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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    This Week's EIWA Preview (1/26/2023)

    Lehigh 141 lber Malyke Hines (photo courtesy of SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Dual Meet of the Weekend


    #27 Lehigh hosts #19 Arizona State. Arizona State has taken a few head-scratching losses in duals this season, while battling injuries. Lehigh has been dealing with the injury bug as well. Grace Hall will be ecstatic this Saturday for a great dual. This should be a fun dual regardless, even if some of the “backups” get to see mat time. Many of the non-starters on each squad are still very tough and will make for tight matches. Will we see a #4 McGee vs #6 McGonagle showdown at 133 lbs? McGee just came back from injury a few weeks ago. McGonagle has only wrestled once this semester and may possibly be back… It would be quite the match returning from injury. If it does happen, be ready for fireworks.

    Due to the long travel, and intense crowd (plus my EIWA bias) – I’ll give Lehigh a slight advantage. It may come down to bonus points.

    125lbs – #33 Berginc (Army) vs #17 Ungar (Cornell)

    Berginc started hot – will he get back on track with a win over Ungar? (who just lost to Sotelo of Harvard)

    125lbs - #28 Miller (Penn) vs Sotelo (Harv)

    This will be the rubber match between them on the year. Miller has a 6-3 win, while Sotelo has a pin over Miller. The winner of this would give a solid argument for the 3rd seed at EIWAs, staying on the opposite side of Glory. The loser could be as low as 6th. What a fun weight class!

    125lbs – #32 Babin (Col) vs #17 Ungar (Cornell)

    Babin has been in and out of the rankings. This weight class is pretty even-stevens after Glory. Ungar can maintain the 2nd seed if he beats Babin. A win by Babin could mean chaos for the seeding committee.

    125lbs – #32 Babin (Col) vs Bailey/Lane (Leh)

    Lane and Bailey are both capable of being in the rankings. I feel a lack of consistency in the line-up (due to injuries) has prevented that. Babin has been ranked, and his performances have been impressive as of late.

    141lbs - #26 Kazimir (Col) vs #28 Hines (Leh)

    Last year’s EIWA champ vs a red-hot Hines. 2 NCAA qualifiers, plus a pivotal match for the dual with EIWA seeding implications

    141lbs - #26 Kazimir (Col) vs #16 Cornella (Corn)
    Another conference test for the freshman, Cornella. He lost to Hines a week ago. A win by Kazimir would make seeding this weight class very interesting

    149lbs - #33 Fongaro (Col) vs Brignola/Bryant (Leh)

    A pivotal matchup for the dual. I’d be shocked if these guys did not end up at NCAAs (pending NCAA allocations, of course)

    157lbs – #4 Humphreys (Leh) vs #22 Alvan (Col)

    Humphreys has been banged up so we may not even see him. If he does return, it’ll be his first match since before Christmas. Another good opportunity for an upset for Alvan after last week’s win over #16 Artalona of Penn.

    165lbs – Park (Navy) vs #33 Cassella (Bing)

    EIWA 8th vs EIWA 5th last season. Could be a “winner goes to Tulsa” type of match at EIWAs

    165lbs - #8 Ramirez (Corn) vs #16 Ogunsanya (Col)

    A rematch from last year’s EIWA semifinal - won by Ogunsanya 6-4. Ramirez won at CKLV in December 8-2

    174lbs - #12 Phil Conigliaro (Harv) vs #22 Nick Incontrera (Penn)

    Conigliaro was R12 at 165 lbs last year. He hasn’t stepped on the mat since before Christmas. I won't hold my breath for this matchup, but it’s possible.

    184lbs - #24 Ferreira (Hof) vs #22 Nolan (Bing)

    A possible matchup to claim 3rd seed at conferences. Also, a toss-up in a dual that will be a tight one

    184lbs - #24 Ferreira (Hof) vs #32 Key (Navy)

    Another toss-up in a tight match. An “upset” for Key would be big for Navy in the dual.

    197lbs - #30 Rogers (Hof) vs #29 (Koser) Navy

    Similar to the match we’ll see right before this at 184lbs. Great toss-up match.

    285lbs - #21 Day (Bing) vs #20 Griess (Navy)

    The rankings speak for themselves. Both guys can pin on top. Interesting matchup at HWT

    285lbs - #21 Day (Bing) vs UR Knighton-Ward (Hofstra)

    Knighton-Ward is a 2X NCAA Qualifier. A win from Day will prove he’s ready to compete at NCAAs, up from 184lbs last season.

    285lbs - #20 Greiss (Navy) vs UR Knighton-Ward (Hofstra)

    Capping off a huge weekend for Knighton-Ward. A great opportunity to find himself back in the national rankings.

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