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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Day One Draws and History for the 2022 U20 World Championships

    Mitch Mesenbrink at the U20 Trials (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Monday morning marks the first day of the 2022 U20 (Junior) World Championships from Sofia, Bulgaria. Action will get underway with five weight classes worth of men's freestyle. Earlier today, draws were released. Below are the five American competitors who will compete on day one and information about their first round opponents. Most of these opponents have more credentials than listed below; however, we've just highlighted the most significant or relevant results.

    57 kg Men's Freestyle

    Jore Volk vs. winner or Ahmad Mohammad Nezhad Javan (Iran)/Simone Piroddu (Italy)

    Mohammad Nezhad Javan: 2021 U23 World bronze medalist

    Piroddu: 2022 European Junior Champion, 2021 Junior/U23 World Team rep, 2018 Cadet World bronze medalist

    65 kg Men's Freestyle

    Vince Cornella vs. Olzhas Olzhakanov (Kazakhstan)

    Olzhakanov: 2022 Asian Junior bronze medalist, 2019 Asian Cadet bronze medalist

    70 kg Men's Freestyle

    Mitch Mesenbrink vs. Muhammad Abdurachmanov (Belguim)

    Abdurachmanov: 2022 European Junior silver medalist

    79 kg Men's Freestyle

    Brayden Thompson vs. Sobhan Yari (Iran)

    Yari: 2022 Asian Junior Champion

    97 kg Men's Freestyle

    Ben Kueter vs. Dmitrii Duscov (Moldova)

    Duscov: 2021 Junior World Team rep

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