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  • Photo: Martin Gabor

    Photo: Martin Gabor

    Day Four Draws and History for the 2022 U20 World Championships

    2021 U17 World Champion Katie Gomez (photo courtesy of Martin Gabor; UWW)

    Thursday from Sofia will be the only day at the U20 World Championships that features only women's freestyle. As has been the case with the previous three days, we've outlined the first round (or medal) matches for each of the American women set to compete tomorrow. In addition, there are some past honors for their opponents.

    50 kg Women's Freestyle

    Gold Medal Match - Audrey Jimenez vs. Umi Ito (Japan)

    Ito: 2021 All-Japan Runner-Up, 2x Asian Cadet Champion, 2017 Cadet World Champion

    53 kg Women's Freestyle

    Round of 16 - Katie Gomez vs. Emine Cakmak (Turkey)

    Cakmak: 2x European Junior fifth place, 2021 Junior World bronze medalist

    57 kg Women's Freestyle

    Round of 16 - Sofia Macaluso vs. Sito (India)

    Sito: 2022 Asian Junior bronze medalist, 2021 Junior World bronze medalist

    62 kg Women's Freestyle

    Round of 16 - Adaugo Nwachukwu vs. Iris Thiebaux (France)

    Thiebaux: 2022 European Junior fifth place

    65 kg Women's Freestyle

    Round of 16 - Reese Larramendy vs. Zofia Polowczyk (Poland)

    Polowczyk: 2022 European Junior bronze medalist, 2019 European Junior bronze medalist

    72 kg Women's Freestyle

    Round of 16 - Amit Elor vs. Zaineb Sghaier (Tunisia)

    Sghaier: 3x African Junior Champion, 2020 Olympian

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