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  • Photo: UMD athletics

    Photo: UMD athletics

    7 Big Stories from the Week in College Wrestling (11/7/2022)

    Maryland 149 lber Ethen Miller (photo courtesy of UMD athletics)

    College Wrestling is back! We now have a week's worth of results and action to study and replay to get us through the work week. And what a week it was! There were two huge dual upsets and plenty of outstanding performances from the open tournament circuit.

    Throughout the year, every Monday, I will release this column with 7 Big Stories from the Week in College Wrestling. Some of the topics will be results-based, while others may address larger themes within the sport and its participants. So, let's get to it!

    A Cyclone in the River City

    Late last week, we previewed the final bout and main event of the “Battle in the River City,” an enticing clash between #10 Wisconsin and #13 Iowa State. It looked like a matchup that could go either way, depending on the results of a few, key swing matches. What was shocking wasn't that Iowa State prevailed, but the manner in which they did so.

    The Cyclones took eight of ten matches from the Badgers in a 26-6 romp. Iowa State was actually two match points away from a shutout. Both Wisconsin wins, by Garrett Model at 157 and James Rowley at 174, came via a single point.

    All five of Wisconsin's returning All-American's were held without a win by Iowa State and only one of them (Dean Hamiti at 165 lbs) was the lower-ranked wrestler. #24 Kysen Terukina downed #6 Eric Barnett at 125, unranked Zach Redding knocked off #12 Taylor LaMont, freshman #24 Paniro Johnson shocked #2 Austin Gomez, and #16 Sam Schuyler stunned #11 Trent Hillger at heavyweight.

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