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  • Photo: Kostadin Andonov

    Photo: Kostadin Andonov

    Full List of American U23 World Medalists

    2x U23 World Medalist Tony Cassioppi (photo courtesy of Kostadin Andonov/UWW)

    The 2022 U23 World Championships are in the books! With that conclusion of the event, we now have eight more American wrestlers who can call themselves world medalist (and the first multiple-time medalists). Here are the American wrestlers who have earned medals at the event, which has been in existence, in name and current format, since 2017.


    Women's Freestyle

    55 kg - Alisha Howk (Bronze)

    57 kg - Alex Hedrick (Bronze)

    72 kg - Amit Elor (Gold)

    76 kg - Dymond Guilford (Silver)

    Men's Freestyle

    79 kg - Carter Starocci (Bronze)

    86 kg - Trent Hidlay (Silver)

    92 kg - Jacob Cardenas (Silver)

    97 kg - Tanner Sloan (Silver)

    125 kg - Tony Cassioppi (Bronze)


    Women's Freestyle

    50 kg - Emily Shilson (Gold)

    76 kg - Kylie Welker (Bronze)

    Men's Freestyle

    97 kg - Jay Aiello (Bronze)

    125 kg - Tony Cassioppi (Gold)


    Women's Freestyle

    62 kg - Kayla Miracle (Silver)

    68 kg - Macey Kilty (Silver)

    Men's Freestyle

    92 kg - Bo Nickal (Gold)


    Women's Freestyle

    68 kg - Alex Glaude (Bronze)

    76 kg - Korinahe Bullock (Bronze)

    Men's Freestyle

    61 kg - Sean Fausz (Silver)

    97 kg - Kollin Moore (Silver)

    125 kg - Youssif Hemida (Silver)


    Men's Freestyle

    65 kg - Joey McKenna (Bronze)

    70 kg - Richie Lewis (Gold)

    97 kg - Ty Walz (Bronze)

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