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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2022-23 True Freshman Competition Tracker

    NC State freshman 149 lber Jackson Arrington (photos courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    During the offseason, the NCAA enacted a handful of new measures that would impact the way that true freshmen would be used in wrestling, going forward. The key components of these changes included wrestlers being allowed to compete attached for five dates without using a year of eligibility. Also, true freshmen were not allowed to compete unattached at open tournaments during the first semester.

    With almost a month of action under our belts, there have been plenty of changes to the on-mat product in DI wrestling. And positive changes. There have been a handful of instances where a true freshman was inserted into a dual lineup, where in past years a team may have been forced to choose between burning that redshirt and a forfeit. These dates can also include attached tournaments like the Keystone Classic or the Journeymen Collegiate Challenge, events that previously did not include redshirting wrestlers.

    So, after about a month, how have teams used their freshmen? Below, we have the top 100 recruits from MatScouts Class of 2022 Big Board and the number of events they've entered and which events for each wrestler.

    Below the top 100 are wrestlers that are in the Ivy League (no redshirts), known to be grayshirting, are not affiliated with a DI program or at a military prep school.

    Note: Exercises like this are not possible without our friends at WrestleStat :

    #1 Nick Feldman (Ohio State)

    (1) Clarion Open

    #2 Daniel Cardenas (Stanford)

    (3) Menlo Open, Appalachian State Invite, Rutgers Dual

    #3 Casey Swiderski (Iowa State)

    (3) Battle at the River City, California Baptist Dual, Grand View Dual

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