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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2023 Offseason Coaching Carousel

    The 2023 offseason coaching carousel got off to a slow start, but has picked up steam in recent weeks. Movement begats movement and as new jobs are accepted, typically new positions open up. We’ll certainly have more updates as the summer progresses and fades into fall and the college preseason. 

    Obe Blanc (North Dakota State Head Coach) - North Dakota State Associate Head Coach

    Marcus Coleman (Davidson Assistant Coach) - Iowa State athlete

    Hayden Hidlay (North Dakota State Assistant Coach) - NC State Student-Athlete Development Coordinator

    Roger Kish (Oklahoma Head Coach) - North Dakota State Head Coach

    Austin Marsden (Oklahoma Assistant Coach) - North Dakota State Assistant Coach

    Austin O’Connor (Illinois) - North Carolina Assistant Coach

    Ian Parker (Virginia) - Army West Point Assistant Coach

    Charles Small (Long Island: Assistant Coach) - Purdue Graduate Assistant

    Devin Schroder (Wyoming: Assistant Coach) - Cleveland State Assistant Coach

    Cam Sykora (Oklahoma Volunteer Assistant) - North Dakota State Volunteer Assistant

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