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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    ACC Wrestlers at the 2024 NCAA Championships

    It’s finally here. The first whistle in Kansas City will blow at noon ET on Thursday and we have some fire coming from the ACC. There will be a lot to keep an eye on, so I’ve got you covered with all the ACC matchups we could see on day one. I really like the way several of the brackets shape up for the conference and think they are in position to bring home more All-American honors than last year (12) and there are great paths for some to get to the big stage on Saturday night. There were two NCAA Champions from the ACC last year-Austin O’Connor and Nino Bonaccorsi; I think there is potential to match and potentially exceed that number if everything shakes out the right way. My *clearly biased* projections have the conference at 16 All-Americans with three in the finals on Saturday night - here’s hoping that comes true! Get your doctor’s notes ready for work, line up the screens and get a comfy chair, we’ve got three big days of wrestling ahead of us. 



    Jakob Camacho NC State 13-4 #7 Seed

    Opening match: Blake West (NIU) 27-6

    Round two: Eric Barnett (WISC) 26-6 or Tanner Jordan (SDSU) 24-9


    Cooper Flynn Virginia Tech 14-4 #11 Seed

    Opening match: Brayden Palmer (CHAT) 18-2

    Round two: Troy Spratley (OKST) 21-6 or Max Gallagher (PENN) 20-8



    Kai Orine NC State 15-2 #3 Seed

    Opening Match: Hunter Leake (CBU) 18-9

    Round two: Julian Farber (UNI) 20-9 or Jacob Van Dee (NEB) 22-8

    Sam Latona Virginia Tech 20-7 #12 Seed

    Opening Match: Ethan Oakley (APP) 26-7

    Round two: Dylan Ragusin (MICH) 24-2 or Michael Colaiocco (PENN) 15-10


    Marlon Yarbrough Virginia 15-7 #23 Seed 

    Opening Match: Aaron Nagao (PSU) 14-5

    Round two: Nasir Bailey (LR) 23-2 or Kade Moore (MIZZ) 11-5



    Ryan Jack NC State 18-3 #4 Seed

    Opening Match: Greyson Clark (PUR) 16-8

    Round two: Tom Crook (VT) 19-8 or Jordan Titus (WVU) 24-4


    Lachlan McNeil North Carolina 21-6 #6 Seed

    Opening Match: Vance Vombaur (MINN) 16-8

    Round two: Josh Koderhandt (NAVY) 22-6 or CJ Composto (PENN) 21-8


    Cole Matthews Pittsburgh 16-10 #18 Seed

    Opening Match: Mitch Moore (RUT) 15-6

    Round two: Beau Bartlett (PSU) 19-1 or Kai Owen (COL) 16-11


    Tom Crook Virginia Tech 19-8 #20 Seed 

    Opening Match: Jordan Titus (WVU) 24-4

    Round two: Ryan Jack (NCST) 18-3 or Greyson Clark 16-8



    Jackson Arrington NC State 18-3 #3 Seed

    Opening Match: Jude Swisher (PENN) 23-7

    Round two: Joey Zargo (WISC) 20-9 or Dylan D’Emilio (OHST) 24-11


    Caleb Henson Virginia Tech 25-2  #4 Seed

    Opening Match: Alek Martin (SDSU) 20-10

    Round two: Caleb Rathjen (IOWA) 16-5 or Jordan Williams (OKST) 14-7


    Finn Solomon Pittsburgh 17-10 #31 Seed

    Opening Match: Kyle Parco (ASU) 21-3

    Round two: Corbyn Munson (CMU) 26-5 or Cody Bond (APP) 24-6



    Ed Scott NC State 21-5 #4 Seed 

    Opening Match: Legend Lamer (POLY) 14-10

    Round two: Michael Blockhus (MINN) 15-3 or Max Brignola (LEH) 19-7


    Bryce Andonian Virginia Tech 17-5 #12 Seed

    Opening Match: Lucas Revano (PENN) 21-9

    Round two: Ryder Downey (UNI) 20-4 or Jared Hill (OU) 15-11


    Sonny Santiago North Carolina 15-8 #27 Seed

