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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Four Champions Lead Team Iowa in Dominant Junior Men's Freestyle Performance

    220 lb Junior National champion Bradley Hill (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    The Iowa men's freestyle team came into the FargoDome with a lot of hype. It was a crew that recently captured a Junior Dual title for the second consecutive season and featured a boatload of talent. Iowa lived up to those expectations and more with a dominant showing in Junior freestyle. Four Iowa natives won individual titles and the only Iowa wrestler to lose in the finals, did so against an opponent from Iowa. Iowa almost won by 100 points as they distanced themselves from second place Pennsylvania by a 214-116 margin. Overall, 13 Iowa wrestlers got on the podium and 11 of those finished in the top-four of their respective weights.

    These results bode well for the Iowa Hawkeyes as all five of Iowa's finalists have either signed or committed to wrestling for Tom Brands' team.

    Below are the final results for the medal round matches at the 2022 Junior National Freestyle Championships.

    Junior National Freestyle Championship Bouts

    100 lbs - Tyler Garvin (Maryland) over Javaan Yarbrough (Ohio) 9-4

    106 lbs - Mack Mauger (Idaho) over Kolter Burton (Idaho) 11-1

    113 lbs - Hunter Taylor (Missouri) over Deion Johnson (Illinois) 9-2

    120 lbs - Nate Jesuroga (Iowa) over Caden Horwath (Michigan) 12-2

    126 lbs - Mason Gibson (Pennsylvania) over Luke Stanich (New Jersey) 7-6

    132 lbs - Cory Land (Alabama) over Kannon Webster (Illinois) 11-0

    138 lbs - Ryder Block (Iowa) over Ismael Ayoub (Ohio) 12-2

    145 lbs - Kyle Dutton (Missouri) over Beau Mantanona (California) 10-0

    152 lbs - Cody Chittum (Tennessee) over Ty Whalen (New Jersey) 13-3

    160 lbs - Aiden Riggins (Iowa) over Nicco Ruiz (California) 15-8

    170 lbs - Joshua Barr (Michigan) over Rocco Welsh (Pennsylvania) 8-5

    182 lbs - Connor Mirasola (Wisconsin) over AJ Heeg (Oklahoma) 3-0

    195 lbs - Cody Merrill (California) over Rylan Rogers (Idaho) 7-1

    220 lbs - Bradley Hill (Iowa) over Kolby Franklin (Iowa) 10-7

    285 lbs - Aden Attao (Idaho) over Dillan Johnson (Illinois) 9-6

    Third Place Results

    100 lbs - Jayden Rinken (Iowa) over Tyler Harper (Iowa) 14-3

    106 lbs - Dru Ayala (Iowa) over Damian Moreno (Arizona) 11-8

    113 lbs - Nathan Desmond (Pennsylvania) over Michael Olson (Minnesota) Fall 1:43

    120 lbs - Alan Koehler (Minnesota) over Braeden Davis (Michigan) 12-2

    126 lbs - Drew Gorman (Georgia) over Coleman Nogle (Maryland) Fall :37

    132 lbs - Grigor Cholakyan (California) over Nash Singleton (Oregon) 18-7

    138 lbs - Pierson Manville (Pennsylvania) over Easton Taylor (Kansas) 10-0

    145 lbs - Zach Hanson (Minnesota) over Joel Jesuroga (Iowa) 3-2

    152 lbs - Jude Swisher (Pennsylvania) over William Henckel (New Jersey) 9-5

    160 lbs - Braeden Scoles (Wisconsin) over Rafael Hipolito (Virginia) 9-7

    170 lbs - Lorenzo Norman (New Jersey) over Lucas Condon (California) 9-5

    182 lbs - Tate Naaktgeboren (Iowa) over Ryder Rogotzke (Minnesota) 8-8

    195 lbs - Wyatt Voelker (Iowa) over Hayden Walters (Oregon) 2-1

    220 lbs - Sawyer Bartelt (Florida) over Max Agresti (Delaware) 11-0

    285 lbs - Ethan Vergara (Florida) over Emmanuel Ulrich (Pennsylvania) 6-0

    Fifth Place Results

    100 lbs - Caden Smith (Virginia) over Isaac Stewart (Montana) 10-0

    106 lbs - Dedrick Navarro (Idaho) over Gage Singleton (Oregon) 12-2

    113 lbs - Daniel Guanajuato (Arizona) over Brandon Morvari (Minnesota) MedFFT

    120 lbs - Kael Lauridsen (Nebraska) over Kenneth Hendriksen (Tennessee) 10-0

    126 lbs - Max Gallagher (New York) over Aden Valencia (California)

    132 lbs - Luke Simcox (Pennsylvania) over Omar Ayoub (Ohio) 8-6

    138 lbs - Tucker Cell (Montana) over Layton Schneider (Oklahoma) Fall :35

    145 lbs - Caleb Meunier (Wisconsin) over Dylan Gilcher (Michigan) 15-8

    152 lbs - Ethan Stiles (Illinois) over Boeden Greenley (North Dakota) 12-0

    160 lbs - Jed Wester (Minnesota) over J Conway (Indiana) MedFFT

    170 lbs - Noah Mulvaney (Wisconsin) over Tyler Lillard (Ohio) 15-5

    182 lbs - Timothy McDonnell (California) over Garrett Wells (Oklahoma) 16-8

    195 lbs - Cole Mirasola (Wisconsin) over Camden McDanel (Ohio) 16-14

    220 lbs - Dylan Russo (Ohio) over Kail Wynia (Minnesota) MedFFT

    285 lbs - Parker Ferrell (Virginia) over Max Acciardi (New Jersey) 10-0

    Seventh Place Results

    100 lbs - Reid Foster (Iowa) over Che Jenkins (Arizona) 14-12

    106 lbs - Abram Cline (California) over Ethan Ward (California) 11-0

    113 lbs - Layne Kleimann (Utah) over Anthony Ruzic (Illinois) Fall 5:54

    120 lbs - Vincent Kilkeary (Pennsylvania) over Gylon Sims (Illinois) 13-6

    126 lbs - Shane Corrigan (Wisconsin) over Dillon Campbell (Ohio) 13-11

    132 lbs - Jaxon Joy (Ohio) over Cael Keck (Missouri) 10-0

    138 lbs - Kole Brower (Illinois) over Casper Stewart (New York) Fall 3:27

    145 lbs - Gavin Drexler (Wisconsin) over Q'veli Quintanilla (Washington) 10-0

    152 lbs - Charlie Millard (Wisconsin) over Jeremiah Price (North Carolina) 12-0

    160 lbs - Brendon Abdon (Florida) over Jasiah Queen (New Jersey) 10-0

    170 lbs - Simon Ruiz (New Jersey) over Omaury Alvarez (Georgia) 18-13

    182 lbs - Justin Rademacher (Oregon) over Blake Jouret (Kansas) 12-1

    195 lbs - Jack Darrah (Missouri) over Remy Cotton (Michigan) 10-0

    220 lbs - Caden Ferris (Michigan) over Max Ramberg (Wisconsin) 11-1

    285 lbs - Jacob Walker (Iowa) over Elijah Novak (Minnesota) 7-5

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