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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2023 Offseason Coaching Carousel (9/12)

    The 2023 offseason coaching carousel got off to a slow start, but has picked up steam. This week in particular as there were a handful of notable names that changed jobs. Movement begats movement and as new jobs are accepted, typically new positions open up. Typically, this time of year the movement slows down; however, with some notable head coaching movement, there’s bound to be even more. 

    Chris Ayres (Stanford Head Coach) - Princeton Head Coach

    Obe Blanc (North Dakota State Head Coach) - North Dakota State Associate Head Coach

    Steve Bleise (Army West Point) - CSU Bakersfield Assistant Coach

    Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma State Assistant Coach) - Oklahoma State recruiting coordinator

    Marcus Coleman (Davidson Assistant Coach) - Iowa State athlete

    Evan DeLong (Clarion Assistant Coach)

    Thomas Flitz (Bucknell Assistant Coach) - Virginia Director of Operations

    Ceron Francisco (North Dakota State Assistant Coach) - Nittany Lion WC athlete

    Ben Freeman (Buffalo Volunteer Assistant) - Buffalo athlete

    BJ Futrell (Northwestern Assistant Coach) - Penn Assistant Coach

    Tommy Gantt (NC State Assistant Coach) - Wolfpack Wrestling Club

    James Green (Nebraska Assistant Coach) - USA Wrestling Freestyle Development

    Gary Wayne Harding (Oklahoma State Recruiting Coordinator

    Josh Heil (Campbell Assistant Coach) - Campbell Director of Operations

    Hayden Hidlay (North Dakota State Assistant Coach) - NC State Student-Athlete Development Coordinator

    Roger Kish (Oklahoma Head Coach) - North Dakota State Head Coach

    Rob Koll (North Carolina Head Coach) - Stanford Head Coach

    Austin Marsden (Oklahoma Assistant Coach) - North Dakota State Assistant Coach

    Scott Mattingly (North Dakota State Assistant Coach) - Gardner-Webb Associate Head Coach 

    Quincy Monday (Princeton Assistant Coach) - Princeton athlete

    Steve Mytych (Rutgers Assistant Coach) - Rutgers Director of Operations

    Austin O’Connor (Illinois Assistant Coach) - North Carolina athlete

    Donny Ooten (Bucknell Assistant Coach)

    Peter Pappas (George Mason Assistant Coach) - George Mason athlete

    Ian Parker (Virginia Assistant Coach) - Army West Point Assistant Coach

    Coleman Scott (Oklahoma State Associate Head Coach) - North Carolina Head Coach

    Charles Small (Long Island Assistant Coach) - Purdue Graduate Assistant

    Devin Schroder (Wyoming Assistant Coach) - Cleveland State Assistant Coach

    Anthony Sobotker (Binghamton Assistant Coach) - Binghamton Athlete

    Cam Sykora (Oklahoma Volunteer Assistant) - North Dakota State Volunteer Assistant

    Ty Walz (Brown Assistant Coach) - SERTC athlete

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