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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    August 2022: All-330 Projections

    2022 Big Ten runner-up and NCAA All-American Will Lewan (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Welcome to the first edition of the All-330 Projections of the 2022-23 season! The All-330 displays our projections for the 330 wrestlers that will take the mat at the 2023 NCAA Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    So, we've already put out preseason rankings, what's the difference between this and national rankings? Glad you asked, national rankings are amassed based on past performance and no true freshmen are included. Basically, it's what these wrestlers have already earned. The All-330 is a look into the future. For the most realistic results, we have to include true freshmen. Also, there are other wrestlers that we predict may rise or fall, but don't have evidence to back it up, like when compiling rankings.

    Remember, these are for late-August, lots we can't foresee like injuries and/or redshirt decisions may change between now and March.

    125: One of the in-room competitions at any weight could come at 125 lbs for Virginia Tech. For now, we have Cooper Flynn over Eddie Ventresca, though that could change and Ventresca did win last season.

    The Big Ten typically has one or two weights where they get an absurd amount of qualifiers. 125 will be the weight this year. For now, we have 125 qualifiers. Looking at the list, it's hard to eliminate any, barring injury.

    Competition for those final few qualifying spots could be intense in the Big 12 and MAC, as both conferences have two wrestlers in the "just missed" category.

    For the full article, Subscribe to InterMat's Rokfin Page.

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