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  • Photo: Amber Cloy

    Photo: Amber Cloy

    2021 NHSCA Junior National placewinners

    2021 NHSCA national champion Michael Kilic (Photo/Amber Cloy; SEWrestle.com)

    NHSCA Junior National Placewinners

    106 lbs placewinners

    1st - Codie Cuerbo (OH)
    2nd - Billy Smith (OH)
    3rd - Isiac Paulino (MA)
    4th - Christian Guzman (FL)
    5th - Jacob Levin (NY)
    6th - Dante DiStefano (MA)
    7th - Brandon Baldanado (CA)
    8th - Elijah Nguyen (CA)

    113 lbs placewinners

    1st - Cole Hunt (GA)
    2nd - Yanni Vines (AL)
    3rd - Ethan Perryman (CA)
    4th - Bridger Ricks (UT)
    5th - Gavin Caprella (OH)
    6th - Glenn Price (LA)
    7th - Noah Luna (NC)
    8th - Sefton Douglass (WY)

    120 lbs placewinners

    1st - Joey Cruz (CA)
    2nd - Kyle Montaperto (NC)
    3rd - Evan Binder (MO)
    4th - Mason Leiphart (PA)
    5th - Dylan Coy (PA)
    6th - Carter Tate (NV)
    7th - Zander Phaturos (PA)
    8th - Damion Ryan (OH)

    126 lbs placewinners

    1st - Fernando Barreto (CA)
    2nd - Nash Singleton (OR)
    3rd - Braden Basile (FL)
    4th - Damian Mendez (KS)
    5th - Anthony Aniciete (NV)
    6th - Cole Thomas (KY)
    7th - Jackson Polo (NY)
    8th - Andrew Austin (FL)

    132 lbs placewinners

    1st - Danny Nini (FL)
    2nd - Jake Niffenegger (OH)
    3rd - Jordan Soriano (NY)
    4th - Jimmy Harrington (MA)
    5th - Ismael Ayoub (OH)
    6th - Angelo Centrone (NY)
    7th - Colton Stoneking (PA)
    8th - Cody Phelps (WY)

    138 lbs placewinners

    1st - Kelvin Griffin (PA)
    2nd - Benny Rogers (NY)
    3rd - Thomas Snipes (SC)
    4th - Owen Cline (WA)
    5th - Jacob Woodburn (NC)
    6th - Reese Davis (OK)
    7th - Jack Roszko (NY)
    8th - Zachary Parker (CA)

    145 lbs placewinners

    1st - Michael Kilic (GA)
    2nd - Fin Nadeau (MT)
    3rd - Logan Ours (OH)
    4th - Michael Bobola (MA)
    5th - Jeremy Paradice (GA)
    6th - Derek Raike (WV)
    7th - Drake Acklin (OK)
    8th - Cole Homet (PA)

    152 lbs placewinners

    1st - Nick Vafiadis (VA)
    2nd - Nick Fea (PA)
    3rd - MJ Gaitan (CA)
    4th - Alex Poore (DE)
    5th - Jonathan Ley (FL)
    6th - Mark Takara (CA)
    7th - Nick Sanko (NY)
    8th - Samuel Beckett (PA)

    160 lbs placewinners

    1st - Luke Geog (OH)
    2nd - Gunner Filipowicz (GA)
    3rd - Dom Baker (VA)
    4th - Derek Matthews (ID)
    5th - Ceasar Garza (CA)
    6th - Sergio Desiante (FL)
    7th - Carter Baer (NY)
    8th - Chase Kranitz (PA)

    170 lbs placewinners

    1st - Matthew Singleton (GA)
    2nd - Jonathan Conrad (FL)
    3rd - Michael Altomer (NY)
    4th - Brody Conley (OH)
    5th - Brock Fettig (ND)
    6th - Chase Cordia (MO)
    7th - Devon Bell (NC)
    8th - Orion Thivierge (MT)

    182 lbs placewinners

    1st - Dylan Fishback (OH)
    2nd - Kole Mulhauser (NY)
    3rd - Gunnar Garriques (TN)
    4th - Mitchell Broskie (OH)
    5th - Hunter Adams (GA)
    6th - Caleb Uhlenhopp (NV)
    7th - Remington Peterson (CO)
    8th - Royce Hall (VA)

    195 lbs placewinners

    1st - David Harper (TN)
    2nd - Evan Anderson (OH)
    3rd - Michael Bartush (CT)
    4th - Jacob Meissner (MN)
    5th - Luke Rasmussen (SD)
    6th - Chris Murphy (CT)
    7th - Owen Warren (SD)
    8th - Chase Levey (PA)

    220 lbs placewinners

    1st - Nicholas Feldman (PA)
    2nd - Eli Fortuner (VA)
    3rd - Austin Kohlhofer (OH)
    4th - Carson Floyd (NC)
    5th - Levid Rodriguez (TN)
    6th - Nico Rodriguez (ID)
    7th - JT Connors (WA)
    8th - Jairo Caceras (NY)

    285 lbs placewinners

    1st - Antonio Ramos (MA)
    2nd - Jamier Ferere (NC)
    3rd - Aiden LaComa (VA)
    4th - Adolfo Betancur (RI)
    5th - Nolan Neves (OH)
    6th - Matthew Jimenez (FL)
    7th - Matthew Cruise (PA)
    8th - Harrison Merriman (MO)

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