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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2022 Matteo Pellicone Day One Results

    Senior World Team member Cohlton Schultz (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    55 kg Greco-Roman

    Round 1

    Mohammad Hosseinvand Panahisani (Iran) over Florin Tita (Romania) 11-7

    Round 2

    Max Nowry (USA) over Mohammad Hosseinvand Panahisani (Iran) 5-4

    Round 3

    Florin Tita (Romania) over Max Nowry (USA) 2-0

    60 kg Greco-Roman

    Gold Medal Match

    Murad Mammadov (Azerbaijan) over Eldaniz Azizli (Azerbaijan) 9-1

    Bronze Medal Match

    Nihat Mammadli (Azerbaijan) over Helary Maegisalu (Estonia) 10-0

    US Results

    Nihat Mammadli (Azerbaijan) over Max Nowry (USA) 9-4

    Ekrem Ozturk (Turkey) over Max Nowry (USA) 5-2

    Murad Mammadov (Azerbaijan) over Max Nowry (USA) 9-0

    63 kg Greco-Roman

    Gold Medal Match

    Taleh Mammadov (Azerbaijan) over Victor Ciobanu (Moldova) 4-2

    Bronze Medal Match

    Razvan Arnaut (Romania) over Justas Petravicius (Lithuania) Injury Default

    US Results

    Taleh Mammadov (Azerbaijan) over Jesse Thielke (USA) 10-0

    Victor Ciobanu (Moldova) over Jesse Thielke 9-0

    67 kg Greco-Roman

    Gold Medal Match

    Hasrat Jafarov (Azerbaijan) over Furkan Yildiz (Turkey) 9-0

    Bronze Medal Matches

    Mohammad Rezaei (Iran) over Niklas Oehlen (Sweden) 7-2

    Tigran Galustyan (France) over Mihai Mihut (Romania) 3-1

    US Results

    Tigran Galustyan (France) over Alex Sancho (USA) 8-0

    87 kg Greco-Roman

    Gold Medal Match

    Islam Abbasov (Azerbaijan) over Erik Szilvassy (Hungary) 1-1

    Bronze Medal Matches

    Istvan Takacs (Hungary) over Alex Kessidis (Sweden) Injury Default

    Tamas Levai (Hungary) over Kristoffer Berg (Sweden) 9-1

    US Results

    Istvan Takacs (Hungary) over Alan Vera (USA) 4-0

    97 kg Greco-Roman

    Gold Medal Match

    David Losonczi (Hungary) over Nikoloz Kakhelashvili (Italy) 2-1

    Bronze Medal Matches

    Alex Szoke (Hungary) over Mehdi Balimhamzehdeh (Iran) 7-4

    Arvi Savolainen (Finland) over Aleksandr Stjepanetic (Sweden) 8-0

    130 kg Greco-Roman

    Gold Medal Match

    Riza Kayaalp (Turkey) over Sabah Shariati (Azerbaijan) 4-0

    Bronze Medal Matches

    Mantas Knystautas (Lithuania) over Oskar Marvik (Norway) 6-3

    Beka Kandelaki (Azerbaijan) over Cohlton Schultz (USA) 4-2

    US Results

    Sabah Shariati (Azerbaijan) over Cohlton Schultz (USA) 10-0

    Cohlton Schultz (USA) over Dariusz Vitek (Hungary) 4-2

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