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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2024 NCAA B1G Confidence Picks

    The 2024 NCAA Wrestling tournament should be absolutely wild. This year seems to have more parity than we’ve seen in the last several years. By my count, I have only one weight where I believe I know exactly what will happen. Even at 197, where we have a solid favorite in Aaron Brooks (a guy going for his 4th seems like a solid bet, although it seemed that way last year also), on the other side of the bracket is Trent Hidlay, who could absolutely spoil Brooks plans and win it all himself. We’ve had more surprising outcomes is what I’m saying. So for fun here, I thought I’d put together a list of my top 10 confidence picks in B1G wrestlers who could win an NCAA title. This won’t necessarily be a B1G guy at each weight class, because maybe I don’t have any confidence in a B1G wrestler to win at a particular weight. In fact, there are a couple of weights where I have more than one B1G ranked. We’ll start at 10, and work our way to the most confident pick. Let’s begin.

    Honorable Mentions: A couple of shoutouts to some wrestlers who won’t be mentioned here, but I wanted to recognize. The first honorable mention is any B1G 125-pound wrestler. Literally, anyone can win this weight, which is why it’s tough to have a tremendous amount of confidence in any of them. Can you see a world where Patrick McKee goes on a run and wins it all? Absolutely. Penn State true freshmen win titles all the time, so Davis could absolutely get it done. Could Drake Ayala put it together and win an NCAA title the year after Spencer Lee finishes up? Sure! 125 is Kevin Garnett. Anything is possible.

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