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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    EIWA Conference Recap (12/7/21)

    2021 CKLV champion Patrick Glory (Photo/Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    Below is a recap of last week's EIWA action, with individual highlights worth noting.

    Notable News

    Jason Borrelli earned his first victory as Head Coach of American over Duke.

    Yianni Diakomihalis solidified his #1 ranking at his new weight class by winning the CKLV at 149lbs.

    Pat Glory of Princeton had a "GLORY-ous" weekend as he was the 125lb CKLV Champion.

    Yaraslau Slavikouski earned 2nd place at 285lb after an injury default in the finals of the Cliff Keen Invite.

    Anthony Artalona made his season debut for the Penn Quakers at 149lb.

    Matt Cover (of Princeton/NJRTC) won a Junior Pan Am Gold at 125kg.


    The Eagles hosted Rutgers (#12) on Friday night. The Eagles then took on both Duke and Hofstra on Sunday.

    Jack Maida earned three wins on the weekend at 133lbs., with two bonus-point wins.

    At 125, Max Leete and Andy Fallon each earned a victory on Sunday.

    Isaac Righter sealed the deal for the team with his 5-2 win over Duke.


    125 - #23 Dylan Shawver (RU) dec. Andy Fallon (AU), 5-4 (RU 3-0)
    133 - Jack Maida (AU) dec. Devon Britton (RU), 6-2 (Tied, 3-3)
    141 - #4 Sebastian Rivera (RU) tech. fall Ethan Szerencsits (AU), 20-3 (RU 8-3)
    149 - #25 Michael VanBrill (RU) pinned Patrick Ryan (AU), 4:35 (RU 14-3)
    157 - Robert Kanniard (RU) tech. fall Antonio Segura (AU), 17-2 (RU 19-3)
    165 - Andrew Clark (RU) dec. Tim Fitzpatrick (AU), 4-3 (RU 22-3)
    174 - Connor O'Neill (RU) dec. Colin Shannon (AU), 10-7 (RU 25-3)
    184 - #5 John Poznanski (RU) tech. fall Mervin Mancia (AU), 19-4 (RU 30-3)
    197 - #13 Greg Bulsak (RU) tech. fall Carsten Rawls (AU), 16-0 (RU 35-3)
    285 - #24 Boone McDermott (RU) wins by DQ of Isaac Righter (AU), 10-2 (RU 41-3)

    125 - Andy Fallon (AU) dec. Logan Agin (Duke), 3-2 (AU 3-0)
    133 - Jack Maida (AU) major dec. Drake Doolittle (Duke), 9-0 (AU 7-0)
    141 - Ethan Szerencsits (AU) dec. Patrick Rowland (Duke), 7-4 (AU 10-0)
    149 - #11 Josh Finesilver (Duke) major dec. Patrick Ryan (AU), 9-1 (AU 10-4)
    157 - Wade Unger (Duke) major dec. Cole Painter (AU), 10-2 (AU 10-8)
    165 - Breon Phifer (AU) wins by forfeit (AU 16-8)
    174 - #7 Matt Finesilver (Duke) major dec. Colin Shannon (AU), 10-0 (AU 16-12)
    184 - Tim Fitzpatrick (AU) dec. Vincent Baker (Duke), 6-3 (AU 19-12)
    197 - Kaden Russell (Duke) pinned Will Jarrell (AU), 2:17 (AU 19-18)
    285 - Isaac Righter (AU) dec. Jonah Niesenbaum (Duke), 5-3 (AU wins 22-18)

