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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Every Big Ten Coaching Hire Since 2000

    Mark Manning (right) has led Nebraska since the 2000-01 season (Photo/Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    With the retirement of longtime Illinois head coach Jim Heffernan on Thursday, a marquee vacancy opened up in the nation's toughest wrestling conference. While we and the rest of the wrestling world can speculate on potential replacements for Heffernan at a later date, Intermat has went through the hiring history for head coaches in the conference since 2000. They are listed below, by school.


    Angel Escobedo (2018-19) replaced Duane Goldman (1992-2018)



    Jim Heffernan (2009-10) replaced Mark Johnson (1992-2009)


    Tom Brands (2006-07) replaced Jim Zalesky (1997-2006)

    Maryland (Joined the Big Ten in (2014-15)

    Alex Clemsen (2019-20) replaced Kerry McCoy (2008-2019)

    Kerry McCoy (2008-19) replaced Pat Santoro (2003-08)

    Pat Santoro (2003-08) replaced John McHugh (1978-03)


    Sean Bormet (2018-19) replaced Joe McFarland (1999-2018)

    Michigan State

    Roger Chandler (2015-16) replaced Tom Minkel (1991-2015)


    Brandon Eggum (2016-17) replaced J Robinson (1986-2016)

    Nebraska (Joined the Big Ten in (2011-12)

    Mark Manning (2000-01) replaced Tim Neumann (1985-2000)


    Matt Storniolo (2015-16) replaced Drew Pariano (2010-15)

    Drew Pariano (2010-15) replaced Tim Cysewski (1989-2010)

    Ohio State

    Tom Ryan (2006-07) replaced Russ Hellickson (1986-2006)

    Penn State

    Cael Sanderson (2009-10) replaced Troy Sunderland (1999-2009)


    Tony Ersland (2014-15) replaced Scott Hinkel (2007-14)

    Scott Hinkel (2007-14) replaced Jessie Reyes (1992-07)

    Rutgers (Joined the Big Ten in (2014-15)

    Scott Goodale (2007-08) replaced John Sacchi (1989-2007)


    Chris Bono (2018-19) replaced Barry Davis (1993-2018)

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