    Opening Match: Daniel Cardenas (STAN) 24-6

    Round two: Brayton Lee (IND) 11-2 or DJ McGee (GMU) 24-5



    Connor Brady Virginia Tech 13-8 #18 Seed

    Opening Match: Brevin Cassella (BING) 28-7

    Round two: Max Mayfield (NW) 15-15 or Mitchell Mesenbrink (PSU) 21-0


    Derek Fields NC State 15-4 #23 Seed

    Opening Match: Cameron Amine (MICH) 14-7 

    Round two: Izzak Olejnik (OKST) 24-5 or Domonic Baker (CAMP) 19-7


    Nick Hamilton Virginia 11-7 #30 Seed

    Opening Match: Julian Ramirez (CORN) 22-2

    Round two: Gunner Filipowicz (ARMY) 25-10 or Geno Petrucelli (AF) 22-7



    Mekhi Lewis Virginia Tech 15-0 #1 Seed

    Opening Match: Cael Valencia (ASU) 11-13 or Brody Bauman (PUR) 12-14

    Round two: Max Maylor (WIS) 18-7 or Jackson Turley (RUT) 15-6


    Justin McCoy Virginia 17-5 #13 Seed

    Opening Match: Brody Conley (WVU) 24-7

    Round two: Shane Griffith (MICH) 14-3 or Alex Faison (NCST) 13-12


    Tyler Eischens North Carolina 13-7 #21 Seed

    Opening Match: Patrick Kennedy (IOWA) 15-5

    Round two: Phillip Conigliaro (HAR) 24-3 or Jared Simma (UNI) 15-9


    Luca Augustine Pittsburgh 14-6 #23 Seed

    Opening Match: Nico Incontrera (PENN) 24-5

    Round two: Lennox Wolak (COL) 15-5 or Benny Baker (COR) 14-12


    Alex Faison NC State 13-12 #29 Seed

    Opening Match: Shane Griffith (MICH) 14-3

    Round two: Justin McCoy (UVA) 17-5 or Brody Conley (WVU) 24-7



    TJ Stewart Virginia Tech 10-2 #7 Seed

    Opening Match: Maximus Hale (PENN) 21-8

    Round two: Dylan Fishback (NCST) 17-7 or Layne Malczewski (MSU) 14-8


    Dylan Fishback NC State 17-7 #10 Seed

    Opening Match: Layne Malczewski (MSU) 14-8

    Round two: TJ Stewart (VT) 10-2 or Maximus Hale (PENN) 21-8


    Reece Heller Pittsburgh 20-6 #15 Seed

    Opening Match: Ryder Rogotzke (OHST) 18-8

    Round two: Isaiah Salazar (MINN) 21-1 or Tony Negron (ASU) 13-9


    Gavin Kane North Carolina 19-9 #22 Seed

    Opening Match: Colton Hawkes (MIZZ) 16-6

    Round two: Cameron Pine (CLAR) 23-7 or Bernie Truax (PSU) 14-4



    Trent Hidlay NC State 24-0 #2 Seed

    Opening Match: Krystian Kinsey (UVA) 10-8

    Round two: Max Shaw (UNC) 19-5 or Nicholas Stemmet (STAN) 28-8


    Max Shaw North Carolina 19-5 #15 Seed

    Opening Match: Nick Stemmet (STAN) 28-8

    Round two: Krystian Kinsey (UVA) 10-8 or Trent Hidlay (NCST) 24-0


    Mac Stout Pittsburgh 21-6 #21 Seed

    Opening Match: Rocky Elam (MIZZ) 11-3

    Round two: Jacob Cardenas (COR) 22-6 or Jack Wehmayer (COL) 22-11


    Andy Smith Virginia Tech 16-9 #26 Seed

    Opening Match: Zach Glazier (IOWA) 24-2

    Round two: Luke Geog (OHST) 15-8 or Silas Allred (NEB) 24-7


    Krystian Kinsey Virginia 10-8 #31 Seed

    Opening Match: Trent Hidlay (NCST) 24-0

    Round two: Max Shaw (UNC) 19-5 or Nick Stemmet (STAN) 28-8



    Owen Trephan NC State 17-5 #8 Seed

    Opening Match: Bradley Hill (IOWA) 20-7

    Round two: Nick Feldman (OHST) 24-5 or Keaton Kluever (HOF) 15-5

    Dylan Pitzer Pittsburgh 11-5 #21 Seed

    Opening Match: Konnor Doucet (OKST) 19-9

    Round two: Nathan Taylor (LEH) 23-3 or Trevor Tinker (POLY) 13-5


    Hunter Catka Virginia Tech 13-6 #26 Seed

    Opening Match: Taye Ghadiali (CAMP) 32-3

    Round two: Lucas Davison (MICH) 18-4 or Lucas Stoddard (ARMY) 23-14

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