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  • Photo: Kadir Caliskan

    Photo: Kadir Caliskan

    Day Three Draws and History for the 2022 U20 World Championships

    Bennett Berge in the 2022 U20 World semifinals (photo courtesy of Kadir Caliskan/UWW)

    Wednesday marks the final day of competition in men's freestyle at the 2022 U20 World Championships. Four more Americans will compete for medals, with Bennett Berge in the finals and Nic Bouzakis, Jaxon Smith, and Nick Feldman still alive for the bronze. Additionally, it will also be the first day of competition in women's freestyle. Like the previous two days, we have outlined draws for all of the Americans in action on Wednesday, along with some information on their initial opponents.

    61 kg Men's Freestyle

    Repechage - Nic Bouzakis vs. Mykyta Abramov (Ukraine)

    Abramov: 2019 Cadet World bronze medalist, 2018 Cadet World fifth place

    86 kg Men's Freestyle

    Gold Medal Match: Bennett Berge vs. Rakhim Magamadov (France)

    Magamadov: 2022 European Junior Champion, 2021 Junior World silver medalist, 2021 European Junior bronze medalist, 2019 Cadet World bronze medalist

    92 kg Men's Freestyle

    Repechage: Jaxon Smith vs. Kiril Kildau (Germany)

    Kildau: 2022 European Junior fifth place

    125 kg Men's Freestyle

    Bronze Medal Match: Nick Feldman vs. Merab Suleimanashvili (Georgia)

    Suleimanashvili: 2022 European Junior silver medalist

    50 kg Women's Freestyle

    Round of 16: Audrey Jimenez vs. Gultakin Shirinova (Azerbaijan)

    Shirinova: 2022 European Junior eighth place, 2022 European U23 fourth place, 2021 Junior World eighth place

    55 kg Women's Freestyle

    Quarterfinal: Adriana Dorado Marin vs. Robbie Pingal (Canada)/Roza Szenttamasi (Hungary) winner

    Pingal: 2022 Pan-American Junior bronze medalist

    Szenttamasi: 2022 European Junior ninth place, 2021 Junior World ninth place, 2019 Cadet World ninth place

    59 kg Women's Freestyle

    Quarterfinal: Savannah Cosme vs. Kara LeRoux (South Africa)/Ebru Dagbasi (Turkey) winner

    LeRoux: 2022 African Junior bronze medalist

    Dagbasi: 2022 European Junior silver medalist, 2022 European U23 fifth place, 2021 U23 World seventh place, 2021 Junior World 16th place

    68 kg Women's Freestyle

    Round of 16: Destiny Rodriguez vs. Laura Godino (Italy)

    Godino: 2022 European Junior fifth place, 2018 European Cadet silver medalist

    76 kg Women's Freestyle

    Qualification: Tristan Kelly vs. Ana Dos Santos (Brazil)

    Dos Santos: 2022 Pan-American Junior silver medalist, 2021 Pan-American Junior fifth place

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