    184 - #26 Charles Small (Hofstra) major dec. Ben Root (AU), 13-4 (Hofstra 4-0)
    197 - #28 Trey Rogers (Hofstra) pinned Carsten Rawls (AU), 5:39 (Hofstra 10-0)
    285 - #20 Zachary Knighton-Ward (Hofstra) dec. Isaac Righter (AU), 5-2 (Hofstra 13-0)
    125 - Max Leete (AU) dec. Jacob Moon (Hofstra), 4-1 (Hofstra 13-3)
    133 - Jack Maida (AU) pinned Ty Cymmerman (Hofstra), 1:54 (Hofstra 13-9)
    141 - Justin Hoyle (Hofstra) dec. Ethan Szerencsits (AU), 10-4 (Hofstra 16-9)
    149 - Patrick Ryan (AU) major dec. Michael Leandrou (Hofstra), 10-2 (Hofstra 16-13)
    157 - Joe McGinty (Hofstra) dec. Antonio Segura (AU), 7-2 (Hofstra 19-13)
    165 - Ricky Stamm (Hofstra) dec. Tim Fitzpatrick (AU), 2-1 TB2 (Hofstra 22-13)
    174 - Ross McFarland (Hofstra) tech. fall Colin Shannon (AU), 18-3 (Hofstra 27-13)

    There was a bit of a sign of relief this weekend in D.C. - as Coach Borrelli earned his first win of the year, and his first as the head coach of American University. It looks like Jack Maida is coming into form with a 3-0 record this weekend. I am certain this team is going to keep improving. For what it's worth, American beat the same Duke team that defeated Drexel just a day prior.

    Army - no action last week


    The Bearcats went to Las Vegas and wrestled at the Cliff Keen Invitational.
    Anthony Sobotker (#33 - 133) lost in the first round and wrestled back for a 7th place finish. He had two pins on the backside, with a win over Ramos (#24) of Purdue in his final match.

    At 197, Lou Deprez (#12) finished in 7th place also. Deprez came in as the 5th seed, losing in the quarters to Schultz (#10) of Nebraska. In the blood round, he earned a major over Koser (#19) of Navy. Lou's only losses came to the 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

    Joe Doyle walked away with 8th place at 285lb. He lost to top seed Orndorff (#6) of Ohio State in the quarters. He won his blood round match, then medically forfeited to 8th place.

    The Bearcats had a nice weekend in Las Vegas, although they may feel differently. Sobotker outperformed his 10th seed. Cassella at 165 had a tough draw but dropped two close matches. I do think this team is still very talented. They will be improving as the season progresses, so expect the momentum of three placers to continue into the Collegiate Duals and into the second semester.


    The Bears traveled to Edwardsville, IL, to compete in the Cougar Clash. They placed 3rd overall, out of 6 teams.

    At 149lb, Blake Saito earned the gold medal after defeating Ricky Cabanillas in the finals by a 7-3 decision.

    At 141, Timothy Levine wrestled teammate Sam McMonagle in the finals and won 3-0.

    Justin Bierdumpfel went down with an injury default during his first match at 141lb.

    Jack Bokina competed for a silver medal at 157lb. He dropped his last match to Model of Wisconsin.

    At heavyweight, Lear Quinton earned a 4th place finish.

    The Bears had a few other place-finishers on the day, outside the top 4. Brown is one of the few teams who has not seen much (if any) EIWA action. It is hard to see where they rank in the conference. This week, they have a dual with Hofstra. This will help us determine where they land in the EIWA conference. Let's hope that Bierdumpfel's injury is not serious and will be back soon.


    The Bison hosted Michigan State Friday night.

    Kolby DePron had the upset of the night for the Bison at 149lb when he defeated Omania (#33) in an exciting 28-point match.

    At 174, Jaden Fisher won by major decision.

    The Bison's final win was at heavyweight, where Luke Niemeyer won 11-5.

    Boxscores: Michigan State 23 - Bucknell 10

    125: Julian Saldana (MSU) dec. over Brandon Seidman (BU) 4-2 (TB-2)
    133: #10 Rayvon Foley (MSU) dec. over Kurt Phipps (BU) 7-0
    141: Matt Santos (MSU) dec. over Chris Lanciano (BU) 9-2
    149: Kolby DePron (BU) dec. over #33 Peyton Omania (MSU) 16-12
    157: #22 Chase Saldate (MSU) maj. dec. over Nick Delp (BU) 11-1
    165: Caleb Fish (MSU) dec. over #8 Zach Hartman (BU) 9-5
    174: Jaden Fisher (BU) maj. dec. over Nathan Jimenez (MSU) 13-4
    184: #27 Layne Malczewski (MSU) dec. over Logan Deacetis (BU) 9-6
    197: #20 Cam Caffey (MSU) maj. dec. over Mason McCready (BU) 12-3
    285: Luke Niemeyer (BU) dec. over Brad Wilton (MSU) 11-5

    The Bison wrestled their Big Ten foe pretty tough. If the shocking upset of Hartman does not happen, and the 125lb match goes the other way, this is a very tight match. Bucknell seems to be right there with a solid team like Michigan State. Plus, their normal starter at 141lb was not in the lineup. I am excited to see the Bison compete again soon, as I think they have talent in their lineup.


