA Round of 12 Finisher; Big 12 Champion; #6 seed at NCAA’s

    15. Mosha Schwartz (Oklahoma)

    Record: 22-6; 1-2 at NCAA’s, Big 12 6th Place; #9 seed at NCAA

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