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  1. Both are big news to enter the portal. Just wanted to clarify.
  2. I doubt Cunningham would leave Penn State for UNC. Even if it means a HC job.
  3. Was college teammates, and good friends, with Angelo Silvestro in college. You are correct, Mr. Silvestro is a great dude. Whole family is good people.
  4. Not sure about the streak. But can confirm he was Blair's only AA this season.
  5. Agree with you on Tyus. He scraps hard. Chronic, serious, shoulder injuries forced Ruffin into early retirement. Unfortunate given how talented he was.
  6. Yes, he's a stud. 2x qualifier now. Scraps hard. Glad to know there's a fellow SIUE fan in the building.
  7. As an SIUE alum, and a coach of this kid, very excited about Porter Matecki (Whitfield School, MO) to SIUE. 3x MO Class 3 Champ. Made the round of 12 at Super 32 last year @ #120. Beat Gauge Botero (2022 Fargo 3rd), Ashton Jackson (C/o 2023 Purdue signee), and Nikade Zinkin (Cali state medalist; top 20 by MatScouts). Both losses came to Jax Forrest (12-4 in Round of 32 & 9-6 in bloodround). Kid is a gamer. Very excited about/for him.
  8. Even better for them. Ley/Cerniglia split 157/165. Wask at 174.
  9. Apologies. I thought Cerniglia was done. Little logjam they'll have there.
  10. Jon Ley, 2x Super 32 top 4, as well. I imagine they'll want both he and Wask in the lineup. One at 157 and one at 165.
  11. You are correct Zan is a big Greco guy. When Zan was getting recruited OU had Sam Hazewinkel on staff, who made many Greco world teams. He and Zan had a good relationship. Not saying that was the only reason he went there, but I do know that helped.
  12. Agreed. I think it's more likely Jamison mans 141, with Williams/Alvarez battling for 149 and the loser of Williams/Alvarez goes 157 to compete with Mirzo (Juco transfer). No insight, just a guess.
  13. SIUE alum here. Yes, McKiernan is done.
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