    The Lions were at the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational. They walked away with one place winner.

    Josh Ogunsanya was the lone placer for Columbia. He earned 7th place. His most impressive win was a technical fall over Cook (#18) of South Dakota State. His only two losses over the weekend were to Ramirez (#17) of Cornell and Griffith (#4) of Stanford. He jumped up seven spots in the rankings to #10.

    Unfortunately, Joe Manchio (#17 - 125) was forced to medically forfeit after a quarterfinal loss to Medley (#16) of Michigan.

    Kyle Mosher went 2-2 at 157lb, including a pin over Hepner (#25) of Ohio State. He winds up in this week's rankings as #33.

    The Lions finished in 20th place at the Cliff Keen. This is not their best performance, and I'm sure the coaching staff would agree with me. Obviously, an injury to Manchio prevented them from scoring more points. Ogunsanya is starting to become a force in the rankings after his outstanding performance. I am not worried, as this team will be much better second semester once they have some ranked veteran starters return to the lineup.

    Cornell (#11)

    The Big Red traveled to Las Vegas to compete in the CKLV Invitational.

    Yianni Diakomihalis (#1 - 149) defeated returning NCAA runner-up Sasso (#2) of Ohio State in the finals to capture 1st place. He had a close overtime victory over Lovett (#10) of Nebraska.

    At 174, Chris Foca (#11) took home a bronze finish. He beat DeVos (#12) of South Dakota State and Hastings (#14) of Wyoming in the consolations.

    Jonathan Loew (#15) also earned 3rd place at 184lb. Some ranked wins include Lyon (#20) of Purdue, Roberts (#18) of Oklahoma, and Samuelson (#17) of Wyoming.
    At 165, Julian Ramirez (#10) had a strong run, concluding with a 4th place finish. He lost to Kharchla (#8) of Ohio State, twice. But he had wins over Ogunsanya (#25) of Columbia and Amine (#11) of Michigan.

    We saw Jacob Cardenas (#19) at 197. He had two tough losses to Woodley (#11) of Oklahoma and Penola (#10) of Purdue, who finished 4th and 3rd, respectively.
    The Big Red finished in 7th place as a team at the CKLV. This was without Vito at 125/133. One would assume he would have been good for placement points at a minimum, which could have shot Cornell up into the top 5 team standings.

    Regardless, we have not seen much of this Cornell squad yet. Many people believe Vito is on his way back down to 125lb. We are not sure who their main guy will be at 197lb either. I believe we see their best lineup in Florida for the National Duals in two weeks.


    The Dragons were on the road Saturday. They had duals with Maryland and Duke.
    Evan Barczak (#33 - 165) was the only Dragon to go 2-0 on the day. He beat Best of Maryland to knock him out of the rankings, which gave Evan the 33rd spot.
    Parker Kropman (157), Jared Donohue (141), Antonio Mininno (125), Mickey O'Malley (174), and Bryan McLaughlin (184) all went 1-1 on the day.


