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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Zeke Jones' Media Day Addresses ASU's Move to Big 12

    After the stunning announcement that Arizona State was moving to the Big 12, Sun Devil head wrestling coach Zeke Jones spoke to the media about the move and all of the different facets of the situation. Coach Jones also gives updates on the team leading up to the 2023-24 season. 

    Below are time stamps for each new topic Coach Jones addresses: 

    1:50 - Zeke Jones opening statement about leaving Pac-12, the history of the Pac-12 and joining Big 12

    3:50 - Position for the move and preparing the wrestlers for the move to Big 12

    5:15 - How it will affect recruiting and opening up new markets

    7:40 - Concern about longevity of program in the Pac-12 since nearly losing the program in 2008 and does this move help keep the program alive

    11:00 - Can the rest of the Pac-12 join the Big 12 and what it may look like

    12:00 - Conversations with other Pac-12 schools and where Zeke would like to see them land

    14:30 - Discussing the Big 12 move with President Michael Crow and Athletic Director Ray Anderson

    16:30 - How the athletes figured out about the Big 12 move

    18:00 - Zeke discussing about schools brining in wrestling programs into Big 12 and Big 10 schools and thinking that the wrestling momentum is on the rise

    20:15 - Will traveling to Big 12 schools affect the student-athletes

    23:30 - Jacori Teemer update 

    24:45 - What teams are Zeke looking forward to wrestle in the Big 12 the most

    29:30 - How can ASU promote Pac-12s goals of academic success, mental health in student-athletes and more with Big 12 schools

    33:00 - What type of money will be allocated once ASU joins the Big 12, NIL deals

    38:00 - What the projected lineup may look like this upcoming season

    42:00 - Valiant Prep, Eloy and pipeline of AZ High schools to ASU

    44:15 - Missouri wins the Big 12 their first year back in the conference, does Zeke believe ASU can do it?

    47:00 - Will ASU be the villains in the West still or get a new identity in the Big 12, what the atmosphere will be like at Big 12 Championships and duals

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