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  • Photo: Mark Lundy

    Photo: Mark Lundy

    2022 World Team Trials Session One Results

    61 kg quarterfinal bout won 13-12 by Seth Gross over Jesse Mendez (photo courtesy of Mark Lundy; LutteLens.com)

    The first session at the World Team Trials in Coralville, Iowa has been completed and semifinalists in all three styles have been determined. We've already seen top seeds go down and others get pushed before prevailing. Past world team members and Final X participants have suffered losses. The immediate goal for all of these competitors is Final X. How one may earn a spot in Final X is a bit different than in past years. With world medalists returning at seven men's freestyle weights, six women's freestyle weights, and one in Greco-Roman, the winners of their brackets will move into Final X. Weights that do not have returning world medalists will take both of tomorrow's semifinal winners to Final X.

    Session two (5:30 eastern) will feature the semifinals at those weights with a world medalist. They are:

    Men's freestyle: 57, 61, 74, 79, 86, 92, 97

    Women's freestyle: 50, 55, 57, 62, 65, 68

    Greco-Roman: 97

    World Team Trials Challenge Tournament

    Quarterfinal Results


    55 kg

    Max Nowry fall Cole Smith :58

    Drew West fall Jacob Cochran 2:06

    Dalton Duffield over Camden Russell 12-2

    Brady Koontz fall Jakason Burks 2:30

    60 kg

    Dalton Roberts - bye

    Randon Miranda over Max Black 5-2

    Dylan Koontz over Mitchell Brown 5-2

    Ildar Hafizov fall Phillip Moomey :51

    63 kg

    Sam Jones fall Ty Lydic :44

    David Stepanian over Corbin Nirschl 4-0

    Aidan Nutter over Mason Carzino-Hartshorn 5-1

    Jesse Thielke fall Logan Savvy 1:28

    67 kg

    Alejandro Sancho fall We Rachal 1:31

    Peyton Omania fall Nathan Moore :48

    Lenny Merkin over Morgan Flaherty 8-6

    Alston Nutter over Jessy Williams 10-0

    72 kg

    Patrick Smith fall Noah Wachsmuth 5:21

    Jamel Johnson over Brody Olson 4-4

    Michael Hooker over Eddie Smith 6-1

    Benji Peak fall Ryan Wheeler :48

    77 kg

    RaVaughn Perkins over Fritz Schierl 9-1

    Britton Holmes over Alec Ortiz 8-0

    Kamal Bey over Payton Jacobson 7-2

    Jesse Porter over Chad Walsh 10-4

    82 kg

    Ben Provisor - bye

    Ryan Epps over Tommy Brackett 5-1

    Tyler Cunningham fall Ben Lee :24

    Spencer Woods - by

    87 kg

    Alan Vera - bye

    Chrisitan DuLaney over Tyler Hannah 3-1

    George Sikes over Austin Craig 4-0

    Timothy Young - bye

    97 kg

    Nicholas Boykin fall Timothy Eubanks 1:03

    Haydn Maley fall Guy Patron 1:36

    Lucas Sheridan fall Brady Vogel 1:28

    Braxton Amos fall Chad Porter 1:34

    130 kg

    Cohlton Schultz fall Malcolm Allen 1:52

    Tate Orndorff fall Courtney Freeman 5:45

    West Cathcart fall Richard Dombkowski 1:33

    Tanner Farmer fall Tom Foote 2:01

    Men's Freestyle

    57 kg

    Matt Ramos over Aden Reeves 12-7

    Jakob Camacho over Anthony Molton 9-4

    Zane Richards over Timothy Levine 10-0

    Vito Arujau MedFFT Greg Diakomihalis

    61 kg

    Nico Megaludis over Shelton Mack 10-0

    Seth Gross over Jesse Mendez 13-12

    Daniel DeShazer over Tyler Graff 3-2

    Josh Rodriguez over Josh Kramer 4-0

    65 kg

    Evan Henderson over Kendric Maple 5-2

    Nick Lee over Matt Kolodzik 12-2

    Ian Parker over Joey McKenna 8-5

    Yianni Diakomihalis over Luke Pletcher 10-0

    70 kg

    Alec Pantaleo over Tyler Berger 3-2

    Zain Retherford over Doug Zapf 4-1

    Jordan Oliver over Michael Blockhus 4-2

    Ryan Deakin over Sammy Sasso 10-0

    74 kg

    Jason Nolf - bye

    David Carr over Collin Purinton 15-6

    Tommy Gantt over Peter Pappas 10-0

    Joey Lavallee over Josh Shields 11-7

    79 kg

    David McFadden over Brayden Thompson 10-0

    Chance Marsteller over Carter Starocci 5-4

    Alex Dieringer over Isaiah Martinez 14-3

    Vincenzo Joseph over Taylor Lujan 10-0

    86 kg

    Mark Hall over Caleb Hopkins 10-0

    Drew Foster over Marcus Coleman 12-2

    Trent Hidlay over Owen Webster 7-0

    Zahid Valencia over Andrew Morgan 10-0

    92 kg

    Cam Caffey over Levi Hopkins 5-3

    Isaac Trumble fall Patrick Downey 3:33

    Jay Aiello over Max Shaw 10-0

    Nate Jackson over Michael Battista 11-0

    97 kg

    Michael Macchiavello - bye

    Ethan Laird over Sam Mitchell 10-0

    TJ Dudley over Duncan Lee 10-0

    Kollin Moore over Jason Carter 10-0

    125 kg

    Hayden Zillmer over Jordan Wood 4-1

    Dom Bradley over Ty Walz 1-1

    Tony Cassioppi over Derek White 11-0

    Nick Gwiazdowski over Christian Lance 10-0

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