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  • Photo: Kadir Caliskan

    Photo: Kadir Caliskan

    2020 Olympics: 60 kg Greco-Roman Results and Notes

    2020 Olympic champion Luis Orta Sanchez (Photo courtesy of Kadir Caliksen; UWW)

    Today marked the first medals that were handed out in wrestling at the 2020 Olympics. As each weight class concludes, we will have a wrap-up for each, which includes results and some notable facts related to the weight.

    Let's start with Men's Greco-Roman 60 kg!

    Qualification Results

    Kenichiro Fumita (Japan) over Abdelkarim Fergat (Algeria) 8-0

    Walihan Sailike (China) over Etienne Kinsinger (Germany) 1-1

    Lenur Temirov (Ukraine) over Elmurat Tasmuradov (Uzbekistan) 5-0

    Armen Melikyan (Armenia) over Ali Reza Nejati (Iran) 5-5

    Victor Ciobanu (Moldova) over Kerem Kamal (Turkey) 8-0

    Zholaman Sharshenbekov (Kyrgyzstan) over Mirambek Ainagulov (Kazakhstan) 8-0

    Luis Orta Sanchez (Cuba) over Ildar Hafizov (USA) 5-0

    Sergey Emelin (ROC) over Haythem Mahmoud (Egypt) 7-6

    Quarterfinal Results

    Kenichiro Fumita (Japan) over Walihan Sailike (China) 1-1

    Lenur Temirov (Ukraine) over Armen Melikyan (Armenia) 8-4

    Victor Ciobanu (Moldova) over Zholaman Sharshenbekov (Kyrgyzstan) 9-0

    Luis Orta Sanchez (Cuba) over Sergey Emelin (ROC) 4-3

    Semifinal Results

    Kenichiro Fumita (Japan) over Lenur Temirov (Ukraine) 5-1

    Luis Orta Sanchez (Cuba) over Victor Ciobanu (Moldova) 11-0

    Repechage Results

    Walihan Sailike (China) over Abdelkarim Fergat (Algeria) 6-1

    Sergey Emelin (ROC) over Ildar Hafizov (USA) 7-1

    Bronze Medal Matches

    Walihan Sailike (China) over Lenur Temirov (Ukraine) 1-1

    Sergey Emelin (ROC) over Victor Ciobanu (Moldova) 12-1

    Gold Medal Match

    Luis Orta Sanchez (Cuba) over Kenichiro Fumita (Japan) 5-1


    For the second consecutive Olympic Games, a Cuban wrestler won a Greco-Roman title at the opening weight. In 2016, it was Ismael Borrero Molina at 59 kg. Coincidentally, Borrero Molina also beat a Japanese opponent in that match (Shinobu Ota).

    The gold medal for Luis Orta Sanchez marked his first world/Olympic-level medal.

    On his way to the Olympic title, Orta Sanchez defeated two past world champions (Kenichiro Fumita and Sergey Emelin), along with a past world silver medalist (Victor Ciobanu).

    Orta Sanchez outscored his competition in four bouts, 25-4.

    Fumita's silver medal now gives him three World/Olympic medals.

    Emelin's bronze medal now gives him three World/Olympic medals.

    Sailike's bronze medal now gives him two World/Olympic medals.

    The bronze medal match between Emelin/Ciobanu was a rematch of their 2018 world final. That bout was also won by Emelin.

    The only returning Olympic medalist at this weight, Elmurat Tasmuradov (Uzbekistan), fell in the opening round. He was a bronze medalist in 2016.

    Of Walihan Sailike's (China) four bouts, three of them ended with the scoreboard reading 1-1. Two were in his favor and the third was a loss to Fumita.

    Before competition started, this was the weight class with the most returning world/Olympic medalists on the Greco side (9). Since Orta Sanchez joined the club, there were 10.

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