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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2022 U23 Greco-Roman National Results

    130 kg champion Matthew Cover (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    U23 Men's Greco-Roman Best Two-out-of-Three Finals

    55 kg - Camden Russell (MWC Wrestling Academy) over Sam Braswell (Cougar WC) 8-4, 9-0

    60 kg - Phillip Moomey (Spartan Combat WC) over Max Black (Northern Michigan) Fall 5:02, 8-0

    63 kg - Savion Haywood (Iguana WC) over Zachary Westlund (Gladiator WC) 8-0, 9-0

    67 kg - Job Greenwood (Wyoming Wrestling RTC) over Cayden Henschel (Askren WA) 7-8, 6-5, 10-0

    72 kg - PJ Ogunsanya (West Point WC) over Dominic Damon (Northern Michigan) Injury Default, MedFFT

    77 kg - Justin McCunn (Viking WC) over Cody Eaton (Northern Colorado WC) Fall 3:29, Fall 2:05, InjDef

    82 kg - Tyler Cunningham (MWC Wrestling Academy) over Jake Hendricks (Pennsylvania RTC) 11-3, 3-6, 13-6

    87 kg - Michial Foy (Gopher WC) over Vincent Baker (Blue Bloods WC) 5-9, 8-0, 8-0

    97 kg - Nicholas Boykin (Sunkist Kids) over Ryan Tiers (Kansas) 8-0, 8-0

    130 kg - Matthew Cover (New Jersey RTC) over Gary Powell (Ohio) 9-0, 4-0

    Third Place Bouts

    55 kg - Kade Orr (Golden Pride WC) over Alexander Logsdon (Cougar WC) 10-2

    60 kg - Josh Kyle (Wyoming Wrestling RTC) over Jace Koelzer (Northern Colorado WC) Fall :30

    63 kg - King Sandoval (Bandits WC) over Phillip Kue (Oregon) 8-0

    67 kg - Samuel Edelblute (Brunson/UVRTC) over Jakob Murillo (Brunson/UVRTC) 10-0

    72 kg - Jeremy Ridge (Pennsylvania RTC) over Brody Olson (Minnesota Storm) InjDef

    77 kg - Terrance Parks (New York) over Jacob Stefanowicz (Pennsylvania RTC) 7-0

    82 kg - James Foy (Minnesota Storm) over Devan Hendricks (Gladiator WC) 9-0

    87 kg - Sione Halo (Choker WC) over Cornell Beachem (Ohio) InjDef

    97 kg - Tereus Henry (Fort Hays State) over Nick Stemmet (California RTC) 6-4

    130 kg - Bowen McConville (Jackrabbit WC) over Sammy Deseriere (Western Colorado WC) 8-0

    Fifth Place Bouts

    55 kg - Austin Long (Cougar WC) over Christian Decatur-Luker (Freco) MedFFT

    60 kg - Anthony Hughes (Indiana) over David Medina (Tennessee) 11-6

    63 kg - Joey Cape (Central Coast RTC) over Diego Romero (Garage Boyz WC) 10-0

    67 kg - Jalen Spuhler (Wisconsin) over Cyle Wells (Gladiator WC) 9-0

    72 kg - Tanner Abbas (Viking WC) over Noah Roulo (Cougar WC) 9-0

    77 kg - Noah Grover (Bulls WC) over Jack Ervien Jr. (Viking WC) 8-0

    82 kg - Drew Dickson (George Mason) over Khalil Mitchell (Cougar WC) Fall 1:12

    87 kg - Gevorg Arakelov (New York) over Scott Joll (Mountaineer WC) 10-2

    97 kg - Xavier Vasquez (Northern Colorado WC) over Jasiri Dingle (Cougar WC) Fall 1:12

    130 kg - Spencer Trenary (Jackrabbit WC) over Aric Bohn (Illinois) 11-3

    Seventh Place Bouts

    55 kg - Daniel Parkulo (Cougar WC)

    60 kg - Paxton Creese (Minnesota Storm) over Mason Barrett (Cougar WC) 8-0

    63 kg - Braden Ledford (O Town WC) over Kelvin Rodriguez (Pennsylvania) 8-3

    67 kg - Torry Early (Little Huskies WC) over Aundre Beatty (Indiana) 12-3

    72 kg - Cason Lindsey (Kansas) over Charles Neuman (Junction City HS) Fall 1:09

    77 kg - Weston Milnes (Greco-Roman Development) over Luke Silva (Illinois) 10-2

    82 kg - Casey Recrosio (Northern Michigan) over DM Hallett (Colorado) InjDef

    87 kg - Ben Lee (Viking WC) over Eli Sheeren (Bulls WC) 4-0

    97 kg - Joey Braunagel (Illinois RTC) over Kaleb Gaede (Northern Michigan) Fall 3:42

    130 kg - Jason Guadarrama (Lake County WC) over Triston Norris (Boone RTC) Fall 3:35

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