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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Eight Reactions to the Big Ten Pre-Seeds

    Big Ten pre-seeds were released last night at 7pm/Eastern live on the Big Ten Network, which was a good new feature. You’re always told to judge people by their actions, not their works, so the Big Ten Network decided to use their television time to wedge in another wrestling-related production. That’s telling me that they understand wrestling is an important part of their broadcast options. It’s also a vehicle to promote the tournament that they’ll broadcast later this week. 

    The pre-seeds provide the first bit of framework for the tournament itself. Anyone who has been around a tournament or two knows how the seeds may interact within a traditional bracket. 

    Since we have pre-seeds, there are plenty of potential matchups we can hope for or perhaps some that we don’t anticipate seeing. 

    In the aftermath of the pre-seed release, we had eight reactions related to them. 

    Remember these pre-seeds aren’t set in stone, so there could be some movement between now and the ringing of the first whistle on Saturday. 

    1) Brody Teske is the 14th seed

    I wasn’t quite sure how the seeding committee would handle Brody Teske, provided he was Iowa’s entrant. Teske had a win over Jacob Van Dee (the #4 seed), but limited other head-to-head’s against many of the key players at the weight. That ended up not mattering as Teske’s name was submitted as an entrant after the deadline set by the Big Ten. That means he would assume the 14th seed regardless of his resume. 

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