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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Earl-Y Verbal Show: Featuring Patrick Glory

    2023 125 lb NCAA champion Patrick Glory (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    "Early Turmoil, early adversity (working hard), despite not having early success."

    Those were the words from Patrick Glory when asked about the legacy he wanted to leave for his teammates and future Princeton wrestlers. Glory spoke to InterMat yesterday, just over a week after he became Princeton's first NCAA champion since 1951. In our interview, Glory is very up front about an up-and-down senior season. That seems difficult to fathom as he still finished the season as an undefeated national champion, but it is applicable.

    During our almost 40-minute conversation, Glory touched on such topics as celebration dinners, Spencer Lee's upset, walking out to the NCAA finals carrying Ol' Glory, his gameplan and actions against Ramos, the emotions post-NCAA's and, of course, the Yankees rookie phenom at shortstop.

    For the full interview, Subscribe to InterMat's Rokfin Page

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