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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Class of 2023 Big Ten Recruiting Deep Dive

    Two weeks ago marked the release of our recruiting class rankings and last week we followed those up with five schools that earned honorable mentions. So, we’re all finished with the Class of 2023 recruiting? Not quite. 

    We’ve drilled down a bit and looked further into each conference for more recruiting information. With some of the traditional superpowers consistently atop national recruiting rankings, this will be a way for more schools to get recognized for their recruiting efforts. We’re saving the best for last as we look into the Big Ten, a conference that accounted for nine of the top-25 schools in InterMat’s Class of 2023 recruiting rankings. 

    Before getting to the Big Ten, here are links to the conferences already covered:


    Big 12





    Big Ten on the 2023 Big Board

    Illinois: #10 Kannon Webster (Washington, IL),

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