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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2021 NHSCA Senior National placewinners

    2020 CIF state champion Alex Ramirez (Photo/Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    NHSCA Senior National Placewinners

    113 lbs

    1st - Nicholas Curley (MA)
    2nd - Evan Kinney (MA)
    3rd - James Levy (SC)
    4th - Kevin Lopez (NY)
    5th - Josh Brault (CT)
    6th - Mick Chagnon (MT)
    7th - Conner Hueck (FL)
    8th - Logan Pugh (UT)

    120 lbs

    1st - Chris Calderon (CA)
    2nd - Daniel Uhorchuk (TN)
    3rd - Kaden Ramos (ID)
    4th - Quade Smith (UT)
    5th - Jace Schafer (NY)
    6th - Marlon Yarbrough (OH)
    7th - Zachary Soda (MA)
    8th - Evan Rawls (VA)

    126 lbs

    1st - Nico Provo (CT)
    2nd - Carter Bailey (CA)
    3rd - Josh Kodernadt (IL)
    4th - Sebastian Melguizo (FL)
    5th - Maximilian Leete (MA)
    6th - James Joplin (NC)
    7th - Owen Wolcott (PA)
    8th - Brice Barton (TN)

    132 lbs

    1st - Richard Treanor (NC)
    2nd - Joel Mylin (IL)
    3rd - Christian Colman (PA)
    4th - Dylan Chappell (PA)
    5th - Kyren Butler (OH)
    6th - CJ Shea (CT)
    7th - Dayne Dalrymple (TN)
    8th - Trenton Grant (DE)

    138 lbs

    1st - Rudy Lopez (CO)
    2nd - Caleb Tyus (IL)
    3rd - Jaekus Hines (FL)
    4th - Nate Wade (NY)
    5th - Joshua Sharron (NH)
    6th - Kaleb Sanchez (UT)
    7th - Reese Osborne (WY)
    8th - Preston Walls (FL)

    145 lbs

    1st - Caine Tyus (IL)
    2nd - Justin Mastroianni (CT)
    3rd - Damon McGee Jr (VA)
    4th - Nicholas Pallaria (NH)
    5th - Jack Haskin (OH)
    6th - Analu Benabise (WY)
    7th - Cade Lucio (CA)
    8th - J'Mari Lowman (CT)

    152 lbs

    1st - Alex Ramirez (CA)
    2nd - William Miller (AL)
    3rd - Darian Estevez (FL)
    4th - Steven Mitchell (WV)
    5th - Kaleb Burgess (NY)
    6th - Marek Bush (NY)
    7th - Ty Finn (CT)
    8th - Connor Eck (PA)

    160 lbs

    1st - Peyten Kellar (OH)
    2nd - Chandler Amaker (SC)
    3rd - Aidan Faria (RI)
    4th - Kaden Hart (MO)
    5th - Cody Rice (FL)
    6th - Ulises Varner (NC)
    7th - Hayden Crow (WY)
    8th - Nicholas Ross (NY)

    170 lbs

    1st - Nicholas Fine (RI)
    2nd - Tylynn Lukens (FL)
    3rd - Dylan Kohn (FL)
    4th - Max Wilner (CA)
    5th - Sean Babitt (AK)
    6th - Draygan Colonese (CO)
    7th - Wyatt Haynes (MO)
    8th - Tyler Joseph (NY)

    182 lbs

    1st - Lucas Cochran (UT)
    2nd - Justin Mayes (OH)
    3rd - Gaven Bell (NY)
    4th - Aiden Warren (IN)
    5th - CJ Glaropoulos (MA)
    6th - Isaiah Reinert (PA)
    7th - Christian Smoot (UT)
    8th - Remington Winmill (ID)

    195 lbs

    1st - Conor Maslanek (NH)
    2nd - Luke Duthie (PA)
    3rd - Jack Forbes (CO)
    4th - Holden Cypher (NC)
    5th - Dan Stradley (DE)
    6th - Logan Stafford (WA)
    7th - Nasir Dreuitt (DE)
    8th - Starr Kelly (OH)

    220 lbs

    1st - Mason Cover (OH)
    2nd - MacIntyre Thacker (UT)
    3rd - Tristan Middlebrook (FL)
    4th - Joshua Evans (VA)
    5th - Jayden Dobson (AZ)
    6th - Xavier Stillgess (FL)
    7th - Jake Boley (CO)
    8th - Bracken Hibbert (VA)

    285 lbs

    1st - Sebastian Garibaldi (NY)
    2nd - Jacob Christensen (CA)
    3rd - Triston Norris (NC)
    4th - Emilio Franco (CA)
    5th - Jake Andrews (CA)
    6th - Charles Tamburin (WV)
    7th - Chris Esparza (UT)
    8th - Nate Miller (PA)

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