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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    ACC Weekly Recap (2/10/2022)

    Virginia Tech heavyweight Nathan Traxler (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Duke at #10 Virginia Tech

    The Blue Devils made the trek north to face the Hokies in Cassell Coliseum. On paper, this dual leaned heavily to the Hokies with a couple big matchups featuring the Finesilver brothers. The product on the mat mirrored that pretty well, with the Hokies taking the dual 42-3.

    I had a few big takeaways from the dual. First--Wade Unger is figuring it out. He has looked strong and feisty in all three ACC duals and finally broke through this week, knocking off #21 Connor Brady with a last-second takedown--I'm interested to see what he does the rest of the season. Two--Matt Finesilver has impressive defense and was able to keep Mekhi from finishing on some very deep shots. The other takeaway from this match is that Mekhi Lewis is incredibly good at making adjustments within the match--it's so fun to watch him figure things out throughout the match. Finally--Bryce Andonian is a Bad Man. I know I've said it before, but the feel he has on the mat is otherworldly and this allows him to be comfortable in putting himself in some wildly uncomfortable situations. A 20-second pin of Josh Finesilver is bananas. No other way to say it.

    125: Ty Naquin vs #20 Sam Latona

    This one was Latona early and often. He picked up two takedowns and a two-point nearfall in the first to open a 6-1 lead. Latona started the second with a reversal and took Naquin straight to his back for four to stretch it to a 12-1 lead. After a Naquin escape, Latona snagged a nice ankle pick and was able to take Naquin over for another four count to finish the tech fall 18-2 in the second period.

    133: Drake Doolittle vs. #5 Korbin Myers

    Duke did not send out a wrestler at 133 and Korbin Myers took the win by forfeit.

    141: Patrick Rowland vs. #22 Collin Gerardi

    After two minutes of hand fighting, Gerardi threw Rowland by from an underhook and started a very awkward scramble. Gerardi was able to come out on top to pick up the takedown at the end of the period. After an early escape, Gerardi was able to sit the corner on a Rowland shot to get the takedown and take a 5-0 lead into the third. Rowland went neutral to start the third. Gerardi got another takedown and rode out the period to take the 8-0 major decision.

    149: #14 Josh Finesilver vs. #5 Bryce Andonian

    This was circled to be the match of the night and it delivered--but not in the way that I think anyone expected. I've said many times to not look away while Bryce Andonian is on the mat and this match highlighted that. My description will not do this justice-go watch the match. Finesilver shot in on a low single and sat Andonian to his hip. Andonian threaded through the crotch to lock up Finesilver's ankle, then rolled to his right. He elevated the leg and caught Finesilver on his back--Andonian worked up from the waist and was able to catch the arm and flatten Finesilver out for the 21-second pin. Absolutely bonkers. If anyone was wondering if BA was back to full strength, I think he answered that question here.

    157: Wade Unger vs. #21 Connor Brady

    This match marks three weeks in a row of Unger putting out an impressive effort--and it finally paid off for him here with his first ACC win. Brady got a takedown very early in the first and Unger got a quick escape for the only points of the period. Unger got an escape to start the second for the only point of that period to make it 2-2 going into the third. Unger put on a strong ride to start the period but didn't quite get to the minute mark for riding time before Brady got an escape. What followed was a minute plus of pretty boring wrestling with not a lot of attempts made by either wrestler. On a restart with 18 seconds left, Brady seemed to think that he had the match in hand when Unger shot in on a low single with less than 10 seconds left--he picked it up and snagged the other ankle on the edge to get the winning takedown with 1 second remaining on the clock. Great effort by Unger and what seemed to be a mental lapse by Brady, who has been able to close out big matches this year.

    165: Gabe Dinette vs. Clayton Ulrey

    Great action to start this match as Ulrey picked up a takedown off an outside single followed by a quick escape by Dinette. Ulrey then hit a solid high crotch to get his second takedown and went into the second period up 4-2. Ulrey got a quick escape to start the second and Dinette got in on a great high crotch but was unable to finish. On the restart, Ulrey quickly finished a beautiful high crotch of his own. After the Dinette escape, Ulrey grabbed another takedown and rode out the period to go into the third up 9-3. After an early Dinette escape, Ulrey got another takedown and moved riding time over a minute before Dinette got free. Ulrey added another takedown and rode out the period to take the 14-5 major decision.

