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  • Photo: UWW

    Photo: UWW

    2020 Olympics: 57 kg Men's Freestyle Results and Notes

    2020 Olympic champion Zavur Uguev of the Russian Olympic Committee (Photo courtesy of UWW)

    Monday marked the first medals that were handed out in wrestling at the 2020 Olympics. As each weight class has concluded we will have a wrap-up for each, which includes results and some notable facts related to the weight.

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    Qualification Round

    Yuki Takahashi (Japan) over Stevan Micic (Serbia) 7-0

    Nurislam Sanayev (Kazakhstan) over Diamantino Iuna Fafe (Guinea-Bissau) 7-0

    Georgi Vangelov (Bulgaria) over Abdelhak Kherbache (Algeria) Fall 3:37

    Ravi Kumar (India) over Oscar Tigreros Urbano (Colombia) 13-2

    Reza Atri (Iran) over Suleyman Atli (Turkey) 3-2

    Bekhbayer Erdenebat (Mongolia) over Arsen Harutyunyan (Armenia) 6-1

    Gulomjon Abdullaev (Uzbekistan) over Minghu Liu (China) 10-2

    Zavur Uguev (ROC) over Thomas Gilman (USA) 5-4

    Quarterfinal Results

    Nurislam Sanayev (Kazakhstan) over Yuki Takahashi (Japan) 4-4

    Ravi Kumar (India) over Georgi Vangelov (Bulgaria) 14-4

    Reza Atri (Iran) over Bekhbayer Erdenebat (Mongolia) 5-1

    Zavur Uguev (ROC) over Gulomjon Abdullaev (Uzbekistan) 6-6

    Semifinal Results

    Ravi Kumar (India) over Nurislam Sanayev (Kazakhstan) Fall 5:21

    Zavur Uguev (ROC) over Reza Atri (Iran) 8-3

    Repechage Results

    Thomas Gilman (USA) over Gulomjon Abdullaev (Uzbekistan) 11-1

    Georgi Vangelov (Bulgaria) over Oscar Tigreros Urbano (Colombia) Fall 5:21

    Bronze Medal Matches

    Thomas Gilman (USA) over Reza Atri (Iran) 9-1

    Nurislam Sanayev (Kazakhstan) over Georgi Vangelov (Bulgaria) 5-1

    Gold Medal Match

    Zavur Uguev (ROC) over Ravi Kumar (India) 7-4


    Zavur Uguev became a three-time World/Olympic gold medalist with his title.

    Uguev needed last-second rallies to come back both the qualification round (Gilman) and the quarterfinals (Abdullaev).

    Kumar is now a two-time World/Olympic medalist.

    At both World/Olympic-level events where Kumar has medaled, he has suffered a loss to Uguev.

    Nurislam Sanayev is now a three-time World/Olympic medalist.

    Both India and Kazakhstan missed out on having any medalists in 2016, but had one in 2012.

    Thomas Gilman is now a two-time World/Olympic medalist.

    Gilman was the first American since Henry Cejudo in 2008 to earn a medal at the lowest weight class. Cejudo won gold at 55 kg.

    This weight class had the number one seed, Stevan Micic, go out in the first round by the score of 7-0. That was an "upset" by seeds only, as his opponent Yuki Takahashi (Japan) was a world champion in 2017.

    The third seed also was beaten in the opening round, as Suleyman Atli (Turkey) went down at the hands of Reza Atri.

    Takahashi failed to make the medal podium for Japan, which had a long streak of medal at the opening weight class snapped. You have to go back to 2000 to find the last time Japan was medal-less at the lowest weight.

    Fifth is the unlucky place for Georgi Vangelov (Bulgaria). He finished fifth here, the same place he has fallen in each of the last three European Championship events.

    Vangelov was the only wrestler at this weight to notch two falls.

    Perhaps it's the difficulty to maintain 57 kg, but this weight class did not have a single medalist repeat from 2016. In fact, no past medalists were even in the field.

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