    125: Logan Agin fall (0:33) Antonio Mininno, 6-0 Duke
    133: Deon Pleasant fall (2:30) Drake Doolittle, Tied 6-6
    141: Jared Donahue major dec. (11-0) Patrick Rowland, 10-6 Drexel
    149: Josh Finesilver major dec. (13-5) Tyler Williams, Tied 10-10
    157: Wade Unger dec. (6-4) Parker Kropman, 13-10 Duke
    165: Evan Barczak dec. (13-4) Brandon LaRue, 14-13 Drexel
    174: Matt Finesilver dec. (6-2) Mickey O'Malley, 16-14 Duke
    184: Bryan McLaughlin fall (2:30) Luke Chakonis, 20-16 Drexel
    197: Kaden Russell dec. (7-1) Santino Morina, 20-19 Drexel
    285: Jonah Niesenbaum fall (4:51) Liam Dietrich, 25-20 Duke

    125: Antonio Mininno dec. (10-2) Zach Spence, 4-0 Drexel
    133: King Sandoval fall (2:00) Deon Pleasant, 6-4 Maryland
    141: Danny Bertoni dec. (6-0) Jared Donahue, 9-4 Maryland
    149: Tyler Williams dec. (7-2) Michael North, 9-7 Maryland
    157: Parker Kropman SV (14-12) Lucas Cordio, 10-9 Drexel
    165: Evan Barczak dec. (7-6) No. 31 John Martin Best, 13-9 Drexel
    174: Mickey O'Malley fall (4:51) Dom Solis, 19-9 Drexel
    184: Kyle Cochran dec (8-5) Bryan McLaughlin, 19-12 Drexel
    197: Jaron Smith tech fall (17-2, 7:00) Santino Morina, 19-17 Drexel
    285: No.33 Zach Schrader major dec. (17-5) Eli Anthony, 21-19 Maryland

    I know that the Dragons are a little banged up with injuries. It is part of the sport, so some of their latest results may be surprising to the Drexel faithful. Backups at 133, 149, and 197 have been competing tough in their starts. I still firmly believe this team will find its way come March. They have five returning NCAA Qualifiers and can undoubtedly achieve this again, if healthy.

    Franklin & Marshall

    The Diplomats hosted both VMI and Long Island on Sunday. They won both matchups, bringing their dual record to 3-0 on the year.

    F&M had five wrestlers go 2-0 on the day. Pat Phillips, (133), Wil Gil (141), Christiaan Dailey (149), Noah Fox (174), and Cenzo Pelusi (285) all had perfect records for the day.


    Franklin & Marshall 24, VMI 12

    125: Sam Congleton (VMI) WBF Eli Wallace (F&M); 2:23 (0-6)
    133: Pat Phillips (F&M) dec. Michael Tandurella (VMI); 5-2 (3-6)
    141: Wil Gil (F&M) dec. Frederick Junko (VMI); 7-3 (6-6)
    149: Cristiaan Dailey (F&M) dec. Luke Hart (VMI); 7-3 (9-6)
    157: Chase McCollum (F&M) dec. William Waldron (VMI); 6-2 (12-6)
    165: Job Chishko (VMI) dec. Crew Fullerton (F&M); 6-2 (12-9)
    174: Noah Fox (F&M) dec. Jon Hoover (VMI); 3-2 (15-9)
    184: James Conway (F&M) inj. def. Zach Brown (VMI); 4:23 (21-9)
    197: Tyler Mousaw (VMI) dec. Mike Waszen (F&M); 7-1 (21-12)
    285: Cenzo Pelusi (F&M) dec. Isaac Dolph (VMI); 3-2 (24-12)

    Franklin & Marshall 32, LIU 16

    125: Robert Sigaris (LIU) maj. Eli Wallace (F&M); 16-2 (0-4)
    133: Pat Phillips (F&M) maj. Kaelan Francois (LIU); 9-0 (4-4)
    141: Wil Gil (F&M) won by forfeit (10-4)
    149: Cristiaan Dailey (F&M) won by forfeit (16-4)
    157: James Johnston (LIU) dec. Chase McCollum (F&M); 8-6 (16-7)
    165: Crew Fullerton (F&M) won by forfeit (22-7)
    174: Noah Fox (F&M) maj. Michael Parrish (LIU); 10-0 (26-7)
    184: James Langan (LIU) WBF James Conway (F&M); 1:10 (26-13)
    197: Nunzio Crowley (LIU) dec. Mike Waszen (F&M); 6-1 (26-16)
    285: Cenzo Pelusi (F&M) WBF Timothy Nagosky (LIU); 1:41 (32-16)

    There are some guys in this lineup that may be in the mix for the podium at EIWAs in March. We all know Gil will lead the way for this team. But young studs like Phillips, Conway and Fox are starting to get better on a weekly basis.


