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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    EIWA Conference Recap (11/30/21)

    2021 EIWA champion PJ Ogunsanya (Photo/Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Below is a recap of last week's EIWA action, with individual highlights worth noting.

    Standout Performances

    Army West Point should win the Anti-Ducking Award, as they added a last-minute away dual against #1 Iowa. Or, as someone mentioned on Twitter, we should name it the Louden Swain Award (Vision Quest movie reference) for seeking out the best competition. Oregon State had travel issues, so Army stepped up. Props to these guys – who actually live by the “Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.” Mantra.

    American – no competition last week


    The Black Knights traveled to compete at Iowa State on Saturday, then competed at Iowa (#1) on Sunday.

    PJ Ogunsanya (#20) went 2-0 on the weekend with a 4-3 win over former All-American Jarrett Degen of Iowa State and major decision over Cobe Siebrecht of Iowa.

    JT Brown was the only other Army wrestler to win against Iowa with a 4-1 win over Zach Glazier.

    At 165lb, Dalton Harkins had a win over Isaac Judge of Iowa State
    Ben Sullivan had a nice overtime win over Francis Duggan of Iowa State.

    Box Scores:

    125: Jesse Ybarra (IOWA) over Ryan Chauvin (ARMY) (SV-1 3-1)
    133: No. 3 Austin DeSanto (IOWA) over Dominic Carone (ARMY) (TF 21-6 3:00)
    141: No. 2 Jaydin Eierman (IOWA) over No. 29 Corey Shie (ARMY) (Fall 5:54)
    149: No. 20 P.J. Ogunsanya (ARMY) over Cobe Siebrecht (IOWA) (MD 11-3)
    157: No. 8 Kaleb Young (IOWA) over Markus Hartman (ARMY) (Dec 4-1)
    165: No. 2 Alex Marinelli (IOWA) over Christian Hunt (ARMY) (Fall 6:38)
    174: Nelson Brands (IOWA) over Clayton Fielden (ARMY) (MD 18-5)
    184: Myles Wilson (IOWA) over No. 28 Brad Laughlin (ARMY) (Dec 4-1)
    197: No. 21 J.T. Brown (ARMY) over Zach Glazier (IOWA) (Dec 4-1)
    285: No. 7 Tony Cassioppi (IOWA) over Brandon Phillips (ARMY) (Fall 3:53)

    125: No. 21 Kysen Terukina (ISU) over Jake Staud (ARMY) (MD 12-3)
    133: Ramazan Attasauov (ISU) over Mark Montgomery (ARMY) (MD 13-4)
    141: No. 19 Zach Redding (ISU) over Julian Sanchez (ARMY) (Dec 6-4)
    149: No. 20 P.J. Ogunsanya (ARMY) over No. 10 Jarrett Degen (ISU) (Dec 4-3)
    157: No. 1 David Carr (ISU) over No. 32 Markus Hartman (ARMY) (TF 19-2 6:01)
    165: Dalton Harkins (ARMY) over Isaac Judge (ISU) (Dec 11-6)
    174: No. 33 Joel Devine (ISU) over Clayton Fielden (ARMY) (Dec 5-0)
    184: No. 16 Marcus Coleman (ISU) over No. 28 Brad Laughlin (ARMY) (Dec 4-1)
    197: Yonger Bastida Pomares (ISU) over No. 21 J.T. Brown (ARMY) (Dec 4-3)
    285: Ben Sullivan (ARMY) over Francis Duggan (ISU) (SV-1 9-7)

    The Black Knights had a very tall task of traveling to Iowa to take on Iowa State and Iowa – on back-to-back days. To make things more difficult, they had to do it over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Even though they did not win many dual meets, the team competed hard and had a few close bouts when outclassed by much higher ranked opponents. The harder task, which they achieved, was winning over the Iowa Hawkeye fanbase as an away team. The state of Iowa, and beyond, gained a lot of respect for the Army Black Knights. Things like this will pay off in the future.


