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  • Photo: Mark Lundy

    Photo: Mark Lundy

    2023 Soldier Salute Semifinal Results and Finals Matchups

    125 lbs - Jore Volk (Wyoming) vs. Drake Ayala (Iowa)

    133 lbs - Jacob Van Dee (Nebraska) vs. Brody Teske (Iowa)

    141 lbs - Real Woods (Iowa) vs. Lachlan McNeil (North Carolina)

    149 lbs - Anthony Ferrari (Unattached) vs. Caleb Rathjen (Iowa)

    157 lbs - Jared Franek (Iowa) vs. Cael Swensen (South Dakota State) 

    165 lbs - Michael Caliendo (Iowa) vs. Patrick Kennedy (Iowa)

    174 lbs - Gabe Arnold (Iowa) vs. Lenox Wolak (Columbia)

    184 lbs - Isaiah Salazar (Minnesota) vs. Max McEnelly (Minnesota)

    197 lbs - AJ Ferrari (Unattached) vs. Zach Glazier (Iowa)

    285 lbs - Bennett Tabor (Minnesota) vs. Luke Rasmussen (South Dakota State)


    125 lb semifinals - Jore Volk (Wyoming) dec Brandon Morvari (Minnesota)  2-0

    125 lb semifinals - Drake Ayala (Iowa) dec Patrick McKee (Minnesota)  5-4


    133 lb semifinals - Jacob Van Dee (Nebraska) dec Cullan Schriever (Iowa)  5-1

    133 lb semifinals - Brody Teske (Iowa) tech Kale Peterson (Iowa)  15-0


    141 lb semifinals - Real Woods (Iowa) dec Josh Koderhandt (Navy)  9-4

    141 lb semifinals - Lachlan McNeil (North Carolina) dec Vance Vombaur (Minnesota)  7-4


    149 lb semifinals - Anthony Ferrari (Unattached) dec Alek Martin (South Dakota State)  5-2

    149 lb semifinals - Caleb Rathjen (Iowa) dec Victor Voinovich (Iowa)  9-4


    157 lb semifinals - Jared Franek (Iowa) maj Jason Kraisser (Iowa State)  13-3

    157 lb semifinals - Cael Swensen (South Dakota State) dec Paniro Johnson (Iowa State)  4-1


    165 lb semifinals - Michael Caliendo (Iowa) tech Blaine Brenner (Minnesota)  19-4

    165 lb semifinals - Patrick Kennedy (Iowa) maj Izzy Moreno (Northern Iowa)  10-0


    174 lb semifinals - Gabe Arnold (Iowa) dec Elise Brown Ton (Nebraska)  4-2

    174 lb semifinals - Lenox Wolak (Columbia) maj Tyler Eischens (North Carolina)  13-5


    184 lb semifinals - Isaiah Salazar (Minnesota) tech Zyan Hall (Navy)  15-0

    184 lb semifinals - Max McEnelly (Minnesota) dec John Gunderson (Unattached)  11-9


    197 lb semifinals - AJ Ferrari (Unattached) dec Joey Novak (Wyoming)  7-2

    197 lb semifinals - Zach Glazier (Iowa) dec Garrett Joles (Minnesota)  5-4


    285 lb semifinals - Bennett Tabor (Minnesota) maj Bowen McConville (South Dakota State)  11-3

    285 lb semifinals - Luke Rasmussen (South Dakota State) dec Seth Nitzel (Missouri)  17-13

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