    The Crimson joined many other EIWA teams out in Las Vegas for the CKLV Invite.
    Overall, the Crimson had two placers. Many other wrestlers went 2-2 with close losses to higher-ranked opponents.

    Yaraslau Slavikouski (#12) was the highest placer. He was the runner-up at heavyweight. He knocked off Davison (#15) of Northwestern and Orndorff #13) before a knee injury forced him to end his finals bout early. It did not appear good, so let's hope he is okay and will make it back soon.

    At 165lb, Philip Conigliaro (#16) placed 6th. He had a solid win over Grello (#29) of Oklahoma. He had two sudden victory losses to Amine (#11), while also dropping a match to Kharchla (#8) of Ohio State.

    Beau Bayless (125) went 2-2 on the day with a 3-2 loss to Manchio (#19) and an overtime loss to Allen of Navy.

    Another solid performance was at 174lb, where Josh Kim (#28) had losses to Eischens (#27) of Stanford and Hastings (#14) of Wyoming.

    The Crimson are showing that they belong in the middle tier of the EIWA. Yara had a phenomenal performance out in Las Vegas, but that knee injury he suffered might be a season-ender. If this is the case, it would be a huge blow to their team standings. Conigliaro will have one of the deeper weights at EIWAs to navigate. Seeding will be important there. Kim is still in the rankings; expect him to keep climbing, while Bayless is wrestling very well lately. This is a fun team to watch.


    The Pride took a trip to Washington D.C. to dual Duke and American. Hofstra returned home with two dual victories.

    Charles Small (#26 - 184) , Trey Rogers (#29 - 197) , and Zachary Knighton-Ward (#21 - 285) all came away with two wins each. In addition, Justin Hoyle (141), Joe McGinty (157), and Ricky Stamm (165) all defeated both of their opponents as well.


    Hofstra 25, Duke 19

    184: #26 Charles Small (HOF) dec. Vincent Baker (DU), 4-3
    197: #28 Trey Rogers (HOF) dec. Kaden Russell (DU), 7-4
    285: #20 Zachary Knighton-Ward (HOF) WBF Jonah Niesenbaum (DU), 2:18
    125: Logan Agin (DU) WBF Jacob Moon (HOF), 0:55
    133: Drake Doolittle (DU) dec. Ty Cymmerman (HOF), 8-2
    141: Justin Hoyle (HOF) maj. dec. Patrick Rowland (DU), 10-1
    149: #11 Josh Finesilver tech fall Michael Leandrou (HOF), 19-4
    157: Joe McGinty (HOF) dec. Wade Unger (DU), 11-9 (SV-1)
    165: Ricky Stamm (HOF) win by forfeit
    174: #7 Matt Finesilver (DU) tech fall Corey Langner (HOF), 15-0

    Extra Matches

    125: Dylan Acevedo-Switzer (HOF) dec. Ty Naquin (DU), 5-4
    174: Conor Becker (DU) maj. dec. Ericson Velasquez (HOF), 11-0
    174: Luke Chakonis (DU) tech fall James Watterson (HOF), 16-0

    Hofstra 27, American 13

    184: #26 Charles Small maj. dec. Ben Root (AU), 13-4
    197: #28 Trey Rogers (HOF) WBF Carsten Rawls (AU), 5:39
    285: #20 Zachary Knighton-Ward dec. Isaac Righter (AU), 5-2
    125: Max Leete (AU) dec. Jacob Moon (HOF), 4-1
    133: Jack Maida (AU) WBF Ty Cymmerman (HOF), 1:54
    141: Justin Hoyle (HOF) dec. Ethan Szerencsits (AU), 10-4
    149: Patrick Ryan maj. dec. Michael Leandrou (HOF), 10-2
    157: Joe McGinty (HOF) dec. Antonio Segura (AU), 7-2
    165: Ricky Stamm (HOF) dec. Tim Fitzpatrick, 2-1 (TB2)
    174: Ross McFarland (HOF) tech fall Colin Shannon (AU), 18-3