    The Bearcats hosted the Buffalo Bulls on Sunday for an afternoon dual.
    At 141lb, we saw Michael Zarif get the start and walk away with a win.
    Brevin Cassella earned a major decision over his opponent.
    BU's 3 ranked wrestlers all walked away with wins. Jacob Nolan #28 – 174, Lou Deprez (#12 – 197) and Joe Doyle (#30 – 285)

    Box Scores:
    125: Tristan Daugherty (UB) DEC Micah Roes (BU), 9-5. Buffalo leads 3-0.
    133: Derek Spann (UB) tech. fall Christian Gannone (BU), 19-1. Buffalo leads 8-0.
    141: Michael Zarif (BU) DEC Ben Freeman (UB), 5-3. Buffalo leads 8-3.
    149: John Arceri (UB) SV Nick Lombard (BU), 3-1. Buffalo leads 11-3.
    157: Ty Raines (UB) DEC Logan Gumble (BU), 4-0. Buffalo leads 14-3.
    165: Brevin Cassella (BU) MD Noah Grover (UB), 9-1. Buffalo leads 14-6.
    174: No. 28 Jacob Nolan (BU) DEC Giuseppe Hoose (UB), 9-4. Buffalo leads 14-9.
    184: Peter Acciardi (UB) DEC Sam DePrez (BU), 3-1. Buffalo leads 17-10.
    197: No. 12 Lou DePrez (BU) DEC Sam Mitchell (UB), 5-3. Buffalo leads 17-13.
    285: No. 30 Joe Doyle (BU) DEC Toby Cahill (UB), 7-3. Buffalo wins, 17-16.

    The Bearcats absolutely want this one back. The matches were split 5-5, with bonus points being the deciding factor for Buffalo. I am somewhat shocked at this outcome – no disrespect to Buffalo. The Bearcats dropped a few I would expect them to pull out in March. Again, it is still early in the season, and I'll mark this loss up due to a Tryptophan-induced hangover from the holiday.

    Brown – no competition last week

    Bucknell – no competition last week

    Columbia - no competition last week

    b>Cornell - no competition last week


    The Dragons were on the road to visit Little Rock and Oklahoma State (#3).
    At 125lb, we saw Kyle Waterman wrestle twice. He had a close 6-3 bout with Mastrogiovanni (#15) of Oklahoma State.

    The Dragons ran the table against Little Rock, winning from 157 thru 197. Mickey O'Malley (#14 - 174) and Bryan McLaughlin (184) both had falls.

    Santino Morina made his Dragon debut at 197lb, going 1-1 on the weekend.
    Unfortunately, the Dragons were shutout by the Cowboys of Oklahoma State. The marquee match-up between Mickey O'Malley and Plott (#11) was a 6-3 outcome for Plott.

    Box Scores:

    Drexel vs. Little Rock

    125: Kyle Waterman def. Jayden Carson, 13-2 MD
    133: Jaylen Carson def. Deon Pleasant, 17-2 TF
    141: Conner Ward def. Jared Donahue, 6-4 SV
    149: Joseph Bianchi def. Tyler Williams, 12-4 MD
    157: Parker Kropman def. Chase Tebbets, 7-4 Dec.
    165: Evan Barczak def. Tyler Brennan, 6-3 Dec., 12-10
    174: Mickey O'Malley def. Triston Wills, Fall at 3:35
    184: Bryan McLaughlin def. Tanner Mendoza, Fall at 5:12
    197: Santino Morina def. Brooks Sacharczyk, 6-0 Dec.
    285: Josiah Hill def. Eli Anthony, Fall at 2:50

    Drexel vs Oklahoma State

    125: No. 15 Trevor Mastrogiovanni def. Kyle Waterman, 6-3 Dec.
    133: No. 2 Daton Fix def. Deon Pleasant, Fall at 4:22
    141: No. 28 Carter Young def. Jared Donahue, 18-6 MD
    149: No. 24 Kaden Gfeller def. Tyler Williams, Fall at 3:20
    157: No. 16 Wyatt Sheets def. Parker Kropman, 8-0 MD
    165: No. 5 Travis Wittlake def. Evan Barczak, 13-3 MD
    174: No. 16 Dustin Plott def. Mickey O'Malley, 6-3 Dec
    184: No. 7 Dakota Geer def. Bryan McLaughlin, 24-9 TF
    197: No. 1 AJ Ferrari def. Santino Morina, 17-2 TF, 5:00
    285: No. 31 Luke Surber def. Eli Anthony, 19-4 TF, 5:25