    174: #15 Matt Finesilver vs. #3 Mekhi Lewis

    This was the second marquee matchup in the dual and it lasted a bit longer than the first. Mekhi finished his first takedown off a reshot, followed by a quick escape for Finesilver. Finesilver showed some great defense, fending off a Lewis shot late in the first. He added an escape early in the second to tie the score at 2. Mekhi hit a beautiful go behind on a shallow shot from Finesilver, but he was again able to use his solid defense to keep Lewis from getting the takedown. Mekhi got a quick escape to take the lead in the third. Lewis again got in deep on a reshot, this time, he was able to drive through Finesilver's whizzer to get the takedown--Lewis's in-match adjustments continue to be impressive. Lewis then showed off his top skills and put on a smothering ride to finish the period on top and add a riding time point to win 6-2.

    184: Vince Baker vs. #10 Hunter Bolen

    Bolen has been on a mission since returning from injury. He got a quick pin of Gregg Harvey last week and put on an offensive display in this one. Bolen got an early takedown and a turn for four to take a 6-0 lead into the second. He added another takedown in the second and was close to additional swipes, but didn't get the turn. In the third, he got an early reversal to go up 10-0. He then added another set of four backpoints and rode out for the 15-0 tech fall.

    197: Kaden Russell vs. #32 Dakota Howard

    I thought this could be a fun one with the ability that both of these guys have to score in bunches and they both seem to have unending gas tanks. Howard struck first with an early takedown. Russell got the escape and Howard added a second takedown to go into the second up 4-2. Russell got an escape to start the second, then Howard hit a beautiful double leg and held Russell for a two count--Coach Lanham challenged the count and won the challenge, so Howard was up 6-3. After another escape, Howard was right back in on the single leg but was unable to finish on the edge. On the restart, he hit another quick double, but Russell was able to roll through and nearly got his own takedown, but neither was able to gain control. Howard got a quick escape in the third and finished a single leg midway through the period. He was able to push riding time over a minute before the escape and the match ended as a 10-5 decision for Howard.

    285: Jonah Niesenbaum vs #14 Nathan Traxler

    Traxler continues to impress as a Hokie. He picked up an early takedown on a beautiful low-level single and trapped the leg--almost like he was moving into a lace. From there, he was able to keep the leg trapped and turk the bottom leg to take Niesenbaum over and get the pin in just over two minutes. Traxler seems to be gaining momentum and could be a real factor in the postseason on the national level.

    Virginia at #4 NC State

    We came into this dual thinking that the Wolfpack were heavily favored, but they made an impressive statement in Reynolds on Friday. Up and down the lineup, they wrestled great, complete matches and seemed to have answers for everything the Hoos threw at them in the 32-2 victory. Their defense seemed to be on another level in this dual and they were able to keep several UVA wrestlers from finishing shots that seemed like sure takedowns. A couple takeaways: One--Reynolds is a rowdy environment and is a great atmosphere for wrestling--I was supposed to be there opening weekend, but, well, you know… SO I'm really looking forward to being down for the VT dual. Hard to think that this atmosphere didn't help fuel some of the upsets the Wolfpack came away within this dual. Two-the youth of the Wolfpack have a clear sense of maturity; six of their starters are freshmen or sophomores, but they wrestle with the confidence of upperclassmen.

    125: Patrick McCormick vs. #14 Jakob Camacho

    There wasn't a lot of action to start off the match; Camacho picked up a takedown with a minute left in the first and rode out the period. Camacho got an escape to start the second and was in on another takedown and again rode out the period to go into the 3rd with a 5-0 lead. Camacho gave McCormick the escape in the third and got in on a deep shot--Camacho scrambled out and got in on McCormick's legs to get a takedown on the edge. Camacho gave the point to go neutral again and was back on a shot quickly to get another takedown; that sequence was repeated again and Camacho rode out to pick up the 12-3 major decision.

    133: #22 Brandon Courtney vs. #15 Kai Orine

    Courtney was coming off two big wins and ACC Wrestler of the Week honors, while Orine was off a dominant win over Drake Doolittle. Orine got a clean takedown midway through the first and Courtney was able to get a quick escape. Orine got in on another shot and Courtney created a long scramble to get a stalemate. Orine got an escape to start the second and got in deep on another shot. Courtney created another scramble and was able to come out on top in this one to finish the takedown and ride out the period to tie the score at 3 going into the third. Courtney got a quick escape to take the lead 4-3. He then tried to get to a duck under, but Orine caught the head and drove through to put him on his back for the takedown and four big swipes to take the 9-4 lead with 45 seconds left. Orine was able to hold Courtney down for the rest of the period but was called for locked hands at the buzzer to finish with a 10-5 decision.

