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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2022 US Open Senior Men's Freestyle Semifinal Results

    79 kg finalist Vincenzo Joseph (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    2022 US Open Senior Men's Freestyle Semifinal Results

    57 kg

    Anthony Molton (Buies Creek WC) over Aden Reeves (Viking WC) 14-4
    Matt Ramos (Boilermaker RTC) over Jakob Camacho (Wolfpack WC) 3-3

    61 kg

    Josh Rodriguez (NLWC) over Tyler Graff (NJ RTC) 9-5
    Nico Megaludis (TMWC) over Seth Gross (Sunkist Kids) 4-1

    65 kg

    Matt Kolodzik (NYAC) over Evan Henderson (Ohio RTC) 16-6
    Kendric Maple (Sunkist Kids) over Pat Lugo (HWC) 3-2

    70 kg

    Alec Pantaleo (CKWC) dec Doug Zapf (Penn RTC) 3-2
    Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids) over Tyler Berger (California RTC) 6-2

    74 kg

    Jason Nolf (TMWC) over Andrew Cerniglia (Pennsylvania) 10-0
    Josh Shields (Sunkist Kids) over Tommy Gantt (Wolfpack WC) 11-7

    79 kg

    Vincenzo Joseph (TMWC) over Taylor Lujan (TMWC) 10-0
    David McFadden (TMWC) over Chance Marsteller (TMWC) 11-10

    86 kg

    Mark Hall (Penn RTC) over Caden Steffan (Mustang WC) 10-0
    Marcus Coleman (Iowa) over Owen Webster (Gopher WC) 10-0

    92 kg

    Isaac Trumble (Wolfpack WC) over Max Shaw (THWC) 15-4
    Cam Caffey (Michigan WC) over Michael Battista (Cavalier WC) 13-1

    97 kg

    Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack WC) over TJ Dudley (Sunkist Kids) 5-2
    Joe Rau (Wildcat WC) fall Jay Aiello (Cavalier WC) :24

    125 kg

    Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC) over Demetrius Thomas (Pittsburgh WC) 6-1
    Dom Bradley (Sunkist Kids) over Ty Walz (Spartan Combat) 5-3

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