    The Dragons are a little banged-up, to say the least. Both expected starters are out at 133, 149 will miss a few weeks, and the 197 starter is still nursing an injury from opening weekend. Looking forward to seeing this team rebound in the future. Like I've said in the past, if this team can get healthy look to see them compete for a top-5 EIWA finish.

    Franklin & Marshall - no competition last week

    Harvard - no competition last week

    The Pride took a short trip to the Prudential Center to face Rutgers (#12) and Wisconsin (#17).

    Ricky Stamm (165) and Zachary Knighton-Ward (#20 – 285) notched the only wins against Rutgers.

    Charles Small (#30 - 184) won by upset over Weiler (#14) of Wisconsin

    Trey Rogers (#29 – 197) walked away with an upset over Amos (#16) of Wisconsin.

    Joe McGinty (157) won by fall over Wisconsin.

    Rutgers 35, Hofstra 6

    125: Jacob Shawver (Rutgers) dec. Jacob Moon (Hofstra), 8-1
    133: Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers) WBF Dylan Acevedo-Switzer (Hofstra), 0:52
    141: Sebastion Rivera (Rutgers) WBF Justin Hoyle (Hofstra), 2:37
    149: Michael Vanbrill (Rutgers) tech fall Michael Leandrou (Hofstra), 17-0 (3:40)
    157: Al DeSantis (Rutgers) dec. Joe McGinty (Hofstra), 8-2
    165: Ricky Stamm (Hofstra) dec. Andrew Clark (Rutgers), 4-3
    174: Connor O'Neill (Rutgers) WBF Ericson Velasquez (Hofstra), 0:58
    184: John Pozanski (Rutgers) dec. Charles Small (Hofstra), 8-2
    197: Greg Bulsak (Rutgers) dec. Trey Rogers (Hofstra), 8-3
    285: Zachary Knighton-Ward (Hofstra) dec. Boone McDermott (Rutgers), 6-1

    Wisconsin 38, Hofstra 12

    125: Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) WBF Dylan Acevedo-Switzer (Hofstra), 3:34
    133: Ethan Rotondo (Wisconsin) WBF Jacob Moon (Hofstra), 6:02
    141: Joe Zargo (Wisconsin) maj. dec. Justin Hoyle (Hofstra), 22-6
    149: Austin Gomez (Wisconsin) tech fall Michael Leandrou (Hofstra), 16-1 (1:38)
    157: Joe McGinty (Hofstra) WBF Garrett Model (Wisconsin), 4:14
    165: DJ Hamitti (Wisconsin) tech fall Ricky Stamm (Hofstra), 16-0 (5:00)
    174: Andrew McNally (Wisconsin) WBF Corey Langner (Hofstra), 3:18
    184: Charles Small (Hofstra) dec. Chris Weiler (Wisconsin), 3-2
    197: Trey Rogers (Hofstra) dec. Braxton Amos (Wisconsin), 6-4 SV-1
    285: Trent Hillger WBF Zachary Knighton-Ward (Hofstra), 6:56

    The Pride had a tall order competing with two top-20 teams. There are some positives to take away with Small and Rogers pulling off upsets. Weiler has been to NCAAs three times, while Amos was (and still is) considered one of the best at this weight, even as a freshman. As always, Hofstra has dudes that can for sure scrap. I am excited to see that upper third of the line-up compete in March. Lastly, they are not afraid to wrestle a tough schedule to help prepare for March.

    Lehigh - no competition last week

    Long Island - no competition last week

    Navy - no competition last week

    Penn - no competition last week

    Princeton - no competition last week

    Sacred Heart - no competition last week

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