    141: Dylan Cedeno vs. #24 Ryan Jack

    Jack started the first period strong, picking up a takedown off a low single--he then had a great ride to end the period up 2-0. Cedeno got his turn on top and had a strong ride for the first 30 seconds of the period when the second official signaled for an illegal cutback; Jack was given the penalty point, but the call was reviewed by the officials and overturned. On the restart, Jack was able to escape. Jack snagged another low single, but Cedeno was able to scramble back to get on his own shot before Jack locked up for a stalemate. The third period started with Jack up 3-0; he started with another strong ride to get his riding time up before Cedeno got the escape. Cedeno picked up the pace and was in on a shot that went out of bounds before he was able to counter a shallow shot by Jack to finish a takedown and tie the score with 3 seconds left--but he didn't have enough time to erase the riding time and Jack earned the 4-3 decision.

    149: #30 Jarod Verkleeren vs #3 Tariq Wilson

    Tariq looked much more aggressive than he has in his last few matches; he threw by from an underhook to get a takedown in the opening minute of the match. After a Verk escape and some hard hand fighting, Tariq got in on another shot and looked to finish the takedown on the edge--Coach Popolizio argued the call but didn't have a brick to challenge. Tariq almost finished another double on the edge, but time ran out in the first before he could get control. Wilson put on an amazing ride for the entire second period and was awarded a point for stalling to go up 3-1 into the third. Wilson got a quick escape to start the period and was able to fend off a deep shot by Verk on the edge and ended the match with a 5-1 decision with riding time. I like how aggressive Tariq was on his feet and major kudos to Verkleeren for the fight he showed the entire match; he fought off several deep shots from Tariq and was in on a couple shots of his own that he wasn't able to finish on the edge.

    157: #29 Jake Keating vs. #10 Ed Scott

    You could tell pretty quickly that this match was going to be a fun one! Within the first 30 seconds, there were throw attempts from both wrestlers and they spent the first two minutes of the match threatening upper body from ties. Scott went for a headlock at the two-minute mark and Keating was able to pop his head and go behind for the takedown. Scott got the immediate escape and was in on a single leg but unable to finish before the buzzer. Keating got the escape to start the period and they were both back in on upper body ties. Scott dropped in and was able to pick up the leg of Keating, then locked up a cradle from standing and rolled through to put Keating on his back with 1:20 left in the period. Scott got the swipes, but Keating's shoulders were up on Scott, so he couldn't get the fall. Scott adjusted and rolled through two more times but was unable to get Keating flat. After over a minute of fighting the cradle, Keating was able to pop his head and get behind Scott for the reversal with 4 seconds left to end the period 7-5 in favor of Scott. What a wild period! Scott got a quick escape in third to stretch the lead, then Keating locked him up and hit an outside trip to get the takedown. Keating immediately cut him and, after a short fight, was able to drop from a body lock to snag the ankles on the edge to tie it at 9 with a minute left. Keating cut again and shot in with 45 seconds left, when Scott created a scramble. Keating was able to break the grip and get the takedown with 13 seconds left to take the 11-10 lead. Scott fought for the escape and got a short break for bloodtime. With the restart at 6 seconds, Scott rolled through and was almost able to get the reversal, but the buzzer sounded to give Keating the upset win 11-10. UVA was docked a team point when Coach Garland animatedly voiced his displeasure at a blood stoppage with short time left after Keating took the lead--pretty solid vertical leap from Garland on that one.

    165: #17 Justin McCoy vs. #21 Thomas Bullard

    We had great action early with both guys in on shots in the first period; the first exchange was stopped for potentially dangerous and McCoy was able to counter a Bullard shot but couldn't fully get the go behind for the takedown. Bullard got a quick escape to start the second and McCoy got in deep on a couple shots but wasn't able to finish a takedown. McCoy got an early escape to tie it at 1 in the third. Bullard shot a low single from space and was able to work through the scramble of McCoy to lock up a cradle to get the takedown. Bullard was able to fend off a couple reversal attempts and rode McCoy out to pick up the 4-1 win.

    174: Justin Phillips vs. #4 Hayden Hidlay

    This was a quick one as Hidlay continues his march through ACC competition. Hidlay finished on a single in the first 30 seconds and went to work on top. He got his first set of nearfall with a 2-on-1, then switched to a bar for two more sets of four before finishing the pin right before the buzzer in the first. It was impressive.

