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  • Photo: Photo/Dustin Tillman

    Photo: Photo/Dustin Tillman

    Burroughs, Diakomihalis, Suriano shine at Beat the Streets

    Jordan Burroughs shoots a double leg on Ben Askren (Photo/Dustin Tillman)

    NEW YORK -- In the main event of the 2019 Beat the Streets event dubbed "Grapple at the Garden," 2012 Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs rolled through 2008 Olympian and current UFC fighter Ben Askren. He set the tone early with a step out that sent Askren flying into the crowd. Burroughs then came forward with a four-point leg attack. Askren was laughing at the level of intensity as they walked back to the center.

    Burroughs was not done. He scored with a trademark double leg takedown and followed up with an exposure. The two slowed the pace and waited for the first period to end. In the second period, the man who claims to only see gold grabbed an ankle to run until he finished the takedown and the match.

    "We sold out Madison Square Garden for a wrestling match, and then he tried to kill me," Askren joked following the 11-0 technical superiority. Burroughs seemed to sense that perhaps he was too intense, but he was not apologetic.

    "I have been waiting for this day for a long time. It is difficult for me to treat this like a novelty or a show," he said. "This is what I do to feed my family, so when I come out here I drop the hammer."

    Below is a match-by-match recap of the other 12 Beat the Streets matches on Monday night.

    Yianni Diakomihalis after defeating world No. 1 Bajrang Punia (Photo/Tony Rotundo, WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    Yianni Diakomihalis dec. Bajrang Punia (Indiana), 10-8, 65 kilograms

    Bajrang has been wrestling a crazy schedule recently. He had impressive gold-medal performances at both the Asian Championships and the Ali Aliyev tournament. He arrived in New York late on Saturday, and Diakomihalis is not a walk over. The Cornell wrestler scored first with a takedown, but Bajrang was not be denied. He got back into the match with a takedown of his own. However, he then learned that Diakomihalis' scrambling ability is no joke. Bajrang got in deep multiple attempts. However, Diakomihalis was able to defend or score himself each time. The Cornell wrestler took the title at the U.S. Open, and now he has knocked off the top-ranked wrestler in the UWW rankings. It is hard to not think that only the sky is the limit for this 20-year-old Cornell sophomore.

    J'den Cox tech. fall Patrick Brucki, 10-0, 92 kilograms

    This was clearly going to be a mismatch, but Cox, a returning world champion, used the opportunity to show just how far ahead of the field he currently stands. He was able to get to his offense early and often. After building an 8-0 lead, he tried to go for a five-point throw from the quad pod. However, he couldn't get full extension and had to settle for a four-point throw. That was about the only thing he could not pull off tonight.

    Drew Foster by injury default over David Tayor, 86 kilograms

    This match started with a scramble. Both wrestlers had legs. Foster appeared to wrench on Taylor's knee, and time was called. The former Penn State star was able to get back to his feet. The trainer applied a few layers of tape, and the match restarted. However, after a second it was stopped again. The founder of Beat The Streets Mike Novogratz pulled Taylor aside, and the match was then stopped. The "Magic Man" is the reigning world champion and clearly the favorite to repeat. Hopefully the injury is not serious, and he can make a comeback.

    Nick Suriano celebrates after beating Joe Colon (Photo/Tony Rotundo, WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    Nick Suriano dec. Joe Colon, 3-1, 61 kilograms

    Both wrestlers had shot clock points heading into the final minute of the match. Suriano had the lead on criteria. He could have sat on the situation. However, he shot for a deep high crotch. He was cracked down, and it looked like Colon might be able to score a chest wrap. However, Suriano stayed on it as best he could. Eventually he was able to finish the match. Considering how Colon, a returning world bronze medalist, has been wrestling recently this was a very impressive performance from Suriano. His ability to control the neutral position clearly translates from folkstyle to freestyle.

