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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    17 NCAA Quarterfinals That Will Impact the Team Race

    It’s moving day! That term is usually reserved for Saturdays on the golf course, as that’s when golfers can put themselves in position for a big finish on the third day of a four-day tournament. That term is applicable for Friday at the NCAA Tournament because that’s when the big points get doled out. Wins in the championship side on Thursday only were worth a point for team scoring purposes, plus and bonus points earned. The quarterfinals is where wins are worth six points - which is given out to a sixth place finish, which is guaranteed once one gets to the semis. 

    With the potential of six team points on the line, there can be plenty of movement for teams during the first session. A team like Penn State, with a ten-point lead on the field, is expected to pull away. The rest of the top ten could move greatly during the quarterfinals. That’s normally the case, but with a seven-point difference between second and ninth place - movement should be only increased. 

    Here are the team scores heading into Friday’s action. Below them are matches at each weight class that will greatly impact this team race. Most feature wrestlers on both sides that have teams in the hunt. 

    Team Scores

    1st) Penn State  34.5

    2nd) Iowa   24.5

    2nd) Iowa State  24.5

    4th) Michigan  22

    4th) NC State  22

    6th) Nebraska  21

    7th) Ohio State  20.5

    8th) Cornell  18.5

    9th) Virginia Tech  17.5

    10th) Missouri  14


    125 lbs

    #1 Braeden Davis (Penn State) vs. #8 Richie Figueroa (Arizona State)

    The same 10 teams that inhabited the top ten after the first session were the same that were there at the end of Thursday. A team slightly outside of the top ten (12) that has the potential to jump in is Arizona State. The Sun Devils don’t have the deepest squad, but they have a bunch of potential high-placers. Adding Figueroa to the mix with a semifinals appearance would be a bonus.

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