    184: #25 Michael Battista vs. #3 Trent Hidlay

    Out of the gate, Hidlay was attacking with his frenetic pace. In the first 28 seconds, he finished his first takedown from an underhook. Battista got the escape and Hidlay was immediately back in on a single for his second takedown. After another escape, Hidlay finished another takedown from his underhook. Another Battista escape at 19 seconds remaining and Hidlay continued to push the pace and picked up his fourth takedown of the period and rode out for an 8-3 lead going into the second. Battista got an escape to start the second, then was hit for his second stall when he went out of bounds, while tied up. Battista got in on his first shot on the edge but was stretched out--Hidlay hipped in and drug through him to get the takedown. Hidlay rode out the period to go into the 3rd with an 11-4 lead and over two minutes of riding time. Hidlay got the escape to stretch the lead to 8 and was working to another shot from his underhook when Battista was hit for stalling again going out of bounds. Hidlay shot in on a shallow double then limp armed out of a Battista whizzer to pick up another takedown. Battista got another escape and Hidlay nearly finished another takedown before time ran out. Hidlay picked up a 16-5 major decision to get another BONUS point win on his record.

    197: #13 Jay Aiello vs. #20 Isaac Trumble

    This was a fantastic match that had big momentum swings. Aiello was up early with a single in the first and was in on a second shot, but Trumble did an amazing job using his length in the scramble to get the takedown and rideout. Aiello got a nice reversal to start the second and was working to turn Trumble when it was stopped for potentially dangerous. Aiello then put on a strong ride to finish the period on top and went into the 3rd with a 4-3 lead. Aiello continued to work from the top in the third, pushing riding time over a minute and a half with about a minute left in the match. On the restart, Coach Popolizio threw the brick to challenge a mat return--it was overruled on the review. On the restart, Aiello threw in a leg and was trying to flatten out Trumble, when he got loose on the hip and Trumble was able to sit through for the reversal with 10 seconds left. Aiello sat back in and nearly had the reversal at the buzzer--Coach Garland challenged that he had control, but it was overruled. With riding time, the score was tied at 5 and went to sudden victory. In the extra frame, we were treated to a phenomenal, nearly 90 second-long scramble that had both wrestlers almost finishing the takedown on multiple occasions. Aiello dropped in deep on a single and Trumble again used his length incredibly well to create an advantage and sit the corner. Aiello countered and got nearly behind Trumble with his leg lifted, but he was able to keep the whizzer in and drop Aiello back to the mat. From there, he was again able to use his length to get to the ankle and get squared up--then shot in on a double and was able to finish the takedown for the upset. I highly recommend rewatching that scramble. High-level work from the big guys.

    285: #31 Quinn Miller vs. #26 Tyrie Houghton

    After several wild matches in a row, we had a slower-paced match at heavyweight. With no points scored in the first, Houghton got a quick escape in the second, then we had a couple minutes of hand fighting and trading upper body ties. Miller got an early reversal in the third to take a 2-1 lead, but Houghton got a quick escape to tie it up. Miller shot in deep on a single leg with about 30 seconds left and Houghton was able to sprawl and got enough separation to get behind for the takedown and rode Miller out for the 4-2 win.

    #23 Pittsburgh at #18 North Carolina

    I got the chance to see this one up close and I'm glad I did because it was a great dual. The teams were pretty evenly matched and the dual was back and forth throughout before the Tar Heels pulled away late to win 19-12. There was a great atmosphere in Carmichael and the Tar Heels did a fantastic job of honoring their seniors and sending them out on a good note. I've got a few big takeaways from this dual. One--I've said it before and I will keep saying it: it does not look pleasant to wrestle Jake Wentzel. He is an absolute monster on top. Two--Joe Heilmann was one heck of an ace to have up the sleeve for Coleman Scott. Heilmann was battling for the starting spot with Jaime Hernandez, who started the season 6-0, before an injury. Now that he has the spot solidified, he goes out and beats Micky Phillippi. He'll have another big chance to make some noise this week facing Korbin Myers. Finally--Cole Matthews is going to be trouble and now the rest of the country is finally starting to take notice. He handed Clarke his first loss of the year and ran his streak to 8 straight and he has looked phenomenal for the entire season. Matthews has real potential to be high on the podium in March.