    Extra Matches

    141: Shamil Kalmatov (AU) maj. dec. Mario Biancamano (HOF), 12-1

    Hofstra is a sneaky good team. The upper third of their lineup is all ranked. In addition to them, Hofstra has middleweights that can knock off ranked opponents at any time. Stamm is a returning national qualifier. Guys like Hoyle, McGinty, and McFarland seem to be stepping up and winning matches left and right. The Hofstra Pride are set to surprise some people as the season continues - although it may not be a surprise to them. I cannot wait to see how good this team can be.

    Lehigh (#21)

    The Mountain Hawks were on the road this weekend, as they competed at Lock Haven on Saturday and Penn State on Sunday.
    Jaret Lane (#11 - 125), Manzona Braynt IV (#32 - 149), Josh Humphreys (#10 - 157), and Jordan Wood (#8 - 285) all won both matches over the weekend.

    #22 Lehigh 37, Lock Haven 3

    125 - Jaret Lane (Lehigh) won by forfeit
    133 - Gable Strickland (LHU) dec. Malyke Hines (Lehigh) 13-12
    141 - Connor McGonagle (Lehigh) dec. Nick Stonecheck (LHU) 6-3
    149 - Manzona Bryant IV (Lehigh) major dec. DaShawn Farber (LHU) 15-4
    157 - Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) Fall Ben Barton (LHU) 2:06
    165 - Brian Meyer (Lehigh) dec. Ashton Eyler (LHU) 6-5
    174 - Jake Logan (Lehigh) dec. Tyler Stoltzfus (LHU) 5-4
    184 - AJ Burkhart (Lehigh) dec. Thomas Dressler (LHU) 9-3
    197 - JT Davis (Lehigh) dec. Parker McClellan (LHU) 5-0
    285 - Jordan Wood (Lehigh) won by forfeit

    #2 Penn State 23, # 21 Lehigh 16

    125 - Jaret Lane (Lehigh) major dec. Jake Campbell (PSU) 11-3
    133 - Roman Bravo-Young (PSU) major dec. Sheldon Seymour (Lehigh) 19-7
    141 - Nick Lee (PSU) dec. Connor McGonagle (Lehigh) 13-6
    149 - Manzona Bryant IV (Lehigh) dec. Beau Bartlett (PSU) 6-5
    157 - Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) dec. Tony Negron (PSU) 5-4
    165 - Creighton Edsell (PSU) dec. Brian Meyer (Lehigh) 2-1
    174 - Carter Starocci (PSU) major dec. Jake Logan (Lehigh) 13-3
    184 - Donovan Ball (PSU) dec. AJ Burkhart (Lehigh) 5-3
    197 - Max Dean (PSU) Fall JT Davis (Lehigh) 2:58
    285 - Jordan Wood (Lehigh) won by forfeit

    Extra matches

    149 - Joey Blumer (PSU) dec. Steven Storm (Lehigh) 5-1
    157 - Terrell Barraclough (PSU) dec. Luca Frinzi (Lehigh) 7-2

    The Mountain Hawks had a solid performance this weekend. Both matches went as one would expect. Lane is coming into form as of late. Bryant at 149 finally makes his way into the rankings after a win over #23 Bartlett of Penn State. The freshman is only going to improve from here. Lehigh is one of the favorites to be crowned EIWA team champions. We know they always come to perform at the end of the year; I expect this year to be no different.

    Long Island

    The Sharks traveled to Lancaster, PA, to take on Franklin & Marshall and VMI. They gave up three forfeits and found a way to be competitive against VMI - winning 5 of 7 bouts.

    At 125, Robbie Sagaris went 2-0 on the day with two major decisions.

    Nunzio Crowley also wrestled hard to go 2-0 with two decisions at 197lb.

    James Johnston (157) was the final wrestler to go 2-0. He had one fall on the day.


