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  • Photo: J Thomas Taylor

    Photo: J Thomas Taylor

    2021 NHSCA Sophomore National placewinners

    132 lbs NHSCA champion Carter McCallister of Missouri (Photo/J Thomas Taylor/Columbia Tribune)

    2021 NHSCA Sophomore National Placewinners

    106 lbs placewinners

    1st - Brady Roark (MO)
    2nd - Carson Wagner (PA)
    3rd - Bryson Terrell (TN)
    4th - Caleb Uhorchuk (TN)
    5th - Ty Tice (SC)
    6th - Luke Sirianni (PA)
    7th - Hunter Sloan (PA)
    8th - Toby Billerman (IN)

    113 lbs placewinners

    1st - Jackson Baglio (NC)
    2nd - Jacob Joyce (RI)
    3rd - Zachary Jacaruso (PA)
    4th - Anthony Ferraro (PA)
    5th - Clay Gates (OK)
    6th - Tyler Chappell (PA)
    7th - Charlie Bunting (PA)
    8th - Hayden Myers (RI)

    120 lbs placewinners

    1st - Luke Poore (DE)
    2nd - Joel Brown (MD)
    3rd - Cooper Haase (FL)
    4th - Jaden Pepe (PA)
    5th - Amantee Mills (GA)
    6th - Ethan Lebin (PA)
    7th - Tyler Knox (MA)
    8th - Michael Pizzuto (MD)

    126 lbs placewinners

    1st - Eligh Rivera (FL)
    2nd - David McClelland (FL)
    3rd - Spencer Barnhart (PA)
    4th - David Cross (MO)
    5th - Gage Owen (MD)
    6th - Eric Doran (VA)
    7th - Matthew Repos (PA)
    8th - Ethan Kolb (PA)

    132 lbs placewinners

    1st - Carter McCallister (MO)
    2nd - Weston Dalton (CO)
    3rd - Collin Arch (MO)
    4th - Zachary Marrero (CO)
    5th - Brock Woodcock (MO)
    6th - Nathan Roth (PA)
    7th - Frank Volpe (NY)
    8th - Spencer Von Savoye (CA)

    138 lbs placewinners

    1st - JT Chance (OH)
    2nd - Collin Dupill (VA)
    3rd - Antonio Rodrigues (MD)
    4th - Luke Bender (DE)
    5th - Andrew Harmon (PA)
    6th - Jonathon Malovich (CO)
    7th - Luke Belcher (TN)
    8th - Cooper French (AZ)

    145 lbs placewinners

    1st - Jeremiah Price (NC)
    2nd - Dagen Condomitti (PA)
    3rd - Ethan Mojena (FL)
    4th - Brayden Shelton (MO)
    5th - Cale Roggie (VA)
    6th - Irish Furthmyre (MT)
    7th - Lane Ewing (WY)
    8th - Tyler Berish (PA)

    152 lbs placewinners

    1st - KJ Evans (OK)
    2nd - Colby Isabelle (PA)
    3rd - Michael Duggan (PA)
    4th - Abraham Wojckiewicz (IL)
    5th - Gavin Fernandez (CA)
    6th - Justin Crutchmer (AR)
    7th - Hunter Andel (OH)
    8th - Landon Muth (PA)

    160 lbs placewinners

    1st - Sergio Montoya (CA)
    2nd - Markell Rivera (AZ)
    3rd - Rafael Hipolito (AL)
    4th - Patrick Jackson (WV)
    5th - Tim McDonnell (CA)
    6th - Riggin Boger (UT)
    7th - Brett Smith (MO)
    8th - Dakota Hagedorn (WY)

    170 lbs placewinners

    1st - Dylan Newsome (OH)
    2nd - Omaury Alvarez (GA)
    3rd - David Barrett (MA)
    4th - Justin Griffith (NJ)
    5th - Daniel Comer Williams (FL)
    6th - Toby Schoffstall (VA)
    7th - Nathan Fury (KS)
    8th - Dominic Joyce (FL)

    182 lbs placewinners

    1st - Camden McDanel (OH)
    2nd - Max Agresti (DE)
    3rd - Kingsley Menifee (VA)
    4th - Elijah Edge (WV)
    5th - Matthew Furman (PA)
    6th - Thomas Stadel (TN)
    7th - John Roberts (OK)
    8th - Cole DuBois (NJ)

    195 lbs placewinners

    1st - Sonny Sasso (PA)
    2nd - Brendan Gilchrist (CT)
    3rd - Brady Colbert (VA)
    4th - Jacob Scheib (PA)
    5th - Corey Boerio (PA)
    6th - Justin Soriano (NY)
    7th - Eli Makel (PA)
    8th - Ronin Hammond (IN)

    220 lbs placewinners

    1st - Dylan Russo (OH)
    2nd - Sam Sorenson (NY)
    3rd - Noah Todd (TN)
    4th - Myles Johnson (OH)
    5th - Erick Brothers Jr. (WV)
    6th - Zachary Evans (PA)
    7th - John Vinciguerra (NJ)
    8th - Trent Sibble (NY)

    285 lbs placewinners

    1st - Riley Robell (PA)
    2nd - Emmanuel Ulrich (PA)
    3rd - Bill Brosko (PA)
    4th - Logan Looney (VA)
    5th - Derrick Hart (FL)
    6th - Gage Howard (UT)
    7th - Nathaniel Box (FL)
    8th - Maddox Sunderman (AL)

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