    125: #31 Gage Curry vs. Spencer Moore

    This definitely wasn't an offensive showcase to start the dual. The first period was scoreless--Curry got in on an outside single, but Moore was able to kick/roll/funk out of it-it was an odd one. Moore got an escape in the second, but that's about it for that period. Curry picked up a quick escape in the third and started to push the pace. He got to an outside single and picked up the leg on the edge-Moore was able to whizzer out, but got called for stalling going out of bounds. Curry got in on two more deep shots in the third, but Moore was able to scramble out. In sudden victory, Moore took a half shot early--Curry took a counter shot when Moore sprawled he was called for his second stall and Curry got the win on the penalty point 2-1. Curry was certainly the aggressor and the first stall was a good call. However, I didn't like the second call when I saw it in person, and I didn't agree with it when I rewatched the dual. Moore was advancing the entire 30 seconds of sudden victory and had a shot attempt. He was engaged with Curry when he sprawled on the shot attempt--not sure what else he is supposed to do there. This was the start of an inconsistent evening of stall calls that seemed to perplex both coaching staffs at times.

    Pitt 3 UNC 0

    133: #7 Micky Phillippi vs #23 Joe Heilmann

    I told you this would be a fun one to watch!! Phillippi got in deep midway the first, but Heilmann was able to dive-roll through and lock it up for a stalemate. Phillippi got an escape after a short ride from Heilmann. He got in deep on another shot and Heilmann tried to roll through--somehow, he got to rear standing without putting a hand down and was able to pull Phillippi's leg up at the end of the period to keep him from finishing the takedown--it was a wild scramble. Heilmann started down in the third and was able to hit a switch and pick up Phillippi's leg, but he kicked out before giving up a reversal. Phillippi took another shot and Heilmann reshot to a low single and worked his way up to finish a double leg for the takedown. Gavin threw the brick to challenge that Heilmann locked hands, but it was overturned--I'd love any official to give me an explanation as to how it wasn't locked hands though--my dm's are open! Phillippi was able to get an escape and made several attempts to get to Heilmann's legs but wasn't able to get a takedown. Heilmann pulled off a big upset, 3-2, on his home mat. He did a phenomenal job of countering Phillippi's ties and that seemed to make a big difference in the match.

    Pitt 3 UNC 3

    141: #17 Cole Matthews vs. #6 Kizhan Clarke

    I had this one pegged as the match of the night and it delivered. Matthews continued his amazing run and gave Clarke his first loss of the season. Matthews had a beautiful low single takedown midway through the first. He had about 30 seconds of riding time when Coach Scott threw the brick to challenge an illegal mat return. It feels like we've had about 93 of these in the past 3 weeks, but the call was upheld that the return was legal. Clarke was able to get an escape on the restart and it was 2-1 going into the 2nd. Matthews got a quick escape to start the period and the rest of the two minutes was hand fighting and half shots. Clarke got an escape to start the third to bring it within a point and started picking up his pace and trying to get more offensive. Clarke got to an outside single on the edge, but Matthews was able to keep the action moving out of bounds. Matthews held great position and was able to keep Clarke off his legs with solid hand fighting to move his win streak up to 8 and give Clarke his first loss of the season.

    Pitt 6 UNC 3

    149: Dan Mancini vs. #20 Zach Sherman

    Sherman continues to look better and better. He got a takedown off a quick double and rode out the last 30 seconds of the first period. In the second, he got a quick escape and shot in on another double from space and finished through a scramble attempt by Mancini to go up 5-0. Mancini got the escape to start the third and got in on a shot of his own, but Sherman was able to create a scramble and get the takedown. Mancini got the escape and Sherman pushed to get a major, but was unable to get another takedown and won a 7-2 decision.

    Pitt 6 UNC 6

    157: #19 Elijah Cleary vs. #6 Austin O'Connor

    After a minute of solid hand fighting to start the match, Cleary hit a nice outside single and picked up the leg, but O'Connor was able to block him off and whizzer on the edge to keep him from scoring. O'Connor got the escape at the start of the second and tried to throw by, but Cleary was able to snag a leg to get the stalemate. Starting the third, O'Connor was focused on getting the riding time over a minute. In an early scramble, Cleary nearly kicked out and on the return, the Pitt staff was adamant that there was a locked hands on O'Connor, but they didn't have a brick to throw and the officials didn't take a second look--they were facing away from my seat so I couldn't tell, and the camera angle was from behind on the stream. O'Connor was able to stack up 1:30 of riding time before Cleary got the escape and was able to weather a flurry from Cleary to pick up the 2-1 win with a riding time point.

