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  • Photo: Tony DiMarco

    Photo: Tony DiMarco

    2022 Collegiate Duals Blue Pool Championship Final Results

    Penn State 141 lber Beau Bartlett (photo courtesy of Tony DiMarco)

    Blue Pool Championship Results

    Penn State 22 Iowa State 12

    125 - Corey Cabanban (Iowa State) dec Gary Steen (Penn State) 4-0 (Iowa State 3-0)
    133 - Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) maj Ramazan Attasauov (Iowa State) 10-2 (Penn State 4-3)
    141 - Beau Bartlett (Penn State) dec Zach Redding (Iowa State) 8-3 (Penn State 7-3)
    149 - Paniro Johnson (Iowa State) dec Shayne Van Ness (Penn State) 3-2 (Penn State 7-6)
    157 - Levi Haines (Penn State) dec Jason Kraisser (Iowa State) 8-3 (Penn State 10-6)
    165 - David Carr (Iowa State) dec Alex Facundo (Penn State) 4-2 (Penn State 10-9)
    174 - Carter Starocci (Penn State) dec Julien Broderson (Iowa State) 5-1 (Penn State 13-9)
    184 - Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) dec Aaron Brooks (Iowa State) 9-7 (Penn State 13-12)
    197 - Max Dean (Penn State) dec Yonger Bastida (Iowa State) 4-1 (Penn State 16-12)
    285 - Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State) FFT (Penn State 22-12)

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