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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2023 HS State Tournament Results for Wrestling Recruits (3/22/23)

    Ohio State signee Rocco Welsh (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Earlier this month, the high school state tournament season wrapped up. As these tournaments conclude, it begs the question, "how did my favorite team's recruits fare?" In some smaller states, it's almost a given that your college-bound studs are collecting another state title, while in the power states, with the deepest talent pools, such achievements are not guaranteed.

    Either way, we've combed through results from all of the state tournaments that have taken place thus far to find out how everyone's recruits have finished.

    With all of the action on the college front, this article was delayed by a week, but it's here now. If there's anyone we may have overlooked, please contact me at earl@matscouts.com

    Air Force

    EJ Beloncik (Heritage Hall) - Oklahoma 4A State Runner-Up: 165 lbs

    Brian Burburija (Countryside) - Florida 2A State Champ: 195 lbs

    Josh Cordio (Wyoming Seminary) - National Prep 3rd Place: 215 lbs

    Gunner Cramblett (Graham) - Ohio DII State Champ: 165 lbs - - Class of 2024

    Jackson Dewald (Westwood) - Iowa 1A State Champ: 195 lbs

    Jake Doone (Nazareth) - Pennsylvania AAA State 6th Place: 145 lbs

    Andrew Harmon (Bethlehem Catholic) - Pennsylvania AAA State 3rd Place: 160 lbs

    Soren Herzog (Simley) - Minnesota AA State Champ: 285 lbs

    Myles Johnson (Springboro) - Ohio DI State 3rd Place: 190 lbs

    Talon McCollom (Edmond North) - Oklahoma 6A State Champ: 175 lbs - - Class of 2024

    Trason Oehme (Brandon Valley) - South Dakota A State Champ: 145 lbs

    Josh Palacio (North Bergen) - New Jersey State 6th Place: 175 lbs


    Coen Bainey (Bald Eagle) - Pennsylvania AA State 4th Place: 127 lbs

    Caleb Beaty (Corinth-Holders) - North Carolina 4A State Champ: 220 lbs

    Cael McIntyre (Bethlehem Catholic) - Pennsylvania AAA State 5th Place: 133 lbs

    Kaden Milheim (Warrior Run) - Pennsylvania AA State 3rd Place

    Gage Owen (South Carroll) - Maryland 2A/1A State Runner-Up: 138 lbs

    JJ Peace (Cane Bay) - South Carolina 5A State Champ: 120 lbs - - Class of 2024

    Emmanuel Ulrich (Mifflinburg) - Pennsylvania AA State 3rd Place: 285 lbs

    Appalachian State

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