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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2023 Midlands Semifinal Results and Finals Matchups

    Midlands Championship bouts

    125 lbs - Eli Griffin (California Baptist) vs. Luke Stanich (Lehigh)

    133 lbs - Dylan Shawver (Rutgers) vs. Dylan Ragusin (Michigan)

    141 lbs - CJ Composto (Penn) vs. Jordan Titus (West Virginia)

    149 lbs - Ty Whalen (Princeton - Unattached) vs. Ty Watters (West Virginia)

    157 lbs - Jacori Teemer (Arizona State) vs. Trevor Chumbley (Northwestern)

    165 lbs - Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) vs. Peyton Hall (West Virginia) 

    174 lbs - Edmond Ruth (Illinois) vs. Phil Conigliaro (Havard)

    184 lbs - Shane Liegel (Wisconsin) vs. Max Hale (Penn)

    197 lbs - Michael Beard (Lehigh) vs. Luke Stout (Princeton)

    285 lbs - Luke Luffman (Illinois) vs. Isaac Trumble (NC State)


    125 lb semifinals - Eli Griffin (California Baptist) dec Blake West (Northern Illinois)  10-7

    125 lb semifinals - Luke Stanich (Lehigh) dec Cooper Flynn (Virginia Tech)  5-3


    133 lb semifinals - Dylan Shawver (Rutgers) dec Zeth Romney (Cal Poly)  8-5

    133 lb semifinals - Dylan Ragusin (Michigan) maj Michael Colaiocco (Penn)  15-3


    141 lb semifinals - CJ Composto (Penn) MedFFT Jimmy Nugent (Central Michigan)

    141 lb semifinals - Jordan Titus (West Virginia) dec Tom Crook (Virginia Tech)  9-6


    149 lb semifinals - Ty Whalen (Princeton - Unattached) maj Kaleb Burgess (Buffalo)  12-1

    149 lb semifinals - Ty Watters (West Virginia) fall Corbyn Munson (Central Michigan)  6:44


    157 lb semifinals - Jacori Teemer (Arizona State) dec Colton Washleski (Rider)  17-13

    157 lb semifinals - Trevor Chumbley (Northwestern) dec Johnny Lovett (Central Michigan)  2-1TB


    165 lb semifinals - Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) maj Maxx Mayfield (Northwestern)  10-0

    165 lb semifinals - Peyton Hall (West Virginia) fall Caleb Fish (Michigan State)  2:59


    174 lb semifinals - Edmond Ruth (Illinois) dec Nick Incontrera (Penn)  2-1

    174 lb semifinals - Phil Conigliaro (Harvard) InjDef Justin McCoy (Virginia)


    184 lb semifinals - Shane Liegel (Wisconsin) dec Nate Dugan (Princeton)  2-0

    184 lb semifinals - Max Hale (Penn) dec James Conway (Franklin & Marshall)  4-2


    197 lb semifinals - Michael Beard (Lehigh) fall Andy Smith (Virginia Tech)  4:53

    197 lb semifinals - Luke Stout (Princeton) dec Cam Caffey (Unattached)  4-0


    285 lb semifinals - Luke Luffman (Illinois) dec Trevor Tinker (Cal Poly)  8-1

    285 lb semifinals - Isaac Trumble (NC State) fall Jacob Bullock (Indiana)  3:32

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