    Pitt 6 UNC 9

    165: #14 Jake Wentzel vs. Michael Goldfelder

    Goldfelder made his ACC debut against NCAA finalist Jake Wentzel--Sonny Santiago has gotten the previous two ACC duals. Wentzel got a takedown midway through the first and had the start of a lot of punishing top work in the match. Wetzel rode out the first, and through multiple blood stoppages, the second period as well--he wasn't able to get any turns but did get a stalling point. Going into the third, it was 3-0 with 3:25 of riding time. He got a quick escape to go up 4-0 and started pushing for bonus points. He added another takedown with 30 seconds left; he gave up the escape and while unable to get another takedown to get the major, he got another stalling point to end the match with an 8-1 decision.

    Pitt 9 UNC 9

    174: Hunter Kernan vs. #13 Clay Lautt

    We saw lots of upper body ties and half-throw attempts, but no points scored in the first. Lautt got the escape to start the second, but that was the only point scored. Kernan got the escape to start the third but, midway through, surrendered a stalling point as well as a takedown to Lautt to give him a 4-1 lead. Kernan added a late escape to end the match with a 4-2 decision for Lautt.

    Pitt 9 UNC 12

    184: #31 Gregg Harvey vs. #21 Gavin Kane

    This match had some action and got the crowd on their feet in Carmichael. Both guys got after it immediately and both were in on shallow shots several times in the first minute. Harvey got the first points with a quick ankle pick. Kane got the escape and shot in on a quick double-he picked Harvey up to finish and Harvey was able to roll out briefly, but Kane was able to catch him and finish the shot--it was a great sequence you should watch if you haven't yet! Harvey got the escape and Kane dropped in on a leg to pick up another takedown with 14 seconds left. He rode out the period but was called for stalling on a 5 count on the leg in the last 5 seconds of the period--this was held up on review though the clock seemed to be at 4 seconds when he started the count--again, my dm's are open if anyone can provide clarity. The score was 5-3 going into the 2nd. Harvey got an escape to go to 5-4, but Kane was immediately back in on the legs to get another takedown. Harvey got another escape and Kane picked up the tempo. Kane had an emphatic finish on his next takedown to go up 9-5. Kane cut him and was back in to finish another shot on the edge to be up 11-6; Kane rode out the period to have 1:07 in riding time going into the 3rd. Kane started with an escape and was back in on the legs again to pick up another takedown to go up 14-6. Harvey kept fighting and was able to get to Kane's legs a couple times but couldn't finish--he earned a stalling point to make the score 14-8 with 30 seconds left. Harvey dropped in on another shot that got a stalemate and with seven seconds, Kane kept pushing and finished another takedown at the buzzer to get the major decision. Phenomenal effort on the part of Kane this whole match, he's been incredibly impressive the last two weeks.

    Pitt 9 UNC 16

    197: #7 Nino Bonaccorsi vs #29 Max Shaw

    Another match of Nino doing Nino things. Bonaccorsi has to be one of the most quietly consistent wrestlers in the country--just wrestles his matches and racks up wins. Nino got an early takedown on a low single from space and put on a strong ride to rack up two plus minutes of riding time to finish the period on top. Nino rode for the first 30 seconds of the period then cut Shaw loose but immediately got back in on another single shot from space. He couldn't finish on the edge before Shaw hit the floor--the officials called a takedown initiall, but took it away on review. Bonaccorsi got in on another single on the edge but Shaw was able to fend him off at the end of the period. Bonaccorsi got a reversal in the third to stretch it to a 4-1 lead and went to work again on top. Shaw gave up a point on a second stall--much to the dismay of Coleman Scott, who was pleading the case for Shaw from the bench. Bonaccorsi rode out the rest of the period but Shaw kept him from getting any backpoints in the 7-1 decision.

    Pitt 12 UNC 16

    285: Jake Slinger vs. Brandon Whitman

    Both heavyweights were pretty evenly matched on paper and it played out that way in the match. The first period was slow until Whitman dropped in on a low single with 30 seconds left, then worked through a nice scramble to finish the takedown. Whitman got a quick escape in the second to open it to 3-1. Slinger shot to a low single then Whitman reshot and started a 40-second scramble to end the period without either scoring. Whitman tried to get the riding time up to start the third but Slinger was able to escape then was able to get a go behind off a fake to even the score at 3 with 30 seconds left. Whitman and his glorious mustache were able to get a quick escape and fend Slinger off for the remainder of the period to take the 4-3 decision.

    Final Score:

    Pitt 12 UNC 19

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