    Becka Leathers gets her hand raised after picking up a 10-6 victory (Photo/Tony Rotundo, WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    Becka Leathers dec. Diana Weicker, 10-6, 53 kilograms

    Leathers, a 2017 world bronze medalist, took this match on late notice after Sarah Hildebrandt could not compete due to an injury. She had a little bit more trouble than expected with Weicker, but she still took the decision Leathers was able to get to legs on multiple occasions. However, Weicker did a good job threatening exposures and chest wraps. As the match went on, Leathers' continuous offense was too much. She got out to a big lead and hung on for a 10-6 victory.

    Nick Gwiazdowski dec. Derek White, 9-0, 125 kilograms

    White was able to show that he can hang with some of the best domestic heavyweights at the U.S. Open. However, Gwiazdowski is the toast of the division, and it showed here. He set the tone early in this one. White hit a vintage Oklahoma State pass-by, but Gwiazdowski was able to counter it for a takedown of his own. From there he was able to continue moving forward and getting to his offense. There were several impressive scramble for a heavyweight contest, but in the end Gwiazdowski took it the 9-0 decision with three takedowns, and exposure and a step out.

    Kyle Snyder throws Nishan Randhawa (Photo/Dustin Tillman)

    Kyle Snyder tech. fall Nishan Randhawa (CAN), 14-1, 97 kilograms

    This was a vintage performance from the Olympic champion. He did surrender a step-out point, but other than that he was in control. He was able to score takedowns with both leg attacks and snap downs. He looked to be well on the way to finishing the Canadian with takedowns. However, Randhawa tried to defend from the quad pod position. Snyder decided to pick him up and go for the full five point throw. Snyder's quest for a third match with Abdulrashid Sadulaev will continue this year, and he looks as ready as ever.

    James Green dec. Anthony Ashnault, 8-4, 70 kilograms

    It looked like the world silver medalist was going to run away with this one early. He was able to get to his control ties to set up his leg attacks. He scored two single-leg takedowns in the first and came back in the second with a pair of pushouts. One of which was particularly demonstrative and sent Ashnault into the crowd. Green continued to turn it on with a double. However, Ashnault would not be denied. He scored with a single of his own and a throw by within the last 45 seconds. It was not enough and Green took home the 8-4 decision.

    Mallory Velte tech. fall Linda Morais, 11-0, 62 kilograms

    Velte is currently preparing for Final X, and she appears to be in peak form. She scored basically right off the bat with a single leg and kept the pressure on. Velte ended up finishing in less than two minutes with four takedowns and a turn with a leg lace. She is coming off a bronze-medal performance at last year's World Championships, and from the looks of this she might be ready to move right up the podium.

    Jack Mueller scores with a four-point move on Nick Piccininni (Photo/Dustin Tillman)

    Jack Mueller tech. fall Nick Piccininni, 11-0, 57 kilograms

    Even after Mueller finished as the runner-up as the NCAAs this past year, many expected this to be a close match. It did not turn out that way. He was all over Piccininni from the start with his leg attacks. When the Oklahoma State wrestler tried to get back in the match, Mueller hit him with a huge chest wrap for four. From there, Mueller continued to pour it on and eventually closed it out with a pushout. Both of these wrestlers should be in the hunt to challenge Spencer Lee next season. However, this result seems to make Mueller seem like the primary contender.

    Jo Jo Aragona pinned Adam Busiello, 138 pounds

    This was an entirely dominant performance for Aragona. The Rutgers signee got hit for passivity while shooting early in the first. He then shot right off the restart and scored as the went out of bounds. He got in deep on a leg attack again and elevated Busiello into the air and sent him off the stage with the finish. After the break, Aragona continued to push the pace eventually slammed down with a pancake for the fall.

    Valentina Bailon pinned Seda, 122 pounds

    The 2019 Beat the Streets event started off with a barnburner. The high school women's all-star match featured a pair of wrestlers who liked to put up points. Seda appeared to have the better conventional offense, but Ballon continually went for big moves. She hit three four-point throws in the first period. Seda came out aggressive in the second period, but Ballon reversed from the front head position and turned for the fall.

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