    VMI 24 - LIU 22

    125 Robbie Sagaris (LIU) over Sameul Congleton (VMI) (MD 14-3)
    133 Kaelan Francois (LIU) over Michael Tandurella (VMI) (Fall 6:49)
    141 Frederick Junko (VMI) over Unknown (For.)
    149 Luke Hart (VMI) over Unknown (For.)
    157 James Johnston (LIU) over Riley Simon (VMI) (Fall 4:15)
    165 Job Chishko (VMI) over Unknown (For.)
    174 Justin Hart (VMI) over Tom DiGennaro (LIU) (Dec 3-2)
    184 Zach Brown (VMI) over Gavin Claro (LIU) (Dec 3-0)
    197 Nunzio Crowley (LIU) over Tyler Mousaw (VMI) (Dec 3-2)
    285 Tim Nagosky (LIU) over Solomam Harris (VMI) (Dec 5-3)

    F&M 32 - LIU 16

    125 Robbie Sagaris (LIU) over Elijah Wallace (Franklin & Marshall) (MD 16-2)
    133 Pat Phillips (Franklin & Marshall) over Kaelan Francois (LIU) (MD 9-0)
    141 Wilfredo Gil (Franklin & Marshall) over Unknown (For.)
    149 Cristiaan Dailey (Franklin & Marshall) over Unknown (For.)
    157 James Johnston (LIU) over Chase McCollum (Franklin & Marshall) (Dec 8-6)
    165 Crew Fullerton (Franklin & Marshall) over Unknown (For.)
    174 Noah Fox (Franklin & Marshall) over Mike Parrish (LIU) (MD 10-0)
    184 James Langan (LIU) over James Conway (Franklin & Marshall) (Fall 1:10)
    197 Nunzio Crowley (LIU) over Michael Waszen (Franklin & Marshall) (Dec 6-1)
    285 Vincenzo Pelusi (Franklin & Marshall) over Tim Nagosky (LIU) (Fall 1:41)

    Long Island University competed well this weekend. It is a shame they had to start in a hole with three forfeits. I am interested to see how these matches would look if they had someone to fill in these spots. Crowley continues to impress, as he seems to be the guy with the most positive results on this squad. As I've stated before, this team is new to D1, so they will need some time (in terms of years) to develop further. Once this occurs, we should see them improve. I hope they can get healthy and bring a full lineup next time. I would love to see this team start seeing more success sooner rather than later.


    The Midshipmen competed in Las Vegas at the CKLV Invite. They walked away with three placers.

    At 133lb, Josh Koderhandt (#24) had a fantastic weekend, finishing in 5th place. He had two wins over Ramos of Purdue, who was ranked #24 at the time. In his 5th place bout, he defeated Gliva (#28) of Minnesota. His two losses came to Ragusin (#8) of Michigan, and an overtime loss to Turner (#21) of Oregon State.

    Jacob Allen competed to an 8th place finish. He had a win over Bayless of Harvard. His notable losses came to Schroder (#7) of Purdue by 1-0 score and by decision to Lorenzo (#28) of Cal Poly.

    At 157lb, Andrew Cerniglia (#18) also earned an 8th place finish. All three losses were close 1 or 2 point matches to higher-ranked opponents in Lewan (#13) of Michigan, Thomas (#15) of Oklahoma, and Willits (#17) of Oregon State. He did have a ranked win over Casto (#31) of The Citadel.

    Another notable performance came from Val Park at 165lb. He finished with a 2-2 record, but had a close 4-2 score with the eventual champ, Wick (#2) of Cal Poly. Then he lost a match to Ramirez (#10) of Cornell. He did have a win over Ferrante of Northwestern, who was 23rd ranked at the time.

    Navy is a tough team from top to bottom. Many of the wrestlers who did not place were stuck with tough draws - even though that is not an excuse. I think it's safe to say this team slightly underperformed at the CKLV. I am excited to see this team compete in the second semester to see how they stack up against the rest of the EIWA.


    The Quakers hosted (#2) Penn State to a dual on Friday night. The Quakers jumped out a 10-6 lead at the half; then, it was all Penn State from there.

