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  • Photo: Jason Fulmore

    Photo: Jason Fulmore

    2021 NHSCA Freshman National placewinners

    195 lbs NHSCA Freshman National Champion Sawyer Bartelt (Photo/Jason Fulmore; SEWrestle.com)

    2021 NHSCA Freshman National Placewinners

    106 lbs placewinners

    1st - Beric Jordan (OH)
    2nd - Isaiah Quintero (CA)
    3rd - Ethan Rivera (FL)
    4th - Draegen Orine (MO)
    5th - Matthew Marlow (NY)
    6th - Peyton Ellis (RI)
    7th - Bryson Valdez (NM)
    8th - Porter Matecki (MO)

    113 lbs placewinners

    1st - Colby Crouch (IL)
    2nd - Ryan Bennett (OH)
    3rd - Mason Ziegler (PA)
    4th - Tyson Sherlock (MD)
    5th - Mason Kernan (PA)
    6th - Brycen Arbogast (VA)
    7th - Cooper Hornack (PA)
    8th - Terry Langley Jr. (OH)

    120 lbs placewinners

    1st - Jake Crapps (GA)
    2nd - Matthew Hart (OH)
    3rd - Nick Jones (PA)
    4th - Omar Ayoub (OH)
    5th - Kyrel Leavell (IN)
    6th - Michael Trujillo (AZ)
    7th - Bryce Luna (CA)
    8th - Blake Aumiller (PA)

    126 lbs placewinners

    1st - LJ Araujo (ND)
    2nd - Mitchell Faglioni (VA)
    3rd - Gabriel Bouyssou (RI)
    4th - Gavin Linsman (MO)
    5th - Andrew Wittenberg (FL)
    6th - Bryce Griffin (IL)
    7th - Gavin Bauder (CA)
    8th - Chase Frameli (PA)

    132 lbs placewinners

    1st - Cameron Catrabone (NY)
    2nd - Judah Aybar (MD)
    3rd - D'mitri Alarcon (CO)
    4th - EJ Parco (CA)
    5th - Landon Desselle (TN)
    6th - Tristin Greene (OH)
    7th - Brandon Cody (FL)
    8th - Austin Simmons (CA)

    138 lbs placewinners

    1st - Miguel Estrada (CA)
    2nd - Ethan Birden (OH)
    3rd - Jake Honey (CA)
    4th - Tyler Bienus (NJ)
    5th - Brent Nicolosi (MA)
    6th - Luke Greiner (NY)
    7th - Eli Murray (NC)
    8th - Brandon Bauer (NJ)

    145 lbs placewinners

    1st - Seth Larson (GA)
    2nd - Oliver Howard (AL)
    3rd - Latrell Schafer (GA)
    4th - Noah Hall (VA)
    5th - Thomas Potter (VA)
    6th - Tyrus Jangula (ND)
    7th - Eddie Nietenbach (OH)
    8th - Gunner Holland (FL)

    152 lbs placewinners

    1st - Zack Ryder (NY)
    2nd - Bodie Morgan (PA)
    3rd - Kevin Olavarria Montilla (PA)
    4th - Shawn Taylor (PA)
    5th - Ryan Gavick (PA)
    6th - Tyler Secoy (GA)
    7th - Griffin Lundeen (MN)
    8th - Joseph LaPenna (PA)

    160 lbs placewinners

    1st - Nate Taylor (CT)
    2nd - Gunner Cramblett (OH)
    3rd - Hoke Poe-Hogan (GA)
    4th - Creed Thomas (GA)
    5th - Vincent Lee (NJ)
    6th - Calvin Lachman (PA)
    7th - Sam Szerlip (NY)
    8th - Ryan Gallagher (PA)

    170 lbs placewinners

    1st - Rune Lawrence (PA)
    2nd - Landen Shurtleff (UT)
    3rd - Ryland Whitworth (CA)
    4th - Cayaen Smith (UT)
    5th - Tre Wilfong (NC)
    6th - Bryce Phillips (MD)
    7th - Manny Aller (OH)
    8th - Jayden Ashlock (MO)

    182 lbs placewinners

    1st - Tucker Paynter (PA)
    2nd - Landon Williams (AL)
    3rd - Michael Murillo (CA)
    4th - Eugenio Franco (CA)
    5th - Andrew Wier (MO)
    6th - Dom Iaquinto (CT)
    7th - Adam Zumbar (OH)
    8th - Liam Carroll (PA)

    195 lbs placewinners

    1st - Sawyer Bartelt (FL)
    2nd - Carter Neves (OH)
    3rd - Parker Ferrell (VA)
    4th - Ricky Thomas (OK)
    5th - Cash Henderson (UT)
    6th - Jason Heming (VA)
    7th - Aiden Hight (PA)
    8th - Dylan Greenstein (MA)

    220 lbs placewinners

    1st - Dante Burns (PA)
    2nd - Jaylen Young (IN)
    3rd - Chefren Spodnik (CT)
    4th - Mike Fell (PA)
    5th - Timothy Wine (IN)
    6th - Judd Harvey (CO)
    7th - Diego Pelletier (KY)
    8th - Garrett Shaffer (PA)

    285 lbs placewinners

    1st - Navarro Schunke (SD)
    2nd - Spencer Lanosga (LA)
    3rd - Brandon Toranzo (NJ)
    4th - JaQuavian Daniels (GA)
    5th - Austin McNaughtan (UT)
    6th - Joe Collins (PA)
    7th - Colton Naylor (WV)
    8th - Connor Bushey (NY)

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