    Anthony Artalona (#26 - 149) made his season debut against Bartlett (#23) of Penn State, losing in overtime. This was definitely the match of the night, in my eyes.
    At 141, Carmen Ferrante (#30) rode out returning NCAA Champion Nick Lee for the entire 3rd period, losing by a score of 6-3.

    Boxsore: #2 Penn State 20, Penn 16

    125: Ryan Miller dec. Baylor Shunk (PSU), 8-2; Penn leads 3-0
    133: #12 Michael Colaiocco maj. dec. Brandon Meredith (PSU), 10-2; Penn leads 7-0
    141: #1 Nick Lee (PSU) dec. #28 Carmen Ferrante, 6-3; Penn leads 7-3
    149: #20 Beau Bartlett (PSU) dec. #23 Anthony Artalona, 4-3 (TB); Penn leads 7-6
    157: Doug Zapf dec. Terrell Barraclough (PSU), 4-2; Penn leads 10-6
    165: #32 Creighton Edsell (PSU) dec. #33 Lucas Revano, 6-4 (SV), 10-9
    174: #1 Carter Starocci (PSU) maj. dec. #21 Nick Incontrera, 13-3; Penn State leads 13-10
    184: Donovon Ball (PSU) dec. Jesse Martinez, 11-4; Penn State leads 16-10
    197: #4 Max Dean (PSU) maj. dec. Cole Urbas, 10-0; Penn State leads 20-10
    285: Ben Goldin PENN win by forfeit; Penn State wins 20-16

    Before this match started, I thought Penn would win five bouts. They were one tiebreaker match and one overtime match away from that prediction becoming a reality. This match outcome would have been totally different if that were the case. The atmosphere in the Palestra was electric on Friday night. There is something special happening at Penn, and the entire community is rallying around this team. The Quakers look to be ready to challenge Cornell, Lehigh, and Princeton at the top of the conference much earlier than I thought.


    The Tigers were another team to compete at the Las Vegas Cliff Keen Invitational. They walked away with four placewinners.

    Pat Glory (#2 - 125) was the champion of his bracket. His wins included 3-0 over Lorenzo (#28) of Cal Poly, 4-2 over Medley (#18), and then a major over Schroder (#7) of Purdue. He may not be in full form yet, as this was his first competition of the season.

    At 157, Quincy Monday (#5) earned a silver medal in his bracket. He defeated Lewan (#13) of Michigan and Robb (#6) of Nebraska before losing to Deakin (#2) of Northwestern.

    In the 197lb bracket, Luke Stout (#16) lost in the R16 to Deprez (#12). He stormed back in the consi's with wins over Davison (#32) of Northwestern, Hoffman (#21) of Ohio State, and Bockman (#23) of Utah Valley. Lastly, he beat Brucki (#9) of Michigan via medical forfeit.

    Travis Stefanik (#19 - 184) finished in 6th place due to a medical forfeit. His only ranked win was over Lyon (#20) of Purdue.

    In other non-NCAA news, Princeton's New Jersey Regional Training Center athlete, Matt Cover, won his Junior Pan-Am bracket at 125kg. He will be in the lineup come January.

    The Tigers finished the CKLV in 9th place, overall. It was good to see Glory and Monday do what they were expected to do. It's refreshing to see Stout jump levels (and rankings) week after week. Do not be surprised if he ends up in the top 10 by the season's completion. With a few missing pieces from their starting lineup, the Tigers will only get better come second semester to again challenge for that EIWA Title.

    Sacred Heart

    The Pioneers competed in Las Vegas, along with a few other EIWA teams.

    At 165, Scott Jarosz had a win on the backside over Speer of Citadel.

    Anthony Petrillo lost to Ramos of Purdue in the first round by a 4-1 decision, then had a win in the first round of consolations.

    For what it's worth, the Pioneers were without one of their returning NCAA qualifiers, Nick Palumbo (157), which would have made their performance a little better.

    Accousti at 184 is their other returning qualifier. Unfortunately, he wrestled Loew (#15) of Cornell off the bat, who is always a tough draw. But, knowing Coach Clark, he does not care for excuses. This team will bounce back after some more time in the room. I feel there are big things coming in the near future for this team.

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